• Letter: Spalding and Masterson’s effort much appreciated

    To the editor,

    The family of the late Virgil and Celeste Hagan Whelan would like to express our appreciation to Dr. Harry Spalding and Mr. Joe Masterson for their diligent research and work in collecting information regarding our family service men killed while serving in World War II.

    Dr. Harry and Mr. Masterson, along with Judge-Executive Dean Watts, the Nelson County Fiscal Court and  Mr. Richard Nest, American Legion 121,  have prepared a stone monument honoring our deceased servicemen and women to be placed at the downtown Court House Square.

  • NOTES OF THANKS: Buttermilk Festival thanks those who helped make event a success

    To the editor
    On behalf of the Buttermilk Days Festival, we would like to thank all the people, groups and businesses that helped make our 22nd annual Buttermilk Days Festival a tremendous success.  
    First, we must give thanks to the good Lord above for blessing us with outstanding good weather.
    To our Gold Sponsors: LG&E, Toyota-Boshuru, Town & Country Bank and 3D Graphics, City of Bardstown, B-town Nelson County Tourism a special thank you.

  • Letter: City police should consider reserve force

    To the editor,

    I wish to respond to a recent news article in the Standard in reference to overtime pay in the Bardstown Police Department.

    I suggest the city of Bardstown look into the formation of a reserve police force. Large cities, such as Indianapolis and some of the surrounding towns, have used a reserve force to supplement merit officers for public event crowd and traffic control, as well as filling in for officers on vacation or sick leave.

  • Letter: Thank you from the library

    The New Haven Branch of the Nelson County Public Library would like to extend a sincere thank you to all who contributed and visited the Iron Horse Festival Art Show on Sept. 10.

    Nelson County has so much local talent, and we truly enjoy having the opportunity to display the fruits of those talents each year during the festival.  Special thanks go out to Mary Spalding for the use of her easels to display the work, the many artists who volunteered their beautiful work for display, and those who came to support the art show with their patronage.

  • Letter: Thank you for making Prime Time possible
  • Letter: Thank you from St. Monica Church

    We wish to thank everyone who helped make our 2016 Fall Festival a great success. We appreciate the generosity of the merchants who made donations and the support of all who attended and contributed in any way.

    Frances Strange

    St. Monica Parish


  • Letter: Why I support DeWeese

    To the editor,

    We in the 50th state House race are fortunate to have two fine candidates.  A separating issue is the misnamed “right to work.”

    Comparisons of states that have gone red and that have passed this law show these states hurting economically, while states without it prosper. Catholic social justice teaching champions worker’s rights, while “right to work” laws hinder workers from using those rights.

  • Letter: An open letter to the person who stole my Clinton yard sign

    To the editor,

  • Letter: Lydian responds to Royalty on duties of City Council

    To the editor,

    The mayor indicated Oct. 19, in a radio interview, that Bardstown City Council members’ positions are for ordinances and budgets.

    I have fact-checked the comments to included those below.

    I will indicate some KRS laws. There there are many though, so I will not indicate all.

    Power and Duties of the Legislative Body City Council Members — Kentucky League Of Cities City Officials Legal Handbook 2015 Edition

  • Lettetr: How we all feel

    To the editor,

    Billy Joel wrote the most beautiful song that applies directly to how we are all feeling this election season.

    If I were good enough to sing, I would sing it.

    If I could play it, I would play it.

    But I cannot sing or play it , so all I can do is say it.

    Billy wrote and sang: “HONESTY” is such a lonely word.

    Twenty-four/seven, we are exposed to the most severe degrees of untruth rather than being enlightened by the insights of truth and hope.

    Here is how Billy Joel put it: