Today's Opinions

  • Editorial: County joining opioid lawsuit is justified

    Nelson County magistrates have agreed to join 36 other counties in suing synthetic opioid drug distributors.

    The civil suit is seeking to obtain a legal settlement to recover financial losses that Kentucky counties have incurred because of prescription opioid abuse.

  • Ethics is about being equally fair to all

    By Terry Welshans

    My father-in-law was a huge basketball fan. If a game was on, he would be glued to the radio, his preferred method of following the game. The squeal of the sneakers and the reverberation of the hoop as the ball ricochets off would make him lean in for a few seconds, then applaud if his team did well, or just sit back if not. He liked the University of Kentucky best, but he had a son at the University of Louisville. He was an equal opportunity fan, I guess.

    He passed away more than 20 years ago, and we miss him to this day.

  • Opinion: Remember soldiers, others during holidays

    The leaves fell and the weather grew cooler as we transitioned into this blustery November. As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, the legislature continues to hold Interim Joint Committee meetings throughout the commonwealth and in Frankfort.

  • Letter: Bardstown would be beautiful home for Foster statue

    I run a small travel and group tour business out of Waynesville Ohio. I have been bringing groups to Bardstown for over 35 years. This year alone, I have made seven trips to Bardstown, and it is always an enjoyable experience.

    I am also a collector of “Fosteriana” or all things related to Stephen Foster. I started this lifelong hobby shortly after my first trip to Bardstown about 35 years ago. I love the music of Foster, and I have always been a self-appointed ambassador for Foster as well as for Bardstown.

  • Letter: Thank you, Jim Beam

    Nelson County Family Resource and Youth Services Centers want to extend our sincere gratitude to Jim Beam and its employees for their contribution to us. Your generous gift will have a major impact on helping families in need during this holiday season.

    Nelson County FRYSC’s want to thank you for helping us make a positive difference in the lives of our families. Your support encourages our continued commitment to helping students meet their needs.

    Thanks again for your generosity and support,

    Lynne Potter

  • Opinion: The limits of the ‘both sides are bad’ argument

    By David Shams

    For the last 18 years, I’ve studied conflict. The types of conflagrations most Americans know little about, but nonetheless are familiar with — the Balkans, Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine, Syria, etc.

    Within the context of conflict, I’ve tried to parse out the definition of objectivity.

  • Opinion: Lost in the fog of materialism

    By Michael Quigley

  • Editorial: Preparation needed as bourbon boom rolls

    Last week’s announcement by the Stoli Group to build its new Kentucky Owl Park facility on the 420 acres that now hosts the Cedar Creek Quarry represents something of a gauntlet being thrown down for the city of Bardstown and its growing bourbon tourism industry.

    It’s fantastic news, but the question is, are we ready to handle it?