Today's Opinions

  • New Hope Food Bank says thanks for help

    To the editor:

    Those at the New Hope Food Bank would like to extend their gratitude to members of the New Haven Cub Pack No. 996 who dropped off hundreds and hundreds of cans of donated food items the past weekend. These young Cub Scouts exerted great time and effort to gather these cans and bring them to us. We are encouraged by the caliber of our local youth who are so willing to participate in such a worthwhile project.

    We commend members of Pack No. 996 for their community spirit and thank them most sincerely for their kind support.

    Carmel Cecil

  • The U.S. is starting to win the war in Iraq

    To the editor:

    Democrats in Washington will soon have no choice but to admit the obvious: The U.S. is winning the Iraq war and the President’s “surge” strategy has been a success.

    You can only deceive people so long before they figure out that the Democrats’ only agenda is to gain power, and even if it means cheering for the enemy while our soldiers put their lives on the line it seems they could care less. The left has used our soldiers as political pawns in their desperate pursuit of power, and have cost young Americans their lives.

  • Records don't tell the whole story

    With Bardstown’s 28-20 loss Friday at Fort Campbell, the football season for all our local schools drew to a close.

    All three teams finished the season with a losing record, but some context to the just-completed year is necessary.

    Bardstown was ranked all season in every statewide Class 2A poll, despite finishing with a 6-7 record. In some cases, statewide observers chalk that up as having less to do with how good the team is and more owing to respect for the program’s history.

  • Only one month until Christmas - are you ready?


    A glance at the calendar today will show there is only one month left before Christmas.

    I remember when that seemed like a lifetime to wait. As kids, Christmas seemed like it took forever to arrive. But as an adult, I’m finding that the holidays kind of sneak up on you when you least suspect them.

  • December 2007 is a time to grow in generosity

    December is a very special season for various faith communities. Our general U.S. society puts a big focus on giving gifts (with more than one motivation, granted).

    I have been thinking about this 2007 season. It seems like a very special one with unique urgency entailed this time.

    It seems we are called to think about gift giving and its root generosity in whole new ways. The caller: the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change!

  • Has the idea of the American dream died?

    We’re not who we think we are.

    The American self-image is suffused with the golden glow of opportunity. We think of the United States as a land of unlimited possibility, not so much a classless society but as a place where class is mutable — a place where brains, energy and ambition are what counts, not the circumstances of one’s birth. But three new studies suggest that Horatio Alger doesn’t live here anymore.

  • Send a message, throw the rascals out

    Americans should remind their elected representatives and senators that we do not have the parliamentary system in this country.

    Under that system, which the Founding Fathers rejected, the executive branch is chosen from the majority party in the legislature or, if there is no majority, from a coalition of parties. The Founding Fathers were wise to reject this system, because for one thing it makes the majority party virtually a dictatorship.

  • Illegal Immigration needs to addressed

    To the editor: