Today's Opinions

  • Opinion: Tax cuts for the rich

    By Dr. Harry Spalding

  • Opinion: Pension solution still a work in progress

    Week six of the 2018 legislative session is in the books, and bills continued to move steadily through the Senate as work on the budget and pension reform continues.

    While we have not released a pension proposal just yet, we are hopeful that it will be made public in the coming days as we continue to sort out details on this complex issue. As for the budget bill, its fate currently is in the hands of the House, and we are hopeful that we in the Senate will receive a budget bill by early March.

  • Opinion: The pace quickens: Critical legislation is moving

    By Chad McCoy

    In Frankfort, diligent work continues on a pension reform proposal and a responsible budget. As those two issues consume much time and effort, there are also several other critical bills moving through the House.

  • Letter: We are not forgetting, and we’re stronger with community support

    Jan. 29 was the day Sherry Ballard and her unborn child were murdered in 1979. That pain still persists constantly. Sherry was a beautiful person.

    There is no such thing as forgiveness when some person or people murder your family members. We will never forget Sherry.

    Moving years forward, who could think other family members would be taken and murdered?

    Our family will continue the fight for justice for Tommy and Crystal.

    Strong will and faith will bring justice. We’re not backing down or forgetting, just getting stronger.

  • I am ashamed of our leaders

    To the editor:

    I never thought that as an American I would be ashamed of the words uttered by the President of the United States. Being only the second generation in this country, I have watched with sadness the debate over immigration and have cringed with the words that President Donald Trump has uttered when discussing this issue. Along with his apparent deep-seated disdain for people who are not white or are not of the Christian faith, he has implied that only the “elite” are worthy of entering this great country of ours.

  • Opinion: GOP tax plan is Trumped up

    By Mary Anglin-Coulter

    For you middle and lower-class working people who thought voting Republican would save your family money in taxes, surely you saw all the tax and accounting experts who came out against the idea, right? I myself argued with a few of you. Too many folks closed their ears, hoping they’d get a few extra hundred on their tax returns by voting for Donald Trump for president. After all, he said it, so it must be true.

  • Opinion: Excerpts from a Haiti journal

    I am posting this column from deep in the mountains of Haiti. I am on our annual St. Joseph Parish mission trip to our sister parish, St. Francis Xavier, in Acul Samedi, Haiti. This year I am being accompanied by Louis Ballard, a member of the St. Joseph Parish Council.

    Friday, Feb. 2

  • The issue: Merging Kentucky counties

    Keep government close to the voters

    A bill in Frankfort would affect most Kentucky counties by merging them with their neighbors and bringing the number from 120 to 55. The reasoning of the bill’s sponsor is that it would save money by eliminating the salaries for elected officials in the deleted counties and realize savings by increased efficiency.