• Look at reason immigrants come to U.S.

    To the editor:

    It has saddened us greatly to learn of the attitude of some of our government officials regarding immigrants in our community. The debate about the services they absorb from our resources seems to ignore the services they contribute.

    The face of Louisville has changed during the past 20 years. We would like to think that the multiculturalism that is becoming part of us could be seen as the blessing that it truly is rather than a sponge that soaks up all of our resources.

  • Thanks for fire department's fast response

    To the editor:

    The Bardstown Fire Department was called to our office Nov. 8.

    Even though the damage was minor, I would like everyone in the community to know the speed and efficient manner in which members of the fire department worked.

    They were on location within a matter of minutes.

    Probably many people, including myself, take this service for granted.

    Thanks guys for being there when we need you.

    Joe Hahn

    608 Bloomfield Road


  • Thanks for help with local Kids Voting initiative

    To the editor:

    I would like to take a few minutes to personally thank the volunteers who worked with us for Kids Voting Nelson County 2007. All of the following made not only monetary donations but some even staffed a voting poll: Wilson and Muir Bank, Rob Smotherman, Carolyn and Jodie Haydon, Eugene Wilson Insurance, First Federal Savings Bank, Dick Heaton, Town and County Bank and Trust, Betty Pendergrass-King, The Bardstown Optimist Club, The Bardstown Women’s Club, and The Bardstown Rotary Club.

  • Reader takes issue with recent letter on abortion

    To the editor:

    This letter is in response to the comments of Cathy Lawrence Targonski in her letter printed in The Standard Nov. 7, 2007.

    As a member of the Bloomfield City Council, I am a politician, albeit at a very low level. I am opposed to abortion. I am also Pro-Choice. I neither consider myself spineless nor hypocritical in my position and I take personal affront to this unfair characterization.

  • Grant money could be put to a better use

    To the editor:

  • U.S. actions are not as barbaric as other countries

    To the editor:

  • District standards need to be upheld

    To the editor:

    For several weeks now, I have been waiting to see what the response from the board which oversees the appearance of buildings in the Historical District will be to the obviously out-of-place awning for the new Mexican restaurant on North Third Street. I love Mexican food, patronize the existing Mexican restaurants frequently, and will almost certainly patronize this one on Third Street as well.

  • Don't forget to celebrate Veterans Day

    To the editor:

    Veterans Day was formally Armistice Day, which on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour Great Britain called a truce ending World War I in 1918. Now Veterans Day is to remember and honor those American veterans who serve in all branches of service and all wars.

  • What does being Pro Choice really mean?

    To the editor:

    The year is 2007. A politician says “I’m personally opposed to abortion (WHY?) but it is a choice to be left to the woman, her doctor and her God.” And millions blindly accept this and follow in lockstep never questioning it. Any politician who claims to be against abortion but is “Pro Choice” is spineless and a hypocrite!

  • Reader thankful for New Haven fire's response

    To the editor:

    Concerning a trailer fire, I give the New Haven Fire Department an ‘A’ rating and the Elizabethtown 9-11 an ‘F.’

    The reason for the ‘F’ rating for the Elizabethtown 9-11 is they never did make it to the fire because they were lost. I called 9-11 from a cell phone and I did not know it would go to Elizabethtown, which had to notify Hodgenville EMS which in turn had to call New Haven Fire Department.

    When I called 9-11 I gave them my name and the address of the fire at 2605 Icetown Road.