• It's time to withdraw the troops from Iraq

    To the editor:

    An Open Letter to President Bush, Senators McConnell and Bunning, and Representative Lewis:

    Twenty-one American soldiers have been killed since I wrote you two weeks ago. This brings the total number of soldiers killed in Iraq to 3,923.

    The estimates of the Iraqi death toll range anywhere from 88,000 to more than 1 million. Even at the low end of the estimate, this is catastrophic.

  • May the spirit of holiday kindness continue

    To the editor:

    The holiday season has passed and so perhaps has some of that spirit of appreciation and kindness that seems to occur between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Fully intending to write this letter during the holidays, I seemed to be a little too busy to get it done, but my thoughts continued to nag at me. Continually on my mind was the idea of how many people we don’t know personally, nevertheless improve the quality of our lives on a daily basis.

  • Rep. Floyd's bill has several holes and flaws

    To the editor:

    In the Jan. 11 Standard, State Representative David Floyd, Republican, attempted to defend his bill encouraging the consumption of an addictive product by teenagers. His argument seems to have two points. First, he argues that it is a matter of justice. If they are old enough to serve in uniform they should be old enough to drink. This is a false argument but if he is concerned about young military members there is a solution that does not threaten public safety or the general welfare.

  • Reader concerned about recent letter to editor

    To the editor:

    I am writing in response to the letter that was on the Opinion page of The Kentucky Standard Friday, Jan. 11, “Attention needs to be brought to serious issue.” The reason I am writing is to let everyone know that I, Jessica Amanda Cammack, sister of Josh and Jake, and daughter of Gene and Theresa Cammack, did not write that letter. I do not know a J.C. Bailey and my family is not related to him. The letter writer was a different Jessica Cammack.

    Jessica Amanda Cammack

    8539 Boston Road


  • Dangerous and curvy road needs to be fixed

    To the editor:

    I am writing this letter because it’s been bothering me a lot about the young man, William Russell, who has been charged with murder of his friend, Josh Williams.

    My granddaughter went to school with these two young men and graduated with them.

  • There are instances of excessive police force

    To the editor:

  • Neighbor did have notice about violation

    To the editor:

    We would like to add some facts to the letter written by Jean Norton. We know it is difficult for some people to adjust from living in isolation to living in the close quarters of a subdivision. In the country, a person has more freedom to do as they please. In a subdivision, people have to consider the way their actions affect others. Restrictions are written for a purpose. Many people choose a subdivision with certain restrictions to protect the value of their property and to keep a pleasant look in the subdivision.

  • Project Grad says thanks for support

    To the editor:

    Nelson County Project Graduation would like to thank the community for its support during the Gas Card Raffle Ticket Sale. The winners of the Dec. 7 drawing include:

    •$200 Gas Card: Allan Thompson, Bardstown.

    •$100 Gas Card: Joe Summit, Bloomfield.

    •$50 Gas Card: Red Peake, Bardstown.

  • Local police officers were just doing their jobs

    To the editor:

    I am writing regarding J.C. Bailey and the cops. Did he steal the TV or not? Most people on probation aren’t out at 5 a.m. How many chances do you need? Why didn’t he stop when the cops told him to stop? Why did he run? So for those who feel sorry for him and his family, what about the cops’ families? The cops were just doing their job.

    Jill Roberts

    197 Shawnee Drive


  • Writer shouldn't be outraged by family's lawsuit

    To the editor:

    I read the letter in The Standard Sunday, Dec. 30, 2007 titled, “We need to take responsibilities for actions.” In this letter the writer expressed not a word of how sorry he is for the fire victims and their families, then declared his outrage with the remainder of the family for filing a lawsuit in an effort to find the cause of such a huge blaze that burned a very large hole through the roof in one area.