Today's Opinions

  • Opinion: On the presidency and the attention it attracts

    By Lee H. Hamilton

    Because we live in such tumultuous political times, it’s easy to believe that today’s intense public focus on the Trump presidency is something new — an obsession like none we’ve ever seen before. Yet to one degree or another, the president has always been at the center of the public’s attention.

  • Editorial: Volunteerism a meaningful way to honor MLK

    Jan. 15, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, was a day off for most students and many workers, but it was a day of service for some 60 students and Rotarians who turned the time into an opportunity to address hunger issues on the local and international level as they packed meal kits at Bethlehem High School.

    MLK Day has long been a springboard for launching volunteer work in the service of mankind.

  • Editorial: Knights to be commended for more than 100 years of service

    In Bardstown in 1907, 71 Catholic men came together to form Council No. 1290 of the Knights of Columbus — a men’s service group that had only existed nationwide for 25 years.

    Today, in the local council’s 110th year, close to 300 men make up the group — and 10 of those men have been members for 50 years or longer.

    Nationally, the organization describes itself as “Catholic men of faith and men of charitable action.” Locally, that mission rings true.

  • Autonomy, inclusion and the abortion debate

    By Michael Gerson

    Forty-five years after Roe v. Wade was decided, the right to abortion that the Supreme Court discerned remains controversial and disputed.

  • Opinion: Ladies, let’s be reasonable or nothing will ever be sexy again

    By Aleandra Petri

    Ladies, please.

    (Puts up feet on table in a sage fashion.)

  • Tax reform is a political bomb no one wants to touch

    By Al Cross

    The catchphrase of Gov. Matt Bevin’s State of the Commonwealth and budget speech Tuesday night was “get our financial house in order.” But if you listened closely, you heard the same message as last year: We need more money.

    “Nobody likes the idea of having to cut budgets. Nobody likes the idea of having to make these difficult decisions. There is not enough money,” Bevin said without qualification as he began to wrap up.

  • Hope is that a tight budget gets us back on track

    Despite the slick roads and thick accumulation of snow across the state, the Kentucky General Assembly returned ready to work following the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. The general atmosphere in the Capitol was one of anticipation as citizens rallied for causes in the Rotunda and met with their legislators throughout the week.

  • Editorial: Sharing stories could lift stigma

    As the nation, our state and local communities struggle with the horrifying affects of drug addiction, there appears to be some small glimmers of hope. People are starting to understand that drug addiction affects individuals and families from all walks of life. Law enforcement officials are realizing that addicts are all not necessarily bad people but good people that just got addicted to drugs. Our judicial system has learned over time that punishment and incarceration of addicts doesn’t solve the problem.