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  • Did one key event 'snuffle' the imagination?

    Many have observed that children no longer need a good imagination. Toys now walk and talk by themselves, children play in a virtual world rather than their backyards and extracurricular activities keep them so busy they don’t have time to explore their own world of make-believe.

    Is there one key event that can be traced to the death of the imagination?

    Some may say the invention of the television or video games. Others may credit its demise to children becoming old before their time.

  • Reader surprised to see her car on display

    To the editor:

    In January 2007 my boyfriend and I were in a severe car crash in which we were run off the road by a box truck, which caused us to cross the BG median and cross the opposite two lanes of traffic, and end upside down about 20 feet off the road. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital with severe facial lacerations and other bumps and bruises.

  • Thanks for support of Flaget Baby Fair

    To the editor:

  • Show your respect for National Anthem

    To the editor:

  • This country needs a new leader

    To the editor:

    So now I see that an admiral on the White House staff is predicting a future war with Iran — as if the lessons taken from this war with Iraq are not enough. This Bush administration with all its arrogance dares to bring us into another strife which we know we cannot win. I cannot wait for the new year to begin which will bring a new leader to our country. I can only hope it will not be McCain, who approved the war with Iraq and who might want to continue this unwinnable war.

    Joe Kirtley

    3207 Kings Court


  • Fischer is choice

    We all know that a Derby “long shot” is a horse that isn’t favored to win, but would apt to pay off nicely if he were to surprise the odds makers.

    U.S. Senatorial candidate Greg Fischer is the decided underdog — a long shot, then — in the upcoming Democratic Party primary. For the most part, that’s because he lacks the name recognition of front-runner Bruce Lunsford. Running for political office for the first time, he nonetheless is creating a ground-swirl of support statewide.

  • Deconstructing the high prices of today's living

    Dang, just getting by is expensive these days. Filling up my compact car has gotten up to almost $50. That’s just too much. I remember when gas was in the $1range, now, not so. Gasoline for nearly $4 a gallon does seem shocking yet, it still seems like people are willing to pay. I believe everybody will be happy to grumble about it first of course, but likely most people will not be happy to alter day-to-day driving habits because of the increase. I know I still drive to Louisville about once a week.

  • 'Deadliest Catch' caught this viewer's attention

    I haven’t been fishing in probably 20 years and I have no desire to go.

    I’m uneasy around any body of water that isn’t contained in a concrete basin.

    I’ll eat shellfish, but I’m not wild about it.

    For these reasons and many others, it makes no sense that I’m glued to the television when “Deadliest Catch” comes on Discovery Channel.