• Letter: Claim denies Republican history

    Randy Patrick’s July 24 column supporting McConnell’s claim of a century of “principled advocacy” for civil rights and “racial justice” denies the history of the Republicans.

    In their Great Depression, over a million Mexican Americans were forced into Mexico, and it is estimated that over half were U.S. citizens. Cities and states joined the Hoover administration in the purges.

  • Letter: It’s great to have clear vision

    To the editor,

    Just a few words to compliment Drs. Patrick and Piracha and their staffs and the staff of Flaget Memorial Hospital (Marian, Ricky, Aggie, Wendy, Wanda, Emily, Kristen, Mandy, David Sheila, Abby, et al.), for doing such a fine job with my cataract surgery.

    When I had my first cataract removed a year ago, I was apprehensive about having surgery on my eye, but not so this time, knowing that these same folks would be there. It’s great to be able to see clearly again.

    Joseph Dickerson

    Raisor Avenue


  • Letter: Kiwanis support appreciated

    To the Editor:

  • Letter: Thanks for making Summer Reading a success

    The New Haven Branch of the Nelson County Public Library would like to thank the Iron Horse Festival Committee for their generous donation for our Summer Reading Program, AmeriGas for the awesome donation of bikes for our Grand Prize Winners, and Lance Blanford for bringing the Whispering Wheels Party Bus and going above and beyond to make extra sno-cones for our kids on a blistering hot evening.   As always, we thank the City of New Haven for their continued support and airing our programs on channel 4 and The Kentucky Standard for putting our programs in Community Notes.

  • Letter: Whom do you believe?

    It has been alleged that facts that have been released about certain events to the public as being truthful are false. If they can be proven to be false, then we as the public need to take note and act accordingly.

    This comes down to whom do you believe. This situation leaves one wondering how do you separate the wheat from the chaff. We are being hit by a lot of information that can be true as well as false. Propagandists will tell you lies in order to validate there positions. They will also try to withhold the truth from you in order to defend their positions.

  • Letter: Counterbalance for our common good

    Our Current Civic Situation — Would anyone disagree that this year’s United States elections cycle is very … concerning?

  • LETTER: Bad judgement shines again

    To the editor,

    President Obama ordered our American flag be lowered to half staff July 8-12 for the five Dallas Texas police officers killed.

    On July 11, I read in The Kentucky Standard Mayor John Royalty requested the flag be lowered for 12 days to include those officers injured. I was bothered by that and emailed Royalty and provided the Bardstown City Council a copy. I explained to Royalty the meaning of “half staff.”

  • Letter: Cram-a-Cruiser gives students a positive start

    To the editor,

    Nelson County Family Resource and Youth Services Center would like to thank our police and the community for the 2016 Cram-a-Cruiser Campaign. The event helps us get donated school supplies in the hands of the students who need them and gets their school year started off with a positive impact.

  • Letter: ‘The Silent Scream’

    ‘The Silent Scream’

    To the editor,

    We are inundated everywhere by the pro-abortion crowd screeching about their “rights” to murder unborn children (fetuses) they have often conceived by not following God’s laws. The only ones who cannot defend their rights to live, as given by God, are the victims of this heinous butchery, because these innocent babies have no voices, yet that can be heard.

  • Letter: County residents are lucky to have helpful folks

    To the editor,

    A few weeks ago, Farm Bureau agent Adam Wheatley visited my home for insurance purposes. While there, he took notice of a flat tire on my zero-turn mower and offered to fix it. I kept thinking, “Is this guy for real?” Mr. Wheatley removed the tire, drove to Bardstown to have it repaired, then returned a few hours later to replace it. Also, he would not accept payment for his time and labor.