Today's Opinions

  • Letter: Donations are very much appreciated

    The Nelson County Schools’ Family Resource Center would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to American Legion Post 42, and Peter Trzop, with the assistance of St. Vincent de Paul, for the donation of gently used dress code clothing for the FRYSC clothes closets. 

  • Spalding commentary refreshing

    How encouraging and refreshing to read Dr. Harry Spalding’s commentary on the state of our country and its leadership in the Jan. 10 issue of The Kentucky Standard. Dr. Harry always seems to take a “commonsense,” wise and nonpartisan approach to the events of our time. Why can’t Congress do the same?

    The Rev. Thomas R. Clark


  • Column: The somewhat revised art of the deal

    President Trump is a master negotiator.

    This is a non-negotiable fact and thus, if Trump negotiates somewhat differently than might have been anticipated from his reputation, published works or a study of the meaning of the word “negotiation,” it is our understanding of what “negotiation” means that must be updated.

  • Column: In Trump’s White House, it’s survival of the servile

    White House staffers have two general objectives: to serve the president and to please the president. The two do not always coincide.

    I can recall, as a policy adviser to President George W. Bush, sending him articles and columns (including some by Nicholas Kristof) savaging the administration’s reaction to the unfolding Darfur genocide. Predictably, Bush called me into the Oval Office to vent against the unfairness of the criticism. Just as typically, he ended the meeting by telling me a series of steps he was taking to review and toughen our policy.

  • Column: MLK and the arc of the moral universe

    The words have become a mantra for progressives.

    “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,” the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote 60 years ago. But he was quoting another pastor, the Rev. Theodore Parker, who first wrote those words in 1810, before the Civil War.

  • Editorial: Caution, concern important as winter weather arrives

    We got a brief respite from winter’s wrath earlier this week, with temperatures climbing into the 60s for a couple of days.

    But that has changed with Friday’s bad weather, and the early part of this week calls for temperatures to plunge again, with overnight lows in the single digits.

  • Editorial: Help us honor the work of local volunteers

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Standard Communications Volunteer of the Year Award.

    Mitch Tiller was the first recipient in 1998, for work done the previous year. Since that first award, 16 individuals and three couples have been honored. Since the untimely death of Standard publisher Ron Filkins in 2009, the award has been called the Ron Filkins Standard Communications Volunteer of the Year Award.

  • Why I’m cussing Mitch, Donald and vaccuum cleaners

    I was ranting at the wide-screen and let loose with “[expletive] Republicans!” And my grandson, Devynn, who can be incredibly inquisitive (when he’s not mesmerized by a video game) asked me, “Grampa, what’s a Republican?”

    I asked myself that same question this morning as I contemplated the past year in politics.