• READERS’ VIEWS: July 3, 2015

    This letter is in reference to a viewpoint piece entitled “Do we need county fire service, or do we not?” 

    The answer is “Yes ... we do.”

    I spent 27 years responding to the farthest reaches of the corporation’s district and have saved plenty of lives and property. 

    What needs to be in the forefront of everyone’s thoughts is life safety! 

  • NOTES OF THANKS: July 3, 2015
  • READERS’ VIEWS: July 1, 2015

    Kentucky has the worst funded state employee public pension plan in the nation – KERS-Non-Hazardous (KERS-NH.) A recent asset/liability study found that KERS-NH is severely stressed and could be decimated in an economic downturn. This information was presented to the Kentucky Public Pension Oversight Board, on which Sen. Jimmy Higdon serves, at a meeting on 6/1/2015. I attended this meeting along with other concerned state retirees.

  • READERS’ VIEWS: July 1, 2015

    Commissioner Comer,

  • NOTE OF THANKS: Charter fire member would be disappointed with recent developments

    We just wanted to thank you and the editorial board for the article in the June 7 paper concerning the fire department. I’m not sure if you know this, but our late father, Arch Pendergrass, was the fire chief for many years and was instrumental in setting up the corporation.

    He was highly respected in this community and made the department one of the best in the state. If you ask anyone about him, you will find that he would have been very disappointed in the way this situation was handled.

  • NOTES OF THANKS: June 24, 2015

    To the editor,

    Girl Scout Troop 550 would like to thank everyone who attended the second annual Desserts First Event at Bardstown Baptist Church on May 30.

    A special thanks to Bardstown Baptist Church for hosting the event, to the chefs for creating delicious confections and to Sonic for providing to go boxes for desserts.

    Leslie Kulig

    Girl Scout 550 Troop Leader

    1744 Sullivan Lane

  • NOTES OF THANKS: June 24, 2015

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank United Way for its support to Team Up! Family Resource and Youth Services Center.

    Our center serves the students and families that attend Foster Heights, Cox’s Creek Elementary Schools and Old Kentucky Home Middle School.

  • READERS’ VIEWS: June 24, 2015

    To the editor,

    In the June 7 edition, Scott Mattingly wrote a very nice account of the corporation side of this fire department uproar that the mayor has caused.

    In a couple of issues back, the mayor gave his version, trying his best to explain this mad rush to push out the corporation.

  • READERS’ VIEWS: June 24, 2015

    To the editor,

    Your editorial on the city budget provoked some thought and caused me to actually review the budget to determine where the money comes from and how it is being spent.

    William Lowndes, a 17th century politician, is credited with coining “Take care of the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves.”

  • READERS' VIEWS: Mayor should get paid more

    Yes, I agree that the mayor should get more than he is paid. He works much harder and longer hours than a lot of people who make what he does.

    Some of these people don’t actually work 30 hours per week.

    Sharon Vandusen
    158 Slate Run