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  • Reader thinks proposed civic center spot is wrong

    To the editor:

  • Good police work resulted in arrest

    A combination of good police work, pride, luck and timing resulted in an almost TV plot telescoping of justice last week in Nelson County.

  • Time to increase the cigarette tax

    Here is a solid yes, with an exclamation point, to the increase in the cigarette tax the General Assembly is considering.

    The gig is up on cigs. Why there is so much controversy surrounding doing the right thing, in the year 2008, is beyond us. Given sharp revenue shortfalls and probable deep cuts in necessary services, Kentucky is in an unenviable position and it is time to start clawing out of the hole. Even if we were in good times, which we are not, a decent hike in the cigarette tax is justifiable. The average tax among the 50 states has been more than $1 for several years.

  • Lets work on weaknesses, make county shine

    As a county, we don’t look so bad. Out of 120, Nelson County is ranked No. 16 in health categories — with one being the best and 120 being the worst.

    As a group, county residents have good physical activity, good oral health, are well insured and have a low diabetes rate. We also rank low in smoking, low in motor vehicle deaths and have low rates of cardiovascular deaths, lung/bronchus cancer rates and colorectal cancer rates.

  • Has the 'Debt Bomb' exploded on us?

    One of the older books on my shelves is “A Short History of the United States” by John Spencer Bassett, a professor at Smith College, and revised by his son, Richard Bassett. It was published in 1938.

    It is interesting to note what the book had to say about the causes of the Great Depression, which began with the stock-market collapse in 1929:

  • Politics are strange even across the country

    Back from the frozen tundra of Iowa and Nebraska, just in time to learn of Daniel London’s exit from the Congressional race and read an apparent heart-felt apology from Ron Lewis.

    Kentucky politics are always interesting. Nebraska, the unicameral state, snares its fair share of excitement as there continuously seems to be battles between west (the corn shuckers) vs. east (city folk of Omaha and Lincoln.) Iowans, meanwhile, mostly suffer from frozen brain cells in the winter and corn rot in the summer.

  • There is damage that must be undone

    With its larger-than-life characters and head-spinning plot twists, the presidential campaign is easily the best reality show on television: Will Barack Obama find a way to connect with Latino voters? Can John McCain somehow mollify all those angry conservatives? Could Hillary Clinton, after raising more than $100 million, run out of money?

  • The genealogy section of library is great

    To the editor: