• Letter: Public pensions are a critical issue

    To the editor,

  • Letter: Thank you for community support
  • Letter: We need to get things together where we live

    To the editor,

    Looking at the community after the City Council debacle, we have not accomplished anything new. I hear people say, “How did this happen?” From where I sit, this is a very divided community. The fight between the city and county is a situation where neither organization wants to admit that they both need to work with each other. The money that is needed to operate the city and county keeps rising. It seems that they both have a champagne taste on a beer pocketbook.

  • Letter: Citizens Police Academy is eye-opening

    To the editor,

    The first Citizens Police Academy had its graduation ceremony recently at the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office.

    It was a seven-week course that gave us citizens a look at how the Sheriff’s Office operates on a daily basis as well as how the justice system works here in Nelson County.

  • Letter: Kindness of strangers is much appreciated

    couple who attended the 4 p.m. Mass at St. Thomas Church Saturday evening May 6. There was a bad hail (hell) storm right after Mass.

    I’m ashamed that I don’t know your names, but I’m the one who got stuck in the ditch. She tried to keep me dry with her umbrella, and he crawled under my car and chained it to his tractor and pulled my “baby” out of the ditch.

    I made it home fine, and believe it or not, the car seems to have suffered no damage. You two people are true lifesavers, for both me and the car.

  • LETTER: Thanks for your kind gesture

    On Thursday, May 4, a young couple checking out in front of me at Save-a-Lot grocery paid for my groceries. I did not realize this until they had already left the store. I looked for them in the parking lot in order to thank them, but did not see them. I am hoping that they see this in the paper and know that I appreciated their kind gesture and have “payed it forward.”
    Thank you again,
    Glenna Jorgensen

  • LETTER: A big thank you from Relay for Life 

    I (Paula Simpson- Chairperson of Relay For Life) would like to say thank you to our community for all the support that was shown at Relay For Life of Nelson County this year. With a change of venue, date and times along with other events going on, I was not sure how it would turn out, but we had a beautiful day and a great turnout from the community.
     I sincerely thank everyone who came and supported us and the survivors. Thanks to those who donated money, time, talent, merchandise and for caring about the people who matter to them and others.

  • LETTER: Thanks for Afternoon with the Past

    The fifth annual An Afternoon With the Past took place Saturday, May 13, in Bloomfield. Approximately 200 were in attendance.
    This year we honored our veterans. More than 300 framed veterans’ photos were on display. These photos will soon be hung on The Veterans Wall at American Legion Post 288 in Bloomfield. Thanks to the Legion for donating the frames and wall. (This is a continuing project for any and all veterans from Bloomfield, Chaplin and Fairfield. Thus, additional veterans photos will always be accepted.)

  • LETTER: New Haven Appreciation Day a success

    Thank you to the people of New Haven for a fantastic participation at the third annual New Haven Appreciation Day.
    This year’s event drew over 400 attendees, and all had a great time.
    A special thank you to all of the helpers and the musicians that participated. The giving of their time to put on a great night of music and fun for the residents of southern Nelson County is truly appreciated.
    The success of this year’s events had all of those involved talking of how to improve it for next year.

  • LETTER: Grendel’s mother isn’t a jihadist

    Grendel’s evil mother hid in the depths of water. The evil foe in Afghanistan hid in caves.
    Ask the mother of any U.S. service person whose life matters more.
    Joe McGuire