• LETTER: Clinic thankful for Flaget donations

    To the editor,
    The Nelson County Community Clinic wishes to thank Flaget Memorial Hospital for its generous donation of $12,500. A thank you also goes to the Flaget Memorial Hospital medical staff for their generous donation of $5,000.
    Patients who come into the emergency department and have no insurance are referred to NCCC. Numerous staff members from  the hospital volunteer at the clinic. The clinic has a great relationship with Flaget. We both want to keep patients out of the emergency department and we want patients to be compliant with care.

  • LETTER: Keillor column much appreciated

    To the editor,
    Thank you from the bottom of this Minnesota transplant’s heart for featuring Garrison Keillor’s column in your Sunday editions. It’s the first thing I read each Sunday morning.
    His thoughtful and thought-provoking messages have been sorely missed, and I look forward to seeing his column in your newspaper for a long time to come.
    Linda Smith

  • LETTER: Thank you, city council

    To the editor,
    We have a great City Council.
    Maybe Mr. John Royalty will now understand. He is not always right and cannot continue to make his own rules. He is not God.
    I’m so glad that the council is speaking up. Ms. Kecia Copeland has had a hard time because of the mayor. Maybe he will see in time that he is not right for a change. This council will see to it.
    I can’t believe he claims he is victim of racial bias!

  • Letter: Charters — gravy train for investors

    To the editor,

    Since many states have tried charter schools, we have multiple sources of information about them. I have done a lot of research about these schools, and have found that in most cases they have not been as successful as our public schools; at best, some have been as successful as our present system. The few that have been more successful tend to turn away students who are not succeeding.

  • LETTER: Bill creates no added ‘burdens or costs’

    To the editor,

    As expected whenever one sees an anti-gun opinion article in today’s media, that article is full of false assumptions, false facts and emotionalism.

    To begin with, the entire article clearly makes the insulting assumption that those (proven) honest citizens who obtain concealed carry permits are dangerous, incompetent, malevolent, or all three.

  • LETTER: Tell me about Kentucky

    Dear people of the great state of Kentucky,

    Hello! I am a third-grade student in Northern Virginia. In third grade, we do state reports, and l have chosen your state. I am very excited to learn more about the great state of Kentucky as I work on my report.

    Most of the information that we get for our reports will be from books and websites. We also like to get information from people who live in the state, too.

  • Letter: Thanks for help with Chocolate Extravaganza

    The New Life Center would like to sincerely thank the following for their contribution to a most successful Chocolate Extravaganza:

  • Letter: SB 10 would make Kentucky more connected, competitive

    To the editor,

    The vast majority of today’s businesses and consumers utilize innovative services such as wireless and broadband — so why is Kentucky still forcing  companies to invest in outdated, nearly obsolete technologies?

    Senate Bill 10 would give telecom providers the freedom to allocate their resources as they see fit. For most, this means investing in the 21st century technologies that Kentuckians have come to rely on.

  • Letter: Bevin was trying to be nice

    To the editor,

    I must say that I agree with the Al Cross column printed in the Feb. 19 paper.

    Gov. Bevin should have been more clear with all Kentucky taxpayers about the situation with the Kentucky retirement system. He should have been clear that it is some $82 billion, with a b, in the hole. He should have also been more clear as to why the retirement system is in such bad shape.

    Are you ready for some cold hard facts?

  • Letter: Archery team appreciates support after theft

    The All Saints Archery Team, their families and St. Gregory and St. Joseph Schools would like to extend their sincere appreciation to all those who have supported our program after the recent theft of our archery trailer. 

    The outpouring of support has truly been overwhelming and, while we could never personally thank everyone, we appreciate all those who have helped us get back on track in our preparation for our regional tournament and the rest of the season.