• Letter: Get out and vote

    I’d like to say first this is the most important election in recent times. It is disgusting when only 30 percent voted last year, and look who we ended up with as governor. There is going to be a lot of out-of-state money coming in to influence the outcome of this election. The working and middle class are going to be most affected by this election, so GET OUT AND VOTE!

  • Letter: Tax increases unbearable

    Tax bills are arriving, and I could not believe my eyes as I opened mine. I’ve lived in the same mobile home in Stumps for the last seven years, and tax bills were the same give or take a dollar or two. Not $50 more.

    I am a senior and have no kids in school, and have never used your 911 service. I’ve known people who have, and it takes up to 45 minutes or more than an hour for a police officer and we’re right in town, not 20 miles out. And these roads are awful; they have big holes in them, but good luck getting them fixed.

  • Letter: A new era needed in Bardstown City Hall

    On Sept. 24, Randy Patrick wrote an article where incumbent City Council members thought continuity is good. Before the electorate can decide on that, they must settle on a definition of continuity.

    Continuity is the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time. It is defined as a flow and progression, to ensure that agencies are able to continue performance of essential functions under a broad range of circumstances.

  • Letter: Guns are not needed to do harm

    To the editor,

    I most certainly agree that laws require common sense, but they also require enforcement and awareness to prevent knee-jerk, emotional responses to concerns. 

    There are multiple fallacies in the column regarding this subject that was published Wednesday, Sept. 21.

  • Letter: Debating 101

    In a debate, each side tries to convince you that they are right and the other is wrong.

    The arguments they set forth to convince people that they are right have to be looked at in the light of their actions or in actions of that person in their recent past history, and this is especially true if they have already held a position in our government. This is very important because they are asking to be put in the position of leadership of our nation.

  • Letter: In response to an opinion about cyclists ...

    To the editor,

    I’d like to respond to one of your opinion articles with this:

    Dear Bonnie K. Nalley,

    I’d like to respond to your comments about cyclists. I nearly didn’t because it clearly won’t change your mind.

    I’ll just say this. If your son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter gets run over, robbed, in an auto accident, gets cancer, or drowns, I hope no one says, “So they had a few injuries ... Maybe they were asking for it.”

  • Letter: Learn as much as you can about Lyme Disease

    The Kentucky Lyme Disease Association would like to thank Gene Culver for warning readers about Zika and tick-borne diseases. We must add a few important facts that most people don’t know.

    We are endemic for Lyme disease right here in Kentucky. We are constantly getting contacted by patients. Lyme is not what you think it is. If you are treated in Kentucky, you need to reach out to us to be sure you received enough treatment, or it will come right back.

  • Letter: Where is Crystal Rogers?

    As you drive around Bardstown and Nelson County, you still see a lot of signs for Crystal Rogers even after a year has gone by. People in the community still wear shirts with Crystal’s name on it to support her.

  • Letter: Justice for Crystal Rogers

    Crystal Rogers was a beautiful person with five wonderful children. Crystal had a big personality full of life. Her smile would always light up a room no matter where you saw her. No matter how bad you felt, Crystal was there to cheer you up. She was one of those special people that had a big heart that was so noticeable.

    The Nelson County sheriff and other officials continue to work hard on Crystal’s case, and I do believe they will solve it. The sheriff has also named a suspect in this community.

  • Letter: About the OKH cyclists

    They were very much in everyone’s way. Our own citizens couldn’t even move an inch or two because of them.

    So five of them had a few injuries Sunday morning. Maybe they were asking for it.

    I say get them out of our way — let them ride at Bernheim or some other park, out of the way of our traffic.

    Bonnie K. Nalley