• Letter: Why should you recycle?

    To the editor,

    Here are a couple of questions to the readers out there.

    How many of you recycle? Do you know that we have a recycle center in Bardstown? If you don’t currently recycle, let me list a few good reasons why all of us should:

    • It saves tax dollars.

    • It reduces energy costs.

    • It conserves national resources, such as all our beautiful trees.

    • It reduces nasty pollution.

  • Letter: Hats off to Hagan and the GO Center

    I applaud the GO Center. Hats off to Rick Hagan!

    I would like to thank and congratulate Rick for a job well done. As I am in the process of moving to another state, I have been exceptionally busy packing out a house and life here, as well as working as much as I can before I leave.

    On two occasions, friends have brought meals from the Guthrie Opportunity crew of GO meals, and they have been fabulous in flavor, presentation and nutrition that is much needed to keep my energy up for all that needs to get done.

  • Letter: Traffic signals need enforcing

    For the life of me, I do not understand what gives Nelson County, and yes, other counties, drivers the right to ignore traffic lights and stop signs within the city limits. Is it due to the lack of police patrol, or is it that the police ignore the violations?

    This morning, I witnessed one particular van go through three stop lights on Ky. 245. I was in front of her. It didn’t faze her.

  • Letter: GO Center worth supporting

    I stopped by the Guthrie Opportunity Center and picked up my lunch, and I would just like to compliment the staff on their new program, On The GO Foods. Besides the tasty meal, it is also a great opportunity to show appreciation to a wonderful organization.

    I encourage everyone in the community to support this worthwhile endeavor while supporting the individuals who are working to make this program a success. We, the people of Nelson County, should consider ourselves fortunate to have such an outstanding program in our community.

    Field Houghlin

  • Letter: Who is the true villain?

    The illusion of prevention through prohibition revealed itself on the front page of The Kentucky Standard, which adopted the Lexington Herald-Leader’s editorial, “Is heroin illegal?” One thousand, two hundred forty-eight heroin deaths just in Kentucky! How many yearly nationwide from this outlawed substance? How many die from drunk driving? Should we outlaw alcohol? It worked so well before.

  • NOTES OF THANKS: St. Catherine picnic was a great success

    On behalf of the parishioners of St. Catherine Parish, the Picnic Committee would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who in any way supported our parish picnic on June 4.

    Despite a late-afternoon downpour, the picnic was a great success. Preliminary reports indicate that we may possibly meet or even exceed the budgeted numbers.

    The lucky raffle winners were:

    $2,000 – Suzanne Levonian

    $1,000 – Faye Linton

    $500 – Donnie Smith

  • READERS' VIEWS: Mayor Royalty wants it his way or not at all

    To the editor,

    I agree again with your reader Barbara J.W.’s letter about Mayor John Royalty.

    I voted for him because of his speech about an open-door policy and keeping the council informed. He not only does not do as he said, he only does what he wants without listening to the council, except for two.

    Barbara is correct about November.

    Bardstown has a reputation now that is not good. Let’s hope that, with our next mayor, Bardstown will have a town like we know and love, and others will enjoy coming here to live and work.

  • Letter: Make sure pets receive adequate care

    To the editor,

    Hot weather is upon us, and with the rise in temperatures comes much suffering for animals.

  • Letter: Thanks to leaders from 1966

    To the editor,

    This letter is to remind everyone of the courage shown by elected leaders a half century ago. On July 1, 1966, the Civil Rights Act passed by the Kentucky Legislature in January of that same year went into effect. Kentucky was the first Southern state to pass such legislation. Furthermore, Bardstown showed itself to be truly beautiful when it became the first city to adopt a civil rights ordinance.

  • Letter: Handicap parking: Is it all smoke and mirrors?

    I recently stopped by our local Kroger store in Bardstown and noticed a woman unloading a wheelchair and helping an elderly man ease into it. They were parked about halfway down the lot toward the fuel station because the handicap spots were all taken.