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  • Hope is that a tight budget gets us back on track

    Despite the slick roads and thick accumulation of snow across the state, the Kentucky General Assembly returned ready to work following the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. The general atmosphere in the Capitol was one of anticipation as citizens rallied for causes in the Rotunda and met with their legislators throughout the week.

  • Editorial: Sharing stories could lift stigma

    As the nation, our state and local communities struggle with the horrifying affects of drug addiction, there appears to be some small glimmers of hope. People are starting to understand that drug addiction affects individuals and families from all walks of life. Law enforcement officials are realizing that addicts are all not necessarily bad people but good people that just got addicted to drugs. Our judicial system has learned over time that punishment and incarceration of addicts doesn’t solve the problem.

  • Editorial: Stiffer penalties not the answer

    In the past, society viewed drug addiction as a moral flaw so punishment included incarceration, but as we have learned over time, this does nothing to solve the problems of addiction.

  • Opinion: Graduating from rehab is a milestone

    By David Whitlock

    As they entered the meeting room, everyone present clapped and cheered, like they were welcoming a couple of rock stars.

    But they weren’t celebrities; they were simply two young men who months ago admitted they had a problem and decided to do something about it.

    Now they were graduating from the program at CenterPoint Recovery Center in Paducah. This was a milestone for both of them.

    “Hi, I’m Levi, and I’m an alcoholic,” the first one began.

  • Opinion: Boots on the ground

    By John Swarts


  • Layoffs are hard, but the blow is lessened by the economy, diverse market

    The announcement that American Greetings will shed 150 positions in coming months was one of the few negative headlines in recent years in Nelson County’s economic news.

    American Greetings has been a stalwart in the local job market since it came to Bardstown in 1983. It was established here and became one of the largest private employers before so many sectors of the economy were disrupted by the internet, especially those involving paper and stationery, like its greeting cards product.

  • Holsclaw’s replacement has big shoes to fill for BCS

    In the past 110 years, Bardstown City Schools has had just eight superintendents, which is a pretty good track record by the city’s school board in terms of finding quality, stable people to lead the system.

    Now, with current superintendent Brent Holsclaw announcing his retirement following this school year, BCS is on the hunt for someone new to guide it. Whomever is chosen to replace Holsclaw will have big shoes to fill, to be sure.

  • Letter: Hidden agenda behind ruckus over road names

    To the editor,

    I kept wondering why someone would make such a big deal out of naming a few roads. I could understand if the roads had been named “Chicken Poop Place” or “Pig Spit Avenue,” however, the roads were named appropriate names.

    I now see where Mr. Don Thrasher is running for the position of judge-executive of Nelson County.

    Oh!! I get it, I get it! Publicity — even if it’s for the wrong reason — is still publicity.

    Always look for the hidden agenda to find your answers.