• Letters: May 10, 2017
  • Letters: May 10, 2017

    To the people of Colton’s Steakhouse, Bardstown EMS and Bardstown Fire Department,

    My husband and I fell in front of Colton’s Steakhouse when getting into our vehicle after dinner a couple of weeks ago.

    We wish to thank the excellent people at Colton’s who stayed with us till the Bardstown EMTs and Fire Department arrived to provide aid. Everyone did a superb job of making sure we were OK and able to return home after our fall.

    We sure have some great people in Bardstown in our businesses and emergency services.

  • Letters: May 10, 2017

    Without a doubt, one of my favorite activities is driving the back roads, rain or shine, camera on the seat beside me.

    There is a “Bedouin” legend that goes “God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath upon it and created the horse.”

    Horses are herd animals; they crave the companionship of other horses. But all too often they are forced by humans to spend their lives alone in a field. No amount of riding or petting by humans can compensate for their forced isolation.

  • LETTER: Tasting Bash a success, community support appreciated

    We would like to thank the Nelson County community for making this year’s My New Kentucky Home Habitat for Humanity Tasting Bash an incredible success!

    We raised just over $5,500 with more than 160 in attendance. Your support helps us accomplish our goal to build new affordable homes or perform critical home repairs, changing the lives of many.

  • Letter: Brand damage will quickly fade with better decisions being made

    As a Bardstown native and recent resident, I was very impressed by the hard work, resolve and discipline demonstrated by the Bardstown City Council recently in their investigation of complex issues and the difficult choices they made. Many could have rationalized ways to avoid those choices.

  • LETTER: NCS in search of alumni

    Nelson County Schools are looking for missing alumni.

    We need help in finding our missing classmates because not all of them are on the various social networking sites. If you are in contact with any of them, please direct them to our website.

    Finding our classmates will help us have a more successful alumni event on Saturday, Sept. 9, at Maywood Country Club.

    The group is available on Facebook at Nelson County Foundation. Just send us a message.

  • LETTER: Thanks to event sponsors

    The City of New Haven would like to thank its 2017 Easter Egg Hunt sponsors:

    Rolling Fork Iron Horse Festival, Mouser’s Liquors, Guy’s Building Supplies, Jay Rust, Rust Funeral Home, Coy’s Taxidermy, New Haven Library, Amerigas, Sherwood Inn, Joseph L. Greenwell Funeral Home, Vittitow Cabinets, KDC Auto Sales, New Haven Florist, Newcomb Oil Company, New Haven Mini Warehouses, New Haven First & Last, New Haven Enhancement Team, Hometown IGA, K’La’s and Casey Clark.

    Thank you,

  • LETTER: Kentucky should expand foreign trade

    Kentucky has the opportunity to lead the world with foreign policy assistance through production and export of coal to China. One of North Korea’s main exports is coal, and China is their main customer. America should sanction North Korea by negotiating with China to stop buying North Korean coal and buy Kentucky coal instead.

  • LETTER: Tri-County United Way allocation explained

    Recently, the TriCounty Kentucky United Way allocations for 2017 were published. These funds are generated through voluntary payroll deductions from the employees of local businesses.

    Central Kentucky Community Action Council Inc.’s allocation will be used to assist families of low-income through many of the programs operated in Marion, Nelson and Washington counties.

  • LETTER: Watch out for motorcycles and don’t throw mowed grass on road

    Since spring has arrived, wonderful motorcycle weather is here. I’d like to put out some reminders to help make motorcycling safe.

    Please do not go out and buy your teenager a crotch rocket (sport/racing bike) or any other kind of bike until he or she takes the Kentucky Motorcycle Rider Education Program. Without proper training, these bikes can be death machines.

    The Kentucky Motorcycle Rider Education Program is offered at all the colleges and community colleges. Elizabethtown and Bowling Green are closest to our area.