• Editorial: Decision should offer balance between history and present reality

    Bardstown is not Williamsburg, Va.

    We are an honest-to-goodness, functioning community with real residents who purchase gasoline, beer and lottery tickets. We are also a famously charming town with an almost 50-year-old Historic District Overlay ordinance. It was the first of its kind in Kentucky and among the first in the country.

  • EDITORIAL: We should see past the uniforms to the people

    When one witnesses the men and women trained to protect the public in action, it is easy to admire their professionalism and willingness to place themselves in harm’s way.

    Those qualities were on full display Friday morning, as police responded to a 911 call in which a woman requested protection from an ex-boyfriend who was following her in her car.

    When police made contact with the suspect, Tyran Jenkins, he intentionally struck the woman’s car and led police on a chase down Bloomfield Road.

  • Editorial: Higdon’s leadership role benefits constituents

    Nelson County’s state senator, Jimmy Higdon, R-Lebanon, will remain the Senate majority whip for the 2017-2018 Kentucky General Assembly sessions.

  • Editorial: Brown’s work ethic impacted many lives

    One common trait of people who obtain success in any field is the possession of a work ethic. Former Bardstown Mayor Bill Brown is a good example of someone who was always driven to do his absolute best, whatever the task.

    We inherit that trait mostly from our parents, but in Bill’s case, it is likely that a good part of his positive attitude concerning work came from his uncle, Joe Hurst, as he toiled seven years at the downtown Joe Hurst Restaurant while attending school.

  • Editorial: Working to prevent diabetes is giving yourself the gift of good health

    Imagine contracting a disease that could affect many of your vital organs. This disease could end up causing you to go blind or force you to have your feet and legs amputated. What if you learned that you alone could have prevented or delayed the disease? The reality is that Type 2 diabetes as become a health epidemic in the U.S. and Kentucky, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  • Suicide demands our attention and honest, open discussion

    When a loved one suddenly takes his or her own life, it’s devastating. The first question is always: Why? How could we have missed the warning signs? For reasons that none of us fully understand, some people reach such depths of despair, pain and hopelessness that they see no way out but death.

  • Editorial: Remember to shop small Saturday

    First there was Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday, and now Small Business Saturday has gained its rightful spot to form a trifecta of holiday shopping days.

    Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, when consumers are encouraged to support small, independently-owned, brick-and-mortar businesses in our own back yards.

  • Editorial: Strong leadership helped Heaven Hill thrive after fire

    sidents of Bardstown and Nelson County.

    In the early afternoon, employees at Heaven Hill Distillery on Loretto Road spotted smoke coming from warehouse “I” just off Gilkey Run Road.

  • Editorial: Be thankful and share your joy

    Tomorrow we’ll all be prompted — probably several times — to share what we’re thankful for. We’ll give the same answers we always do: family, friends, health, home and happiness. We’ll answer without thinking, because those answers are “common sense.”

  • Editorial: New police chief deserves our trust and respect

    Bardstown Mayor John Royalty recently made a recommendation to the Bardstown City Council that John Steven Uram be appointed the new Bardstown Police Chief. His nomination was approved, and he was sworn in Nov. 9.

    It’s no surprise that there was, and possibly still is, some apprehension about a new chief being named. The Police Department has been the center of some serious issues since the departure of former Chief Rick McCubbin. At this point in time, however, we all need to reassess the situation.