• Letter: Perpetuating the lie

    The article “Not your typical rock show” could have been a perfectly written article. However, it had false information in it that evolutionists have been brainwashing our children with for decades.

    The Clovis people were not here 12,000 to 20,000 years ago. The earth being only approximately 6,000 years old proves that.

  • LETTER: Kentucky Chamber thanks Higdon

    To the editor,

    The Kentucky Chamber applauds Senate Majority Whip Jimmy Higdon on his leadership to make right-to-work legislation a reality during the first week of the 2017 General Assembly, ensuring Kentucky is a state where businesses want to locate.

  • Letter: Help Tackle Hunger at the Souper Bowl of Caring

    Hunger affects 48 million Americans. In that drastic figure, 15 million children and seven million seniors do not have enough food on their tables.

    In Kentucky, one in six of our neighbors is affected by hunger.

    Right here in Nelson County, there is a 18 percent poverty rate.

    These staggering statistics prove there is still much to do to help feed our nation.

  • Letter: Thanks for admission breaks

    Thumbs up to St. Joe and St. Gregory on their admission fees to the kids’ basketball games. Both schools give a reduced price for senior citizens ages 60 and older. The price is reduced for students also.

    Thank you for your generosity and maybe a little hardship considering you possibly taking a loss at the door to pay the referees. It sure helps when families are supporting their kids and have a large family also.

    Also, some families go to two-plus games on the weekend or during the week. New Haven school gives a student fee also.

  • Letter: FAKH impact made possible by volunteers

    To the editor,

    Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland would like to pass along a special thank you to everyone who volunteered with us during 2016. Your efforts to help us fight hunger made a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of struggling Kentuckians throughout our region.

  • Letters: Fake news didn’t do the damage

    In her article “We perceive Castro and Cuba through a filter,” Nelda Moore claims that the news we are exposed to has filters, and “we should have seen that in our last (election).”

  • Letter: To grow economy, take care of workers

    To the editor,

  • LETTER: Flaget Christmas Bazaar a great success

    To the editor:

    Flaget Hospital Auxiliary would like to thank the community and our sponsors for their help in making our Christmas Bazaar such a great success. That success will allow us to continue to sponsor our five $1,000 scholarships to Nelson County students going into the medical field and also our “Buddy Bear” program, which gives bears to sick children who enter our emergency room to help alleviate some of their fear.

  • LETTER: Delighted by random kindness

    To the editor,

    Recently while I was driving through a local fast food restaurant, the car in front of me paid for my purchases.

    How surprised and delighted I was for this anonymous, random act of kindness.

    The Invisible Santa had chosen to bless me with a special gift.

    Thank you, Invisible Santa.

    The blessing has been paid forward and will continue by me.

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!


    Pat Murray Boone


  • Letter: The ball is in your court

    To the editor:

    Simpson, Brown, Brauch, Hibbs, Spalding, Heaton, Sheckles.

    These were our past mayors: good, level-headed responsible people. Unfortunately, attributes the current mayor doesn’t have and is unlikely to acquire. His latest regulation he is proposing is another example of his self-centered attitude, in which he does spell “team” with a “me.”

    Two options left to make chaotic term positive:

    Be impeached


    Ball is in your court; don’t take it and go home.