Today's Opinions

  • Sometimes you want to shave your legs, not wait

    My soul was in anguish. I knew exactly how King David felt when he wrote his laments, wondering how long he had to wait for God to answer his prayers.

    I was 11 years old and I had been waiting my entire life to shave my legs. However, my mom said I needed to wait, but what do moms know? I had a forest growing on my lower limbs that needed razing — right then.

  • Thanks for help with local Kids Voting initiative

    To the editor:

    I would like to take a few minutes to personally thank the volunteers who worked with us for Kids Voting Nelson County 2007. All of the following made not only monetary donations but some even staffed a voting poll: Wilson and Muir Bank, Rob Smotherman, Carolyn and Jodie Haydon, Eugene Wilson Insurance, First Federal Savings Bank, Dick Heaton, Town and County Bank and Trust, Betty Pendergrass-King, The Bardstown Optimist Club, The Bardstown Women’s Club, and The Bardstown Rotary Club.

  • Reader takes issue with recent letter on abortion

    To the editor:

    This letter is in response to the comments of Cathy Lawrence Targonski in her letter printed in The Standard Nov. 7, 2007.

    As a member of the Bloomfield City Council, I am a politician, albeit at a very low level. I am opposed to abortion. I am also Pro-Choice. I neither consider myself spineless nor hypocritical in my position and I take personal affront to this unfair characterization.

  • Grant money could be put to a better use

    To the editor:

  • Volunteering is best kind of service

    Wanted: a few good men or women to answer the call of service in our community.

    Since Ben Franklin founded the first community volunteer fire department back in 1736 (the Union Fire Company, with 30 volunteers) the need for a continuous stream of recruits has been real in cities and towns throughout the country. The Bardstown-Nelson County Fire Department’s perennial recruitment drive is now underway. The need is great, of course, as fire protection is literally a 24-7 operation and volunteers, augmenting the efforts of 10 paid firefighters.

  • With sampling, enforcement is key

    Free samples at a liquor store? Kentucky has come a long way from the days when any bill that mentioned alcohol in any context would be a new way to tax or otherwise regulate the sale or consumption of spirits.

    Now, for better or worse, restaurants in otherwise dry counties can obtain a liquor license, “convention” related business places can sell on Sunday, and now liquor stores, with a proper permit can pass out free samples.

  • So much is connected we must learn to live together

    Pax Christi is a group that has long worked very hard for peaceful resolution of conflicts. It is a global organization that has a strong U.S. section.

    I have long pondered over their writings. Recently I was given a copy of Pax Christi USA’s “Prayer for World Peace” by Benedictine Sister Joan D Chittister.

    The musings below build on some of the insights from this prayer.

    “Save us from our desire to hurt as we have been hurteeto punisheeto terrorizeee.”

  • Veterans deserve our thanks for time they served

    It would be difficult to ever forget their faces ... faces I watched that day from behind the safe impersonality of my camera’s lens.

    They were the faces of the families of our local Kentucky National Guard members who were leaving for Operation Enduring Freedom three years ago this month ... parents and grandparents ... children and spouses.

    The soldiers’ faces were solemn and stoic. They were leaving to do their jobs. Their duty. But it was their families’ faces that I remember best.