• Letter: Why I support DeWeese

    To the editor,

    We in the 50th state House race are fortunate to have two fine candidates.  A separating issue is the misnamed “right to work.”

    Comparisons of states that have gone red and that have passed this law show these states hurting economically, while states without it prosper. Catholic social justice teaching champions worker’s rights, while “right to work” laws hinder workers from using those rights.

  • Letter: An open letter to the person who stole my Clinton yard sign

    To the editor,

  • Letter: Lydian responds to Royalty on duties of City Council

    To the editor,

    The mayor indicated Oct. 19, in a radio interview, that Bardstown City Council members’ positions are for ordinances and budgets.

    I have fact-checked the comments to included those below.

    I will indicate some KRS laws. There there are many though, so I will not indicate all.

    Power and Duties of the Legislative Body City Council Members — Kentucky League Of Cities City Officials Legal Handbook 2015 Edition

  • Lettetr: How we all feel

    To the editor,

    Billy Joel wrote the most beautiful song that applies directly to how we are all feeling this election season.

    If I were good enough to sing, I would sing it.

    If I could play it, I would play it.

    But I cannot sing or play it , so all I can do is say it.

    Billy wrote and sang: “HONESTY” is such a lonely word.

    Twenty-four/seven, we are exposed to the most severe degrees of untruth rather than being enlightened by the insights of truth and hope.

    Here is how Billy Joel put it:

  • Letter: McCoy will serve us well as representative

    To the editor,

    As a lifelong Democrat, I have never taken up the pen (or turned to the keyboard) to proclaim my support for any candidate, let alone a Republican. Perhaps that is because I have never known a candidate as well as I know Chad McCoy.

  • Letter: Williams represents the community well

    To the editor,

    On Nov. 8, Bardstown voters will go to the polls to make some important national, state, and local decisions. After reviewing the local candidates, who are running for our City Council, I have determined that there are quite a few who are qualified. While the jury is still out on my completed ballot, I have decided on at least one candidate.

    It is my pleasure to endorse R. “Coach Roe” Williams for re-election to the Bardstown City Council.

  • Letter: New City Council could help rebuild confidence

    To the editor,

    On Nov. 8, Bardstown residents, along with others throughout the United States, will go to the polls to vote their hopes and visions for the coming years. Bardstown residents have an added responsibility: to use their vote to send a message to the council members and the mayor that the behavior of the past two years will not be tolerated.

    I settled in Bardstown later in life, drawn to the town aptly named the most beautiful small town in America, looking for peace, gentility and civility after years in Washington.

  • Letter: Dones is what Bardstown City Council needs

    To the editor,

    As the citizens of Bardstown are carefully considering for whom they would like to vote for City Council this November, I hope you’ll indulge me as I tell you about my friend, David Dones.

    He would never toot his own horn, because aggrandizement is against his nature. So I will gladly do it for him.

  • Letter: Higdon endorses Chad McCoy

    To the editor,

    It has been a great journey sewing with state Rep. David Floyd.

    David has served Nelson County with distinction for 12 years, and it has been a great honor to serve with him.

    As David serves his final days in office, we must elect his successor. I support and endorse Chad McCoy for state representative. I have gotten to know Chad over the past several years, and see great potential in him as a leader and public servant.

  • Letter: Regarding the trailer and Mattingly

    To the editor,

    McKenzie Mattingly has served in the military.

    The military labels all their rolling vehicles and equipment such as generators, forklifts, trailers, etc., with their organizational name.

    Police and fire departments do the same.

    The so-called “found trailer” should have never left the police parking lot because it did not belong to the Police Department.

    Barbara J. Werner