Today's Opinions

  • Our Dickens world is strangling

    If there is an honest way to get rich quick, I haven’t found it. Of course, you might win a lottery or one of those super jackpots at a casino, but that is serendipity in spades. All of the people I know who are rich worked like coal miners at their chosen field. I’ve never hung out with the heirs of fortunes.

  • Woe be unto the editor who loves spell check

    Joseph ‘Joe Cargo’ Valachi, that famed member of the Mafia who was the first of his ilk to go public, once made an interesting statement:

    “In the circle in which I travel, a dumb man is more dangerous than a hundred rats.”

    I’ve decided that in the circle in which I travel and work, depending too much on technology is just as dangerous as a hundred mobsters. And it can make you look really dumb.

  • Third on Third to benefit downtown

    There are hopes the third Friday of each month will be special for businesses in and around Third Street in Bardstown.

    A new initiative, born through a partnership between Bardstown-Nelson County Tourist Commission and the Downtown Promotions group, is bringing special events to the downtown area each third Friday of the month.

    Designed to increase foot traffic to those area businesses, the Third on Third events will allow local residents and tourists to explore the downtown area with the added bonus of having a little something special on the venue.

  • Participate this Election Day

    If you’ve watched any television lately, read any newspaper, listened to any radio station or just chatted with friends, the upcoming presidential election was bound to be a topic at one point or another.

  • 'Smurfs' not the same show I remembered

    I get a kick out of watching movies, sitcoms or cartoons I haven’t seen since I was a kid. For better or worse, my horizons were broadened on the path to adulthood, and it’s interesting to see how the journey changed my perception of those former favorites.“21 Jump Street” was a bust. The after-school-special feel was likely part of the show’s charm when I was 12 years old, but now that I’m 32, it seems rather absurd. Those 20 years also changed my taste in Johnny Depp.

  • A new age of transportation brings choices

    Driving an “older car” has its benefits. Mainly that likely there aren’t any payments to make—other than the constant cost of repairs. My car is a 1996 Chevy and has more or less served me well. I have been far and wide by her grace, though there have been the expected repairs necessary along the way. Lately, there has been a greater concentration of repairs popping up on the radar shouting with urgency that their time had come and they could no longer wait.

  • To the editor:

    To the editor:Wow! Four years in a row! What a tribute to our community. On behalf of Flaget Memorial Hospital, I want to thank our entire community for helping us become one of the 100 Top Hospitals in America again. Very few communities can celebrate making the list even once. To be recognized multiple times is a true tribute to the many people who have dedicated their lives to making Flaget an outstanding community hospital.

  • Cuts loom after budget passes

    The budget passed by the General Assembly is cause for high anxiety in various quarters among service providers on the receiving end of funding, including school administrators and school boards which soon will soon be forced to deal with budget cuts. Education Commissioner Jon Draud issued a plea for lawmakers to find more revenue. Specifically, he noted significant cuts to after-school tutoring, teacher development, and school safety programs — where funding was sliced by as much as 50 percent.