Today's Opinions

  • Thanks to United Way for supporting program

    To the editor:

    The Bardstown City Schools district wishes to thank the United Way of Nelson County and supporting members of the community for the grant awarded our center for 2008. This contribution will help us meet the needs of students and their families in our school district.

    The dedication of the United Way of Nelson County and its contributions affect not only our children today, but the future of our community.

    Catherine Webb

    Director of Bardstown

    Schools’ FRYSC

    P.O. Box 28


  • Boswell is proven leader for state

    It boils down to experience in the legislative arena and a known track record that not only has been results driven but has consistently reflected through the years the values and closely-held principles of most Kentuckians. That’s why The Standard endorses the candidacy of longtime Kentucky legislator David Boswell as the Democratic Party’s nominee for Kentucky’s vacant 2nd Congressional seat.

  • Can telling the truth ever be a bad idea?

    Ever find yourself in a contradictory position? Here is mine:

    a) A true dislike of most political advertising, in general, and detesting, in particular, negative advertising.

    b) Approval of Greg Fischer’s television commercials and his Web site which points to the baggage that Bruce Lunsford carries.

  • Take a look around, the enemy is us

    I suppose the one saving grace of the human race is that virtually all of our problems are self-inflicted. Theoretically at least, if we are the cause of the problems, we should be able to provide the cure or correction.

    Hopefully, the Democratic Party will learn from this experience that it is not a good idea to award delegates on a proportional basis. If the primaries had been winner-take-all, the party would have had its nominee long ago and could be chopping on the Republican tree.

  • Even an unscientific poll is sometimes right

    Each week on our Web site at www.kystandard.com, we pose a question to our readers. We’ve asked questions about the war in Iraq, Christmas shopping spending habits and even Paris Hilton. Our poll is not scientific. We don’t make sure our respondents are a representative cross-section of the population regarding age, gender or race. If you want to answer, you can. If you don’t, then no harm, no foul.

  • Campaigns running on false promises

    There’s something maddening about this presidential campaign. It has become irrelevant whether anything the candidates say actually makes sense. All that matters is how their words will “play” with voters who are presumed to be too stupid to realize that they’re the ones being played.

  • Montessori Center is saved

    It’s been proven everyone learns at a separate pace. Some pick up new material quicker than others, while some take a little while for the new lesson to sink in.

    In that same tradition of learning taking place at several levels, there are those who believe children learn better with minimal interference from adults. In that spirit, the Nazareth Montessori Children’s Center opened 35 years ago to offer a different learning atmosphere for some of the area’s youngest students.

  • High gas prices may have a positive effect

    I have three new things in my life. One is called Yaris. The other two are called Agnes and Olive.

    Yaris is a car and Agnes and Olive are cats, but they’re all about the same size.

    I’m exaggerating, but only a little. The Toyota Yaris is so small that at first glance, you’d swear it is a death trap. I checked the safety rating before I bought it, however, and it measures up to cars twice its size. Plus, it gets superb gas mileage, which is becoming more important every day.