• LETTER: Local dispatchers deserve appreciation for hard jobs

    Our dispatchers deserve respect. I was a dispatcher for Bardstown-Nelson County Police, Fire, Sheriff and EMS in the late 1980s.

    I know what they deal with every call. To say they are the “worst they could be” by a certain councilman who has never been in their shoes is absurd.

  • LETTER: Dispatching director deserves more respect

    I take exception to Mayor John Royalty’s letter to the Kentucky State Police as quoted in the April 27 Kentucky Standard that stated, among other issues, that the joint city/county dispatch operations are not “properly supervised.”

  • LETTER: Tree of liberty stands strangled

    The crumbling of our current infrastructure reaches beyond the plight of roads, bridges and dams. The Constitution when written was designed for 13 agricultural regions. A design that held true for hundreds of years. The 13 agricultural regions have turned into 50 states. Variations in thoughts, ideas and beliefs are so diverse, so polarized. It may be time that we look at the foundations of this republic.


    Show up in protest Tuesday
    To all the citizens of Bardstown and Nelson County, you have another opportunity to show you matter, and the situation that we all are dealing with in our community needs to stop and change. We need to show our presence at every City Council meeting until John Royalty steps down or is forced out. He secretly asked for a proposal for Kentucky State Police to handle emergency dispatch, which would cause the current employees to lose their jobs and  benefits. Best Small Town in America? Not anymore, huh?

  • READERS' VIEWS: April 29, 2016

    To the editor,

    It would appear the only area where the City of Bardstown is interested in saving money is with the Dispatch Center.

    • The mayor of Bardstown doesn’t want to “farm nothing out,” except to pay Kentucky State Police to perform the call taking and dispatching services for the Bardstown police and fire departments.

  • NOTES OF THANKS: April 27, 2016

    I want to thank the nearly 390 people who attended the Bourbon and Bubbles benefit gala held at the Guthrie Opportunity Center in Bardstown on April 16. This was the fifth annual event to raise money to benefit the programs and clients of Nelson County Industries.

  • READERS' VIEWS: April 27, 2016

    o the residents of Nelson County,

    If you live in Central Kentucky ,there is a good chance that your family has had some connection with the Dominican Sisters at St. Catharine. After all, the family names of some of our founding sisters:  Carrico, Hill, Boone, Sansbury and Johnson, are still common in these parts.

  • Royalty: An Open Letter to the Citizens of Bardstown

    To the people of Bardstown, I am aware of your concerns and know that many of you are confused about all that has happened with the changes in Police Department recently.  Many of you are in the dark on what has gone on and why it was necessary.  That is unfortunate, but I do not believe in airing our dirty laundry in the public and I am also constrained by law and other personnel regulations from going into depth on the reasons for some of the actions I have taken. 

  • READERS' VIEWS: April 22, 2016

    Be aware of Lyme disease

    To the editor,

  • NOTES OF THANKS: April 20, 2016

    The Nelson County Community Clinic Board of Directors, patients, and volunteer staff wish to sincerely thank the Tri-County United Way for the generous $14,500 grant. 

    The funds will be used to cover medical and dental supplies for patients and prescription medications for the working uninsured residents of Nelson County.