• Letter: A taxpayer’s wasted breath
  • Letter: It’s a sad day when we aren’t listened to

    Today I received a letter in the mail from Mr. Milt Spalding, Interim Dispatch Director of the Nelson County E911 Dispatch Center advising me that my address is going to be changed without my approval or the approval of my neighbors. I have spoken to Mrs. Debbie Carter and have emailed the Sheriffs Department, the county attorney and the judge-executive. 

  • Letter: Trump for me

    To the editor,

    Hillary Clinton has been in Washington and helped make the problems worse. Therefore the voters should give Donald Trump the chance to do better.

    Kenneth L. Carney


  • Letter: Concert much appreciated

    On Aug. 13, Troy Dennison allowed Andrew Newton to play at 3rd Street Tap House to raise money and awareness for the Arthritis Foundation. The event was a huge success for Team Kylie. With the help of these men and the amazing turn out that Saturday night, Team Kylie raised more than $1,000.

    Kylie was diagnosed with Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in November 2015. Since then, we have worked hard to spread awareness and fundraise for the Arthritis Foundation.

  • Letter: Thank you for your support

    I would like to offer a sincere thank you to all those who have supported me and my family during the last few months.

    When I resigned from the Police Department, I did so under no disciplinary action or investigation. As an officer of 17 years, I have a very good reputation and history. I was simply put into an impossible situation, which would not have worked.

    With the support of my wife, friends and some colleagues, I chose to leave.

  • Letter: Thanks to all involved in Men’s Club Golf Scramble

    The St. Joseph’s Men’s Club would like to thank all of the players, sponsors and donors of their golf scramble, held at Maywood Golf Club Aug. 14. We appreciate your generous gifts and all of your donations. They enable us to continue our support of St. Joseph Elementary and Bethlehem school projects, as well as St. Vincent de Paul and other projects within St. Joseph’s parish.

  • Letter: It’s great to be able to give back to those who give of themselves 

    e to focus on things that matter without having to be complicated by politics.

    Given the news, there are a lot of issues facing America which need to be addressed by the people on the local, community, state and national levels. While many of us cannot influence that larger conversation, we can impact how we show respect to others.

  • Letter: Claim denies Republican history

    Randy Patrick’s July 24 column supporting McConnell’s claim of a century of “principled advocacy” for civil rights and “racial justice” denies the history of the Republicans.

    In their Great Depression, over a million Mexican Americans were forced into Mexico, and it is estimated that over half were U.S. citizens. Cities and states joined the Hoover administration in the purges.

  • Letter: It’s great to have clear vision

    To the editor,

    Just a few words to compliment Drs. Patrick and Piracha and their staffs and the staff of Flaget Memorial Hospital (Marian, Ricky, Aggie, Wendy, Wanda, Emily, Kristen, Mandy, David Sheila, Abby, et al.), for doing such a fine job with my cataract surgery.

    When I had my first cataract removed a year ago, I was apprehensive about having surgery on my eye, but not so this time, knowing that these same folks would be there. It’s great to be able to see clearly again.

    Joseph Dickerson

    Raisor Avenue


  • Letter: Kiwanis support appreciated

    To the Editor: