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  • Montessori teaches lessons children never forget

    To the editor: Did you know this week is National Montessori Education Week? We are so fortunate to have had Nazareth Montessori Children’s Center in our community for 35 years. What? You don’t know about out Montessori school? Well, it is pretty unusual for a small town like ours to have such a great resource. My older children, now 18 and 19, attended pre-school and kindergarten there and I honestly attribute many of their successes to their time at Montessori and the methods that were introduced to them.

  • Help United Way reach its goal

    A boy with no positive male role model. A family left homeless after a tornado. An elderly woman in need of a warm meal. These people and more benefit from money collected and distributed by United Way of Nelson County. The 17 charitable agencies in Nelson County that receive help from United Way collectively asked for $187,550 in 2007. Although the money raised fell $17,550 short of that goal, most of the agencies will receive the amount they requested. To receive funds, each participating agency fills out an application requesting an amount to meet specific needs.

  • It's democracy, not Frankfort Follies

    Some would call it shenanigans. Others would call it more of Frankfort Follies. At least one member called it communist. Instead, it was a simple procedure in democracy.The gaming issue continues to have a heartbeat, thanks to political maneuvering by House Speaker Jody Richards who, on Tuesday, pulled the old switcheroo by removing one member and appointing two others on the House Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee.

  • Sad news: My kids may not be mine after all

    I learned a shocking bit of news last week. My kids may not be mine after all. I still love them and this won’t change a thing in how they are raised, but it is a bit deflating.

    By the way, Donna, my wife, has never cheated on me. The kids aren’t another man’s, either. Best I can figure, they’re aliens.

  • Lesson from being an underdog: Do unto others

    Very likely each of us has been an underdog at some point in life.

    Maybe as youngsters we were considered too short, too tall, too heavy, too slim, or played on a sports team that had significant trouble scoring or winning enough games; or one’s residence didn’t measure up to some criteria. Whateveree.

    Such experiences are very challenging to one’s sense of self-worth. Happily many of us rise above it and become emotionally healthy adults. Hopefully we also learn important life lessons from the experience.

  • Credit is long overdue for basketball coach

    To the editor:

    We live in an era in which everything/everyone is expected to be perfect. All of us know that this isn’t possible. But, if there was a perfect youth basketball coach, it would be David Barnes (eighth-grade boys’ coach at Bardstown Middle School). The constant praise and positive energy that he gives his players is outstanding. Barnes coaches with enthusiasm and heart. Unlike some who yell and scream at every mistake made, Barnes seems to see the positive in every effort, whether right or wrong. Two thumbs up.

    Billy Lyon

    603 Nally Court

  • Children benefit most from United Way funds

    To the editor:

  • Celebrate National Montessori Education Week

    To the editor: