Today's Opinions

  • Volunteers are a local treasure

    It’s amazing every year that this community can find such deserving individuals to sit in its annual winners circle.

    When winners for the Nelson County Chamber of Commerce’s Man and Woman of the Year were announced, no one batted an eye after Dr. Mark Abramovich and Bonnie Drake stepped up to the podium to accept the honors.

  • Swingers' rights weren't trampled

    The recent decision by Quality Inn management to disallow a “swinger” gathering at its Bardstown location has many wondering if the would-be partiers’ constitutional rights were infringed upon.

    Though heavy pressure was applied from local church and civic leaders to make sure the event didn’t happen, no one’s rights were trampled.

  • Bill Clinton over the top in defending wife

    Six months ago, Bill Clinton seemed to be settling comfortably into roles befitting a silver-maned former president: statesman, philanthropist, philosopher-king. Now he has put all that high-mindedness on hold — maybe it was never such a great fit, after all — to co-star in his wife Hillary’s campaign as a coldblooded political hit man.

  • Let's act locally to help improve Earth's health

    We are all truly interconnected. Out of that interconnection has come the adage, “Think globally, but act locally.” Acting locally can and does affect our bigger reality — whether we think about that often or not.

    Jan. 14 was a special moment in this interconnection. The Washington Post carried a major article by Marc Kaufman, “Escalating Ice Loss Found in Antarctica.”

    He reports on the newest information about changes in our Earth home, specifically in Antarctica.

  • We just need a little more cowbell for the Lord

    Between sets of praise songs, the dulcet tones of Skynyrd and AC/DC ring through the air as bandmates attempt to live out garage band fantasies from our forgotten youth.

    That’s how I would describe “His,” a 10-member youth praise band I sing with twice a week. Like many bands, the name still is in dispute.

  • Sometimes having a gun is your only hope

    The young lady recently murdered while hiking the southern tip of the Appalachian Trail might be alive today if she had tucked a pistol into her backpack or fanny pack. Yes, I know it’s against the law to carry a pistol on the trail, but which would you prefer — breaking a bureaucratic rule or getting your brains knocked out and then being decapitated?

  • Retired teachers always make a difference

    To the editor:

    The Kentucky Retired Teachers Association was organized in 1957. KRTA is the only organization in the state that has as its main purpose to look out for the welfare of retired educators.

    The Biennial Legislative Program is aimed at soliciting support for and commitment to the Association’s priorities.

  • Money was intended for fire victims' families

    To the editor:

    On Feb. 6, 2007, our community suffered a great loss that reached not just “us” — the town that knew the fire victims — but, through news coverage, the United States and even farther got the word of that horrible fire that took 10 lives, and thus began a massive opening of hearts everywhere.