• Economic development can sometimes seem like taking two steps forward and one step back.

    Last week that is exactly how Nelson County Economic Development Agency executive Kim Huston felt when hours after taking part in a “grand opening” program at NPR she received word that Intertec Systems would be closing in the spring. That is about the time that Flowers Foods will open its multi-million dollar bakery in the new industrial park.

  • To the editor:

    Many have asked why the left keep on slinging such demeaning, derogatory insults toward Governor Palin. Some have surmised it is due to her anti-abortion stance, less taxation legislation enacted in Alaska or the fact she is just a woman. However, the reason most obvious to me is Sarah Palin is Christian. This characterization shows through by her pattern of speech [saying she is blessed], service to constituents and love for family, friends and country which is enthusiastically demonstrated.

  • To the editor:

    Now that Autumn is beginning to show its magnificent colors and tease us with tantalizing weather, once again I cherish and remember why this is my favorite season. With cool, brisk mornings showing a slight hint of fog, to the warm and peaceful sunny afternoons,  I am amazed at how quickly the years seem to go by; yet, the memories are still vivid as if yesterday.

  • To the editor:

  • To the editor:

    I’m asking Kentuckians to not forget the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan still risking their lives daily in the name of freedom and justice.

  • Despite pledges from many beauty queens that they will work for world peace, few if any keep their promise once crowned. It’s not as easy as saying, “Can’t we all just get along?” Peace is an elusive concept, whether it be nationally, internationally or within one’s own mind.

  • During the past several decades respect for the American flag has seemed to flag.

    The strictures about taking a flag down from an unlit pole at night, the proper display of a flag in ceremonies and placing one’s hand over the heart during the pledge have waned.

    It would seem that as the flag has become fair game for being made into apparel or exploited for commercial purposes it has been losing luster as a revered symbol of our country. Perhaps that is why the flag retirement ceremony last Sunday by the Cox’s Station DAR was so refreshing.

  • To the editor:

    In a Standard editorial it was stated the “Nelson County Schools missed being an Exemplary Growth district by just a hair” but let us look at the scores by schools. The facts are in and while the elementary schools did well and if it was not for them (elementary) Nelson County scores would be far worse as a whole. Let’s look at Nelson County High School scores in its ranking among other high schools in the state.

  • To the editor:

    Our ship of state is nearly upside down; will you help right it? We’ve paid enemies for oil for a generation instead of using our own and wonder why they use the money to destroy us.

    We’ve spent more than we earn and hope our condition will improve by increasing taxes on our rich neighbor who hires people, but would have to lay off some of his/her workers as a result.

    We are letting a few unelected judges rule — yes, rule — the nation instead of legislatures, congress and the president.

  • To the editor:

    I want to express my extreme disapproval of the recent actions of John McCain and Sarah Palin. The McCain-Palin campaign has launched a series of smears, turning their campaign into nothing more than a negative, destructive attempt at character assassination. Although I’ve never agreed with his politics, I used to think that McCain had some admirable qualities that served our country well. How unfortunate that his campaign’s recent tactics have forced me to change my mind.

  • We heard you.

    About ? months ago, we changed our Web site. We had grand plans for a site our readers would love and one that would display our news in the best way possible.

    With plans in place and expectations running high, our parent company LCNI made the switch to the new format.

  • To the editor:

    Doggone it, even Joe  six pack and the Hockey Moms know what isn’t a Maverick!

    John McCain would have us believe he is a Maverick. Well  darn it, McCain is definitely not an unbranded calf. In fact, McCain is a well branded old bull! An old bull that has become crotchety and disagreeable and should be put out to pasture.

    Andy Spolski

    102 Antlers Trace Drive


  • To the editor:

    Breast cancer: Two of the scariest words a woman will ever hear. When I heard those words from my doctor in April 2000, my world felt like it was about to come crashing down.

  • For weeks, The Kentucky Standard editorial pages were flooded with letters supporting Ron Rust and the Rev. Jeffrey Leger.

    The two men were locked in a lawsuit over a priest’s interpretation of church law and what that meant for a local funeral home director. At issue were restrictions Leger placed on funeral Masses at St. Catherine in New Haven. Leger claimed he was abiding by the guidelines set out for him as a priest and Rust argued those guidelines were hurting his business.

  • To the editor:

    The more I listen to John McCain the more convinced I become that he is still fighting the Vietnam war. It seems as if he confuses Iraq and Vietnam, telling us we could have won in Vietnam and ignoring General Petraeus’ recent statements to Congress. Petraeus said, “I can’t say that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” and “this thing (Iraq war) could go either way.”

  • To the editor:

    After reading Frances Strange’s letter in The Standard Oct. 5, “Catholic feels confident with Obama,” and many long hours in front of the TV, Internet, newspapers, two conventions and three debates, I want to endorse Sen. Obama as my choice for the next president of the United States. I wish time would allow me to write this after the final debate.

  • If you want to learn the history of an area, talk to a taxicab driver.

    I found the aforementioned statement true Friday night when I was in the Newport and Covington area for a concert. Though, my boyfriend, Randy, and I did not ask to be told such information. Our taxicab driver — a proud, retired, 65-year-old grandfather — who drives a taxicab now for fun, shared some quite interesting tidbits from yester-years with us. But, we didn’t mind.

  • Someone recently pointed out that Judea-Christian Scriptures note, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

    This seems to reinforce the point that it is very wise in the first place to watch what we let into our hearts and souls via our eyes and ears.

    But back to the Scriptures.                

    What gives with the volume of hate speech among us? The terms we use, the pitch with which we speak them? The generalizations we make, judgments we take?

  • The day of unity against domestic violence rally and candlelight vigil on the steps of the Nelson County Justice Center Monday was a reminder that we cannot let the very real problem of violence against women become hidden.

    A survivor of domestic violence was the guest speaker, and law enforcement officials spoke as well. Wooden cutouts of women with brief stories of how domestic violence ended their lives were positioned outside the Justice Center. Last year, 22 women in Kentucky lost their lives to domestic violience.  

  • If you’ve ever thought someone you knew needed a pat on the back and a little recognition to boot then now is your chance to give them that recognition.

    The Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber of Commerce is accepting nominations for its 2008 Hall of Fame.

    This award recognizes individuals or groups who have worked to make significant contributions, which have in turn enhanced the quality of life for all of us who live in Nelson County.