Today's Opinions

  • Thanks for help with FFA chili supper, auction

    To the editor:

  • Thanks for supporting Shop with a Trooper

    To the editor:

    The Kentucky State Police Post 4 would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to each and every business, group and individual who donated to the 2007 Shop With A Trooper program. As in years past your generosity allowed us to provide less fortunate children in our eight-county area with Christmas gifts and memories that they otherwise would not have been able to enjoy. The children were taken shopping with troopers and other volunteers, fed lunch and got to meet Santa Claus.

  • With information, timing is important

    Getting information to the public about crimes, accidents and emergencies of various kinds will always be challenging to law enforcement. On one hand there is the real public interest in such matters and on the other hand the need for making sure the information released is accurate and does not compromise an investigation.

  • When it comes to casinos, let's vote

    Views seemingly are as wide as the physical state of Kentucky on the casino proposal set forth by Gov. Beshear. We stand convinced, however, a clear majority of Kentucky citizens favor expanded gaming and, accordingly, believe the General Assembly should put that assertion to a test in the form of a constitutional amendment.

  • New lifestyle choices a marathon, not a sprint

    Six-week update on the fresh and raw: enjoying the ever-expanding world of choices, still reading, still defining a direction. Bottom line: it’s been a good mental exercise; am feeling better, or at least have convinced myself of such; and for the first time, am not in a hurry — not trying to run a sprint but instead see it as a life change, thus the venture is much like attempting to maintain a decent pace for the mega-marathon that lies ahead.

  • The Clintons' beef with the media persists

    Are the news media being beastly to Hillary Clinton? Are political reporters and commentators — as Bill Clinton suggested but didn’t quite come out and say in a radio interview Tuesday — basically in the tank for Barack Obama?

  • 'Lesser of two evils' excuse is not valid

    To state the obvious, voting is the process by which we choose our leaders. What may not be so obvious is that the only alternative to ballots is to choose leaders with bullets. None of us wants that.

    Therefore, we all have to put aside our particular complaints about the current system of political campaigning and vote anyway. I have friends who say they are no longer going to vote for the lesser of two evils and will stay home. That’s a choice, but in my opinion it isn’t a good one.

  • Donkey basketball is just what it sounds like

    “This may be an odd question, but what is donkey basketball?”

    As soon as I sent the e-mail containing that question, I was afraid of the answer.

    When asked by Nelson County baseball coach Brent Childress to participate in the fundraising activity of Donkey Basketball, a myriad of questions ran through my mind. The first and foremost centered around the actual definition of the sport.

    “It’s basketball played on the backs of donkeys. We will have real live donkeys in the gym,” he wrote back.