• Funds for fire victims were donated for one purpose

    To the editor:

    The Mayor might surely feel he’s doing the right thing by placing the donated funds in a trust. Good idea!

    The bad part of his idea is his plan to use these donated funds for other purposes. The funds were not donated for purposes other than to help the survivors of that horrific fire event that snuffed out 10 lives.

    Besides having the victims’ funeral expenses paid, the survivors have a lot of living to do beyond the burials.

    Lives can be made productive if the money in the trust fund is preserved for its intended purpose.

  • The Caring Place thanks United Way

    To the editor:

    As we go through life we are lucky to meet others who make a difference in our lives. United Way of Nelson County is an organization that is filled with those who concentrate their efforts on making a difference in the lives of many. The Caring Place is a 501-3 organization that provides emergency shelter and many other services to women and children whose lives have been affected by domestic violence. We operate through grants, private funding and strong supporters such as The United Way of Nelson County.

  • Community Action, Inc. says thanks

    To the editor:

    The staff of the Central Kentucky Community Action, Inc. and Central Kentucky Senior Corps/RSVP & SCP would like to thank The United Way of Nelson County for its recent generous grant to their programs. Without funding from such civic-minded agencies our work could not continue.

  • Compassionate Friends says thank you

    To the editor:

    The Compassionate Friends of Nelson Count would like to thank The United Way of Nelson County for its very generous donation to our chapter. Your support has helped us reach more than 800 parents in the past, and we hope to help more in the future.

    The Compassionate Friends’ mission is to assist families toward the positive resolution of grief following the death of a child at any age and provide information to help others be supportive. We are grateful to have the support of the United Way of Nelson County.

    Mary Ballard-Boone


  • Reader looking for material on Kentucky

    To the editor:

    Hi. My name is Dawson Hochstetler. I am a fifth grader at Nappanee Elementary. I am doing a state project on Kentucky, and I am in need of newspapers, postcards, pictures, anything about history, famous people, colleges, tourist attractions, and weather.

    Thank you for your time.

    Here is my address if you have any information to help me. Thanks.

    Dawson Hochstetler

    952 East Lincoln St.

    Nappanee, IN 46550

  • Thanks to United Way for recent funds

    To the editor:

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of America’s Second Harvest of Kentucky’s Heartland Food Bank in Elizabethtown I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the United Way and the people of Nelson County for their generous support. With the funding support we receive from the Nelson County United Way we are able to distribute more than 1 million pounds of food and grocery items to our Nelson County member agencies for re-distribution to those in need.

  • Show WHAS-TV we want high-definition channels

    To the editor:High-definition television (HDTV) sets a whole new standard in the field of home entertainment. Yet for the several thousand cable customers served by the City of Bardstown, ABC network programs aired by WHAS TV channel 11 are not available in HD.Why? Pure corporate greed!Every other major television network and its local affiliate has allowed the City of Bardstown to receive and re-transmit their HD signal at no additional cost.And then there is WHAS-TV and its parent company, Belo Corp.

  • Montessori needs your help before it's too late

    To the editor: In celebration of Montessori Education Week, I would like to acknowledge the Nazareth Montessori Children’s Center and Sister Pat Hill for the 35 years of education excellence it has provided to this community. I am a parent of three children who have had the opportunity to experience this wonderful school. My oldest completed the Montessori program in May 2007. I have a kindergartener now completing his third year at Montessori, and a preschooler who is in her first year.

  • Montessori teaches lessons children never forget

    To the editor: Did you know this week is National Montessori Education Week? We are so fortunate to have had Nazareth Montessori Children’s Center in our community for 35 years. What? You don’t know about out Montessori school? Well, it is pretty unusual for a small town like ours to have such a great resource. My older children, now 18 and 19, attended pre-school and kindergarten there and I honestly attribute many of their successes to their time at Montessori and the methods that were introduced to them.

  • Credit is long overdue for basketball coach

    To the editor:

    We live in an era in which everything/everyone is expected to be perfect. All of us know that this isn’t possible. But, if there was a perfect youth basketball coach, it would be David Barnes (eighth-grade boys’ coach at Bardstown Middle School). The constant praise and positive energy that he gives his players is outstanding. Barnes coaches with enthusiasm and heart. Unlike some who yell and scream at every mistake made, Barnes seems to see the positive in every effort, whether right or wrong. Two thumbs up.

    Billy Lyon

    603 Nally Court