• LETTER: Thanks for Buttermilk support

    The 2017 Buttermilk Days Festival Committee would like to take this time to thank all the wonderful people, sponsors and vendors that helped make this Buttermilk Days Festival a tremendous success. 

  • LETTER: Kids’ Day success due to support

    Bardstown Rotary Club’s 17th annual Kids Day, which provides local children a fun afternoon of free events and snacks, was a rousing success. Kids were entertained with inflatables, free ice cream, and educational demonstrations of making giant bubbles and sleazy slime. The free bottled water table was a big hit because Mother Nature was very kind on this day. Face painting, tattoos, and the coloring book tables stayed packed the entire afternoon.

  • Letters: Coverage of Botland Jamboree appreciated

    A huge thank you from Botland Christian Church

    From all of us at Botland Christian Church, we just want to give The Kentucky Standard. A great big “Thank You” for coming to the Botland Jamboree on 9/23/17. It really does mean a lot for us get exposure in the newspaper to help out our great little country church! Thank you again, and God bless!!
    Troy Adams

    Coverage a nice surprise

  • LETTER: Paper should support President Trump

    Paper should support President Trump
    To the editor,
    One of our members canceled her subscription to your newspaper recently. She was then called by your paper wanting to know the reason.

  • LETTER: ‘Tailgate Time’ successful because of volunteers

    The Nelson County Schools Community Support Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers for making our “Tailgate Time” event such a success.
    We partnered with Bill Broaddus, athletic director, and the staff at Nelson County High School to create an event that both promoted and supported the foundation and NCS sports programs.

  • Letter: Moral authority from the First Amendment

    To the editor,

    On Sept. 15, Mr. Don Ramsier of Cox’s Creek exercised his First Amendment right by writing a letter to the editor criticizing, in pretty harsh terms, a recent column of mine regarding President Donald Trump in which I quoted a critical Vanity Fair editorial.

    Mr. Ramsier questioned where I got the “moral authority” to be able to criticize the actions of the president.

  • LETTER: Turn it off

    To the editor,

  • LETTER: Eye pollution

    To the editor,

    Driving home from I-65, I look forward to exit 112, where the landscape becomes both tranquil and beautiful on Ky. 245. The trees, wooded areas, and small clearings offer a safe haven from all the eye polluting billboards, signs and other advertising. With the exception of a couple small signs, the roadway is still pristine by being void of these ugly monstrosities. Now the advertisers have infiltrated into this locale by building two billboards along Ky. 245. These ugly eye cancers take away from the natural beauty of our area and are unwelcome eyesores!

  • Letter: Always an Eagle Scout

    To the editor,

    Randy Patrick’s article in Sunday’s newspaper, “Bardstown Bourbon Company hires ‘rising star’” — John Hargrove — ends with, “He is also a former Eagle Scout.”

    As the mother of an Eagle Scout and the grandmother of another Eagle Scout and one just about to become an Eagle Scout, I know there is no “former” related to this high honor. John Hargrove and every other Eagle Scout will proudly hold this title forever.

    Linda Smith

  • Letter: Let’s get everyone inspired

    To the editor,

    Thank you so much for those kind words. I’ve always said that I would like to read my obituary before I die. But now I hope I can serve this term before that happens.

    I feel like I am in heaven, angels singing praises all around me.

    I am so excited to serve and looking forward to work on major projects with our board and community business leaders.

    Thank you for your support. I look forward to working with all of you again.

    Lets get everyone challenged, inspired and motivated.