Today's Opinions

  • Hunters are finding it hard to locate a place to hunt

    To the editor:

    I wish to comment on your recent article published in the Sports Section, which dealt with the increase in “young” hunters, while the number of hunters as a whole is declining. It is evident that the deer herd in Kentucky is increasing, and the opportunity to harvest a deer while hunting is very likely. If the number of hunters continues to decline, and not enough deer are harvested, we are going to see a substantial increase in the number of deer related highway accidents, crop damage, and disease.

  • Residents should be proud of McConnell's record

    To the editor:

    With the announcement of an Iraq veteran as the Democrat candidate to take Senator Mitch McConnell’s seat in the Senate, I became even more disgusted with the Democratic Party. This is the greatest oxymoron that I have ever seen. For a party that had its Senate leader declare that the war was lost while this soldier was in the field to have the unmitigated gall to use this soldier in this way is the height of arrogance.

  • Officers deserve our gratitude

    When people drink or take drugs to the point of intoxication and make the decision to drive anyway, they are a threat to anyone on the road. The number of innocent people who lose their lives to impaired drivers tragically increases every day.

    The officers dedicated to spotting and arresting drunk drivers deserve our admiration and thanks, and three Nelson County officers got just that recently at the state level.

  • KBF director has big shoes to fill

    Twenty years ago the Bourbon Festival was just a glint of an idea in the minds of a few people. A similar concept had been tried and fell short in Anderson County and there were plenty of skeptics who thought Bardstown’s dreams of hosting such an event was beyond the available resources.

  • Beginning of a new era begins with high hopes

    “A frontier of imaginative solutions;

    “A frontier of new technology and new industries;

    “A frontier that protects the environment while creating opportunities;

    “A frontier that attracts entrepreneurs, tourists, retirees;

    “A frontier that keeps our own graduates right here at home.”

    In a visionary speech on a truly inspirational day in Frankfort, Gov. Steve Beshear outlined his hopes for making Kentucky America’s next great frontier.

  • A dog may not have died, but my sister graduated

    My first day of college was a whirlwind of activity. Freshmen had to arrive at school a few days before classes began for Freshmen Orientation. Activities were planned for nearly the entire time of those extra days. But first thing was first — I had to move into my dorm room.

  • Reader upset over friend's shed lawsuit

    To the editor:

    Sue you, sue me blues. How many times have I heard these words? Strangers were always involved when I heard about a new suit being filed. That is, until this past week. I was told that a friend is being sued, and sued because she had a shed placed on her property. I vividly remember the day I met my friend. We were introduced in church. She didn’t want to shake my hand. She insisted on hugging me — a complete stranger. As we hugged one another, I felt as though my mother was sending me a hug. I have loved the lady ever since.

  • Preservation of history is needed

    Historical preservation is near and dear to most hearts in Bardstown and Nelson County so it is with great anticipation that we welcome Pen Bogert as the new preservation administrator for the Planning Commission and the City of Bardstown.

    Bogert is a relative newcomer, having been here just four short years, but he will bring to the job virtually a lifetime of passion and love for history and preservation. Among his past involvements include working for a decade as a reference specialist with the prestigious Filson Historical Society in Louisville.