• Letter: Thank you, from the Room in the Inn board

    We have had a very successful first year for the Room in the Inn homeless program due to the tremendous volunteer participation from 14 local area churches and organizations. A very special thank you to the following host and partner churches/organizations:

    • Sunday — Bardstown Church of God and Souls’ Harbor Assembly of God

    • Monday — St. Thomas Catholic and Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

    • Tuesday — St. Joseph Catholic, St. Vincent De Paul Ministries, and St. Gregory Catholic

  • LETTER: Complaining Democrats are crying crocodile tears

    To the editor,

    The writer of the “cooler heads” column from Friday, April 7, is guilty of extremely selective memory as she attempts to paint the “nuclear option” regarding Supreme Court confirmations as a totally Republican activity.

    The policy of not confirming a justice in the waning months of a presidential term was initiated years ago by Democrat, Joe Biden, when Democrats had the majority in the Senate and a Republican president was nearing the end of his term.

  • LETTER: Show of support for mayor

    Good luck, mayor. I’m on your side!

    Alison Samuels


  • Letter: We need to clean up Bardstown

    Has anyone noticed the amount of trash there is around Bardstown? 

    I’ve noticed that when I stop at a light, I notice an abundance of cigarette butts and trash by the curb. This is not limited to just a few intersections. It’s most of them. There seems to be an upswing in trash thrown out of cars along the streets and roadways. I’m not blaming the city for this, but the citizens for a gross lack of pride in the city they live in. We should have a “Clean Up Bardstown” day to make our town clean again.

    Sam L. King

  • LETTER: Thankful for Flaget

    To the editor,
    I am writing this letter as a thank you to Flaget Memorial Hospital and all its employees.
    I have heard a lot of negative talk about this hospital and its staff, and that is “bull.”
    I spent 39 days there myself. I have never in my life received better treatment from any facility I have been involved with.
    I would especially like to thank the people, all doctors, nurses, aides, wait staff and maintenance.
    Thank you all.
    Other than the fact I was sick, I had a great experience.

  • Letter: Thanks for support, re-election

    To the editor,

  • Letter: Contribute to the indoor pool and sports complex

    To the editor,

    For more than a decade, there have been multiple efforts to build an indoor pool and sports complex in Nelson County.

  • Letter: Thanks to the City Council, we’re about to know the truth

    To the editor,

    I agree with Sharon Vandusen’s recent letter regarding our new City Council. It has been three months since it was sworn in, and I can’t say enough how pleased I am with their professionalism, decision-making and financial responsibility to the people of Bardstown. This council cannot be intimidated or bullied. They work for us and have no loyalty to the mayor. No more disrespect toward Ms. Copeland. His racial ways to any minority will not be tolerated by the council.

  • LETTER: Clinic thankful for Flaget donations

    To the editor,
    The Nelson County Community Clinic wishes to thank Flaget Memorial Hospital for its generous donation of $12,500. A thank you also goes to the Flaget Memorial Hospital medical staff for their generous donation of $5,000.
    Patients who come into the emergency department and have no insurance are referred to NCCC. Numerous staff members from  the hospital volunteer at the clinic. The clinic has a great relationship with Flaget. We both want to keep patients out of the emergency department and we want patients to be compliant with care.

  • LETTER: Keillor column much appreciated

    To the editor,
    Thank you from the bottom of this Minnesota transplant’s heart for featuring Garrison Keillor’s column in your Sunday editions. It’s the first thing I read each Sunday morning.
    His thoughtful and thought-provoking messages have been sorely missed, and I look forward to seeing his column in your newspaper for a long time to come.
    Linda Smith