• READERS’ VIEWS: Oct. 31, 2014

    Front page story

    To the editor,

    Curious as to why your headline “Floyd did vote for pension liability fund” did not include “before he voted against it.” I certainly want a legislator who can make up her mind and know what she’s voting for and why! I’m sure she can read 88 pages in 1/2 hour as well. Please vote for Audrey Haydon!

    Brenda H Cecil

    110 Creel Lane


    Endorsing Floyd

    To the editor,

  • READER'S VIEW: Lear always accessible

    As a resident of the Fourth District here in Nelson County, I would like to say how much I appreciate my magistrate, Mr. Jeff Lear.

    He has always been readily accessible by phone, e-mail and in person, and he truly takes the time to listen to his constituents.

    Mr. Lear understands the joys and challenges faced by those of us who earn our living in the rural parts of Nelson County, as well as the complexities of making a living in the city — two wonderful attributes to have in a member of the fiscal court.

  • READER'S VIEW: Hutchins not true conservative

    I received the “Tim Hutchins for Nelson County Judge Executive” flier in the mail yesterday.

    After reading both sides of his flier, it is apparent that Mr. Hutchins is not quite “the only true conservative” in the race. As a matter of fact, I do not believe he is conservative at all. He wants to get spending under control, i.e the $600,000 overtime pay, $300,000 subsidy for ambulance service and $1 million to subsidize the jail, to name a few of his examples, which could definitely be argued about.

    But, hey, it sounds great!

  • READER'S VIEW: Re-elect Jeff Lear 4th District Magistrate

    I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your vote to re-elect Jeff Lear.

    He has proven himself to be a dedicated, responsible representative for the 4th District.

  • READER'S VIEW: Floyd a man of integrity
  • READER'S VIEW: Media frenzy or much ado about nothing?

    A candidate for governor in Florida wouldn’t come out for a debate because his opponent was given a fan under his podium. Bizarre? Sure, but no stranger than the media frenzy over a candidate for U.S. Senate in Kentucky standing up for her constitutional rights.

  • READER'S VIEW: Time to hire someone new

    Would you continue to hire someone who is paid for three months’ work and works 10 days? He takes a break, just as two crisis situations are developing. He uses your money to pay people, part of whose job is to make him look good. He also uses your money to tell you how great he is with franked mailings. The one you’ve hired also whines continually about problems that he blames on another, when he shares responsibility, too.

    This person is extremely confident that you will rehire him. The polls all say that you will. The gerrymander helps assure it, too.

  • READERS’ VIEWS: Oct. 26, 2014

    To the editor,

    On Nov. 4, we are going to vote for our dad, Tim Hutchins, for Nelson County judge-executive.

    From personal to professional decisions, Dad made the choices because they were his and not some special group’s. We did not always agree with him, but we always knew where he was coming from.

    Dad has a vision and a plan for the future of this county. We know our dad will do his best in making his vision come true for all of us.

  • READERS’ VIEWS: Oct. 24, 2014

    Four years ago I made the decision to run for mayor of Bardstown. My interest in running for mayor was to have a business-friendly mayor who could bridge the gap between city government and our local business community with an open door policy, also to keep the historical significance of our city and its image as a top priority.

    In light of many things that have transpired over the last four years, I believe our city needs a change in leadership now more than ever.

  • READERS’ VIEWS: Oct. 24, 2014

    As a young lady growing up in Nelson County many years ago, I have seen a lot of changes over the years — mostly over the past few years. I believe we have gone from a county that used to feel safe to one where we now keep our doors locked while at home.

    I have always wanted the very best for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. That best is not having a horrible drug problem. It’s not enough that three people have been murdered in the last couple of years and the killer or killers remain at large.