• Editorial: New Relay for Life needs strong support

    Last month’s Nelson County Relay for Life reversed a five-year trend in year-over-year declines in the amount of money raised for the American Cancer Society. It was also the first year the event was shortened and staged at the Nelson County Fairgrounds rather than the Bardstown High School track.

  • Editorial: Advice for the class of 2017

    More than 700 local high school seniors have either already graduated earlier this month or will be doing so tomorrow. Every year, there is a new class of graduates who enjoy the pomp and circumstance as affirmation of their hard work over the last 13 years. They reflect on their pasts while basking in their accomplishments as they walk across that stage to share one last, special moment with their classmates. And once they cross that stage, it’s as if a new set of wings that’s eager to fly suddenly appears. So we have some words of advice to our new graduates.

  • EDITORIAL: All involved in NCS issues should take responsibility

    Mercifully, a tumultuous school year at Old Kentucky Home Middle School has come to an end.

    And while outraged parents and teachers can breathe a sigh of relief that this local nightmare has ended, it’s only temporary. In just two short months, another school year begins, and it has become hard to imagine that a two-month cooling off period will completely bring an end to the frequently out-of-control student behavior, punctuated with routine reports of student-on-student and student-on-teacher violence.

  • EDITORIAL: Tomorrow, relax and celebrate, but remember
  • Editorial: Local support keeps Flaget strong

    When KentuckyOne Health announced plans earlier this month to put a large part of their operations on the block, there was a local sigh of relief that Flaget Memorial Hospital was not on the list.

    It is no secret that KentuckyOne has been hemorrhaging money, primarily at the facilities centered around Louisville, including Jewish Hospital. In contrast, Flaget Memorial has been in the black pretty much from when it was founded in 1951 by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

  • Editorial: Time to embrace renewable energy
  • Editorial: Hiring investigators a good move; hope is for answers, closure

    Anniversaries usually are a time for celebration.

    But in the past four years, certain anniversaries have become more an occasion for solemn remembrances and self-exploration of the five unsolved murders hanging over our community’s collective heads.

  • Editorial: Save the snark

    The recent shooting death of a Bardstown teenager over what allegedly was a penny-ante amount of drugs and cash is a sad tragedy, one our community has unfortunately had to become far more accustomed to than we would like.

  • Editorial: News delivery has changed over past two decades, but core values persist

    Twenty years ago this month, The Kentucky Standard launched its first website.

    Little did the decision-makers at the local community paper realize just how different this new era would be for the news industry, both on the national level and the local levels. The Standard was one of the earliest community newspapers to dip its toe online.

  • Editorial: Easy answers often elude when senseless tragedy strikes

    A boy is dead over, if what media reports are correct, about $10 worth of pot.

    The community is justified to ask, how does something like this happen?

    Violence related to drugs is nothing new, even in small towns like Bardstown. But this is not your “typical” drug violence.

    Police say Cameron Williamson was shot and killed during a planned early morning robbery Monday. They believe the four suspects planned to lure the 17-year-old boy under the premise they wanted to buy some marijuana from him, then spring the ambush on him.