• A little boy on Quarry Lane got a visit from his heroes last week when the county sanitation workers dropped off an unexpected surprise.
    Lucas Hite, who turns 2 in March, has always loved watching for the garbage truck, said his mother, Amanda Hite.
    “He has stood at our big picture window for as long as he has been able, and watched in wonder as the awesome crew stops (in) front of our house,” Hite wrote to the Standard, adding that the men always waved, smiled and honked the horn.

  • Looking back at summer 2014, one group of Bardstown City Schools students said it was an experience that was life changing.

    The group, which included students from Bardstown High School and Bardstown Middle School, traveled to North Carolina in August to attend Camp SAY, a summer camp for young people who stutter.

    Formerly known as Camp Our Time, Camp SAY teaches students how to control their stuttering with breathing exercises. The two-week camp also helps the students develop confidence to speak in front of others.

  • Kathy Kelley is a latecomer to equestrian sports. She didn’t compete or even own a horse until she was 48. But after a string of wins this year, including a national title in her division and class, she’s riding high in the saddle.

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    Watching leaves turn brilliant shades of color and fall from the trees is a favorite activity each fall. Drivers travel near and far to witness spectacular and colorful displays of fall foliage, hoping to catch the peak hues in their respective areas of the country.

    While falling leaves can be a sight to behold, those leaves can become a nuisance to drivers in various ways. Understanding certain inconveniences and safety risks posed by falling leaves can help motorists protect their vehicle and themselves.




    Pumpkins are a classic addition to your fall decorations.

    Typically associated with Halloween, pumpkins can be more than a simple display.

    By adding paint and various other supplies, pumpkins can be transformed into almost anything, ranging from a hamburger to candy corn.

    There are several websites that offer tips to make the decorating process as easy as possible — without breaking the bank — and in the comfort of your own home.

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    We all get bored from time to time and want to change things up. While it’s easy to add items to your wardrobe or try a new hairstyle, it may not always feel as easy to change the look and feel of your home.

    You may not realize small, quick updates to your home can make a big impact — and changing things seasonally can keep things fresh. With that in mind, here are a few ways to give your home a fall makeover without a complete overhaul.

    Swap out art