• Letter: You could have stopped

    To the person driving the white Ford Edge SUV on Templin Ave. Jan. 23, you hit my dog, and yes, she died. It was my fault she got out of my yard but I was out looking for her when you hit her. You could have at least stopped.

    I’m just glad I don’t know you.

    Ruth Hicks


  • READERS' VIEWS: Pick up litter to help keep our community, and your area, clean

    To the editor,
    Kentucky is a beautiful state, and Bardstown and Nelson County have some of the loveliest scenery. One thing that detracts from the charm is the litter seen along the roads leading into Bardstown and in its shopping centers. A major eyesore is the area around the National Guard, Goodwill and the Kroger parking lot.
    Who is responsible for keeping these areas clean?
    Kentucky has laws against littering, and I would think the city and county have ordinances as well. If not, maybe the new City Council could work on this.

  • NOTES OF THANKS: A salute to those who helped with food baskets

    We at the American Legion Post 121 would like to give a special thanks to the members of the community for their support.
    A special thanks to the members of the post for helping us raise money to support these activities.
    We were able to help 141 needy families and vets.

  • Letter: School board member should be more understanding

    To the editor,

    This letter is to address comments made by Nelson County school board member Rebekah McGuire-Dye at the recent school board meeting. Mrs. Dye, I take offense to your assessments and comment about the lack of attendance and participation in your after-school programs in New Haven. You must think that everyone is like you and has lots of time to go to school anytime someone asks.

  • Letter: Perpetuating the lie

    The article “Not your typical rock show” could have been a perfectly written article. However, it had false information in it that evolutionists have been brainwashing our children with for decades.

    The Clovis people were not here 12,000 to 20,000 years ago. The earth being only approximately 6,000 years old proves that.

  • LETTER: Kentucky Chamber thanks Higdon

    To the editor,

    The Kentucky Chamber applauds Senate Majority Whip Jimmy Higdon on his leadership to make right-to-work legislation a reality during the first week of the 2017 General Assembly, ensuring Kentucky is a state where businesses want to locate.

  • Letter: Help Tackle Hunger at the Souper Bowl of Caring

    Hunger affects 48 million Americans. In that drastic figure, 15 million children and seven million seniors do not have enough food on their tables.

    In Kentucky, one in six of our neighbors is affected by hunger.

    Right here in Nelson County, there is a 18 percent poverty rate.

    These staggering statistics prove there is still much to do to help feed our nation.

  • Letter: Thanks for admission breaks

    Thumbs up to St. Joe and St. Gregory on their admission fees to the kids’ basketball games. Both schools give a reduced price for senior citizens ages 60 and older. The price is reduced for students also.

    Thank you for your generosity and maybe a little hardship considering you possibly taking a loss at the door to pay the referees. It sure helps when families are supporting their kids and have a large family also.

    Also, some families go to two-plus games on the weekend or during the week. New Haven school gives a student fee also.

  • Letter: FAKH impact made possible by volunteers

    To the editor,

    Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland would like to pass along a special thank you to everyone who volunteered with us during 2016. Your efforts to help us fight hunger made a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of struggling Kentuckians throughout our region.

  • Letters: Fake news didn’t do the damage

    In her article “We perceive Castro and Cuba through a filter,” Nelda Moore claims that the news we are exposed to has filters, and “we should have seen that in our last (election).”