Today's Opinions

  • Dangerous and curvy road needs to be fixed

    To the editor:

    I am writing this letter because it’s been bothering me a lot about the young man, William Russell, who has been charged with murder of his friend, Josh Williams.

    My granddaughter went to school with these two young men and graduated with them.

  • There are instances of excessive police force

    To the editor:

  • Traffic light was a needed addition

    Friday, people who live along Plum Run Road/Murray Run Road and Old Nazareth Road received a priceless gift from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet — a traffic signal.

    Motorists who have risked their lives for decades making a turn at the intersections are no doubt more thankful for the realignment of the roadway and the placement of an honest to goodness traffic signal than they are for the additional lanes that will soon be available.

  • Taxpayers should not pay for politics

    Political advertising is usually offensive enough, but when it comes on the backs of taxpayers it downright turns our stomach.

    It’s that time of year and our first brochure has arrived in the mail. Boy, is it slick. Printed in full color and on nice stock paper, this is what one might call a humdinger.

  • We should be careful with limited resources

    The Earth is finite. All of the natural resources on it are also finite. That means if we keep using these resources at the current rates, we will eventually move from more to less to none. That will be an evil day for the human race.

  • Can a candidate so hated by some be elected?

    Why do many people so ardently dislike Hillary Rodham Clinton?

  • Why should celebrities have a second set of rules?

    Track star Marion Jones is going to prison.

    She’s upset and rightfully so. Most people would be terrified of spending six months of their life in prison. She has asked for leniency. Her life, her lawyers reasoned in a CNN.com article, has already been turned upside down. She has been stripped of her gold medals, lost her credibility with the American public, is no longer a “track star” — the only job she has ever known — and has lost her wealth and public standing.

  • Election results echo of Tom Bradley

    Pollsters and pundits were quick to discount race and the so-called Bradley effect as factors in Barack Obama’s narrow loss to Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary. Given that the same pollsters and pundits (OK, me, too) were so wrong about the outcome, I think we ought to take a closer look.

    The phenomenon is named after the late Tom Bradley, who in 1982 seemed certain to become the first black governor of California. Polls showed Bradley, the mayor of Los Angeles, with a double-digit lead over his white opponent, George Deukmejian. But Bradley lost.