• Letter: Learn as much as you can about Lyme Disease

    The Kentucky Lyme Disease Association would like to thank Gene Culver for warning readers about Zika and tick-borne diseases. We must add a few important facts that most people don’t know.

    We are endemic for Lyme disease right here in Kentucky. We are constantly getting contacted by patients. Lyme is not what you think it is. If you are treated in Kentucky, you need to reach out to us to be sure you received enough treatment, or it will come right back.

  • Letter: Where is Crystal Rogers?

    As you drive around Bardstown and Nelson County, you still see a lot of signs for Crystal Rogers even after a year has gone by. People in the community still wear shirts with Crystal’s name on it to support her.

  • Letter: Justice for Crystal Rogers

    Crystal Rogers was a beautiful person with five wonderful children. Crystal had a big personality full of life. Her smile would always light up a room no matter where you saw her. No matter how bad you felt, Crystal was there to cheer you up. She was one of those special people that had a big heart that was so noticeable.

    The Nelson County sheriff and other officials continue to work hard on Crystal’s case, and I do believe they will solve it. The sheriff has also named a suspect in this community.

  • Letter: About the OKH cyclists

    They were very much in everyone’s way. Our own citizens couldn’t even move an inch or two because of them.

    So five of them had a few injuries Sunday morning. Maybe they were asking for it.

    I say get them out of our way — let them ride at Bernheim or some other park, out of the way of our traffic.

    Bonnie K. Nalley


  • Letter: Thanks from the Kentucky Bourbon Bears

    The Kentucky Bourbon Bears, a 501(c)(3) community service organization based in Lexington, with membership nationwide, would like to thank the Bardstown merchants who have generously donated to our causes for charity over the past year. 

    Through your donations, The Kentucky Bourbon Bears have been able to provide over 10,000 meals through Moveable Feast. 

  • Letter: Nelson County prophet

    Thanks to Joe Zarantonello, who in his own inimitable way, brings a prophetic touch to his deeply felt beliefs. This was illustrated so convincingly in Viewpoints, “The Great Turning” (The Kentucky Standard Sept. 9).

    Joe is not unlike the Jewish prophets of old, or the Christian prophets of the past two millennia, or the numerous prophets with no religious label.

  • Letter: A taxpayer’s wasted breath
  • Letter: It’s a sad day when we aren’t listened to

    Today I received a letter in the mail from Mr. Milt Spalding, Interim Dispatch Director of the Nelson County E911 Dispatch Center advising me that my address is going to be changed without my approval or the approval of my neighbors. I have spoken to Mrs. Debbie Carter and have emailed the Sheriffs Department, the county attorney and the judge-executive. 

  • Letter: Trump for me

    To the editor,

    Hillary Clinton has been in Washington and helped make the problems worse. Therefore the voters should give Donald Trump the chance to do better.

    Kenneth L. Carney


  • Letter: Concert much appreciated

    On Aug. 13, Troy Dennison allowed Andrew Newton to play at 3rd Street Tap House to raise money and awareness for the Arthritis Foundation. The event was a huge success for Team Kylie. With the help of these men and the amazing turn out that Saturday night, Team Kylie raised more than $1,000.

    Kylie was diagnosed with Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in November 2015. Since then, we have worked hard to spread awareness and fundraise for the Arthritis Foundation.