• It is time to stop the bleeding and make our country great again like in years past

    To the editor:

    As a child in the ’60s, I recall the atmosphere of the cold war, including the duck and cover nuclear attack drills. It was not unusual to find stores of old canned goods, bottles of water, and other various necessities stashed away in basements. We’d laugh and giggle at our parents’ paranoia taking comfort in the fact that the USA was the Good, the USSR was the Bad and that Good always triumphed. We would draw pictures in class of the Good old USA defeating the Bad old USSR.

  • Reader wishes good luck to Minor Harmon

    To the editor:

    I heard Minor Harmon is retiring. As a retired teacher at Nelson County who has worked with Coach Harmon through the years, I think he has done a phenomenal job for the program.

    I wish him success in life. He will be missed, but as a retired teacher he will enjoy retirement.

    Good luck Minor.

    Ed Carty

    131 Springhill Drive


  • It's time for a change from McConnell politics

    To the editor:

    During this election, there has been much talk about change. Candidates promise that that they are going to be the one who will make the difference, the ones to start the change. It’s important amidst all this rhetoric that we examine closely this potential.

  • Semi-trucks are ruining atmosphere downtown

    To the editor:

    As a fairly new resident of Bardstown, I would like to comment on my view of downtown. We fell in love with Bardstown while searching for a new place to live. The charm of downtown is enticing except for one thing. The calm of the serene setting is constantly broken by the sounds of semi trucks coming through the center of town.

    The noise pollution from these monsters and the chattering of motorcycles interferes with an otherwise charming setting.

  • To the editor:

    To the editor:Wow! Four years in a row! What a tribute to our community. On behalf of Flaget Memorial Hospital, I want to thank our entire community for helping us become one of the 100 Top Hospitals in America again. Very few communities can celebrate making the list even once. To be recognized multiple times is a true tribute to the many people who have dedicated their lives to making Flaget an outstanding community hospital.

  • Teamwork made Taste of Bardstown a hit

    To the editor:

    This year’s “Taste of Bardstown,” was a huge success because of the contributions of a number of local citizens. Half the ticket proceeds will be used to benefit Hospice of Nelson County patients and families. Half will be used by the Bardstown-Nelson County Hospitality Association, which funds programs that help our community.

    Sandra and Charlie Wells, the new owners of the Blue Grass Entertainment and Exposition Complex, donated the use of their facility for the tasting. We are very grateful for their support.

  • David Hall deserves the thanks and praise

    To the editor:

    I was glad to see the thanks and praise given to David Hall as he retires. I feel he has done an outstanding job enforcing rules he didn’t make and was often criticized because of them. He really had a thankless job and I was pleased to see him in a position to take a bow. Job well done, David. Thanks!

    Judith W. Hiss

    The Stone House

    1007 Stone House Ridge


  • Thanks for help with community Easter Egg hunt

    To the editor:

    We would like to thank everyone who helped make the community Easter Egg Hunt here in New Haven, March 22, such a great success. Thanks to all our sponsors: Rolling Fork Iron Horse Festival, Town and Country Bank, Fort Knox Federal, First Federal Savings and Loan, Hometown IGA, DeWitt’s Aluminum, Kentucky Railway Museum and Barbie D’s.

  • Reader concerned about dangerous county road

    To the editor:

    I am writing concerning the Hall Simpson Road.

    There is a break in the road that is getting ready to collapse.

    I have called the Judge Executive’s office, they told me to call the road department. I did but they never called me back. I have reason to believe someone is going to get hurt because one side is breaking off.

    The road is on the Nelson and Marion County line. They both think the other is supposed to fix it. All I know is that we pay our taxes at Bardstown.

  • Reader responds to Gov. Beshear criticism

    To the editor:

    The Kentucky Standard recently published comments from Lacy Coyle-Hatfield questioning why the Governor was not present for a military departure program at Jefferson Middle School in Louisville on Feb. 20.