• To the editor:

  • To the editor:

    I have been studying the works of Niccolo Machiavelli and one of the pieces he wrote caught my eye. “The Prince” was written to make guidelines and qualities for a prince to have in order to be in that position. In The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli wrote several interesting qualities that make you think whether or not the qualities of a prince are the same qualities of the president.

  • To the editor:

    On behalf of myself and Joe Masterson, we would like to show our support for the candidates Kevin and Madge Brumley, who are running for City Council. Kevin Brumley has volunteered his services on several projects at the Old Bardstown Village for the past several years, to restore, construct and maintain the historic buildings in the Old Bardstown Village.

    Kevin, with his knowledge and forethought, has saved us thousands of dollars and we know he would do the same for the city. Plus Kevin has a vast knowledge of government operations.

  • To the editor:

    The upcoming Rock-n-Ride event at the Nelson County fairgrounds Oct. 28-Nov. 1, is an outside event not affiliated with the Nelson County Fair board members or the fair. The portion of the proceeds go toward the American Cancer Society.

    For more information, watch PLG TV-13, The Kentucky Standard, radio stations and/or visit Web site www.bardstownfestival.com.

    Please do not contact fair board members for information.

    Patsy Durbin


    Nelson County Fair Board

    2391 New Haven Road


  • To the editor:

    The USSR’s 70-year experiment in Marxism, or “scientific socialism,” failed, but only 19 years later, most of us forget the kind of joy we felt when the Berlin wall started coming down. Regardless, the Cold War is actually back and far too many historically oblivious and over-confident Americans think that history starts with today. Marxism is making a significant comeback in Russia and if Senator Obama gets elected, based on his campaign remark “redistribute the wealth,” marxism will be more active in the USA.

  • It’s good to take a second look at the rules sometimes.

    You might find a better way of doing something or find that some rules just don’t have the appropriate amount of enforcement to make them practical.

    Taking a fresh look is exactly what Nelson Fiscal Court is doing regarding the county’s Administrative Code and Personnel Policies and Procedures.

  • To the editor:

    Election Day is coming! With a record number of voters expected to arrive at the polls on Election Day, voter preparation is the key to a smooth voting experience.

    Please have your candidate selection decisions made before you get to the machine. Sample ballots will be available at the polls and a copy will be printed in the local paper. Please look at them and use them to be ready to vote when you enter the booth. Prepared voters make their selections quickly and are in and out of the voting booth, which helps to keep lines moving.

  • To the editor:

    Legislators are working the fourth-grade lecture circuit.  Teaching the Voters of Tomorrow, how “We The People” control our democratic fates by the power of the vote. Same swill the nuns out at St. Thomas were teaching altar boys like me, back in the ’60s.  

    At 50, I can tell you it ain’t necessarily so, if you’re working from within a corrupt political system.

  • To the editor:

    How many video games have you bought or played in the last six months? It doesn’t matter. Millions of people throughout the world play them and buy them. If they’re banned because of a little bit of violence, then jobs and money will be gone. Some of the violence is fake. How much damage can something that doesn’t exist do? Have you ever thought for a moment that the actions of aggressive children are not being caused by something he or she could have made up to get people off his or her back?

  • If the Bardstown Industrial Development Corporation had been handed a magic wand and then told to produce an ideal plant for Bardstown and Nelson County it is doubtful it could have dreamed up something better than Flowers Foods.

    The number of jobs is significant and the average pay impressive. The product is virtually recession proof and the company employees who participated in a “Get Acquainted” session at Maywood last week seemed as if all of them hailed from Fairfield or New Hope rather than Thomasville, Ga.

  • To the editor:

    Gene Reynolds’ letter in The Kentucky Standard of Friday, Oct. 17, 2008 — “Christian values should be considered in vote” — only served to expose the writer’s ignorance about religion and faith.

  •  In less than two weeks, Kentucky voters will go to the polls. For the first time in 14 years, my name will not appear on the ballot. As my congressional career draws to a close, I would like to take a moment to thank you for allowing me this unique opportunity to serve in public office. Together, we have worked to achieve many important objectives to strengthen the security and prosperity of our families and local communities.

  • If  you had to think of someone who embodies what it means in this day and age to be a farmer, you might have a hard time really grasping what that would entail.

    You might think of  Tommy Hart if your definition is someone who also cares for the land, knows the true value of a hard day’s work, understands that value and success come in what you do as well as how you do it and someone who works hard to not only provide for themselves and their family but also the millions of people who depend on farmers every day.

  • “Listen... do you smell something?”

      — Dr. Raymond Stantz


    Many have asked why I am not participating in my co-worker Robert’s ghost hunting experiments this month. The answer is — I’m a big chicken.

    I don’t want to know if ghosts are real. I would rather they stay in the ambiguous realm of the unknown and I certainly don’t want to see one.

  • Kim Lacy and everyone in the Bardstown Independent School System who have labored over Saturday’s celebration of the 100th birthday for the system have done a remarkable job of organizing the displays of material that will be available for viewing in the high school gym.

  • Enough is enough.

    A lot of rumors have floated around about Bardstown’s sewer system, especially concerning a recent meeting city officials had with the state’s Department for Environmental Protection’s Division of Enforcement regarding its sewer issues.

  • It has officially become jacket weather. For me this means it’s also time to stay indoors and be cozy, read and brush up on indoor activities such as game playing and baking.  

  • To the editor:

    I encourage everyone to vote in this important election.

    There is a good slate of Democrats running. It is time to take this government out of the hands of corporations and their bought politicians.

    We have had eight years of dysfunctional government. Do we continue for another four years of what has gone on?

    Ed Carty

    131 Springhill Drive


  • To the editor:

    I’m all for bible study, but does it really have anything to do with football? You may ask this question when you hear the story about a coach recently forcing University of Louisville football players to go to bible study. Coaches are making them go for their off-field demeanor. In my opinion making someone go to bible studies isn’t right at all.

  • To the editor: