• Boswell is proven leader for state

    It boils down to experience in the legislative arena and a known track record that not only has been results driven but has consistently reflected through the years the values and closely-held principles of most Kentuckians. That’s why The Standard endorses the candidacy of longtime Kentucky legislator David Boswell as the Democratic Party’s nominee for Kentucky’s vacant 2nd Congressional seat.

  • Montessori Center is saved

    It’s been proven everyone learns at a separate pace. Some pick up new material quicker than others, while some take a little while for the new lesson to sink in.

    In that same tradition of learning taking place at several levels, there are those who believe children learn better with minimal interference from adults. In that spirit, the Nazareth Montessori Children’s Center opened 35 years ago to offer a different learning atmosphere for some of the area’s youngest students.

  • Library makes good policy change

    Our public library became a bit more public this week, as the policies and rules pertaining to the use of meeting rooms were rewritten.

    The library board approved the new policies Tuesday, giving considerably more substance to what could have been deemed a superficial set (single sheet) of rules. Specifically, the new rules and policies, which cover five typed pages, allow for political and religious groups to be able to use the meeting rooms. Heretofore, that usage was not allowed.

  • Classroom on wheels good idea

    Educators have noticed a decline in student test scores between the spring and fall terms.

    There’s a good chance the “On the Road to Learning” program could help reverse that trend.

    Sponsored by Boston and New Haven schools and the Family Resource and Youth Services Center, the mobile classroom — housed in a Nelson County Schools van — will have five sets of learning centers cutting across several core content areas. It will travel to many Nelson County communities this summer starting June 9.

  • Pet owners need to be responsible

    If there was any doubt about the need for responsible pet owners to spay and neuter their dogs and cats a loud and clear answer was provided last week by the discovery of more than 70 dogs and nearly a dozen cats living in squaller at a home on KY 1066.

    What may have started out as a well meaning desire to provide shelter to stray or homeless dogs had spiraled out of control and the result was disease ridden animals in an environment that almost defied description.

  • Will schools cut budgets more?

    School districts here at home and across the state are doing a delicate balancing act in setting the stage for the 2008-2009 school year — who or what to leave in and who or what to leave out. Proactive planning makes sense; the coming weeks will provide a clearer picture of the exact funding situation in which schools find themselves, realizing full well these are lean times for our commonwealth (and for most states in the Union).

  • Chaplin grad perfect honoree

    The naming of Chaplin High School graduate Thomas Marshall Williams as the Gerald Florence outstanding alumni for the Nelson County School System for 2008 a week ago Saturday marks the second year that a Chaplin graduate has been so honored.

  • Local American Red Cross honored

    The American Red Cross is often thought of only in terms of blood donations. Though that is a big part of what they do, they also play many other important roles in society.

    The Nelson County chapter was recently recognized for playing those roles well. In fact, it was the only chapter in the state this year to earn such a high level of recognition.

    At the national convention earlier this month, the Nelson County Chapter of the American Red Cross was recognized for being a Highly Functioning Chapter.

  • Decade of progress for county site

    Ten years ago today Nelson Fiscal Court officially purchased the Bardstown Plaza Shopping Center. Detractors called it “Dean’s Folly” and worse but in retrospect the investment ranks right alongside the Spencer Mattingly Road park grounds purchase in foresight.

    It has taken a full decade to see the East Stephen Foster acreage blossom into a landscape that pleases the eye and complements the nearby My Old Kentucky Home State Park grounds.

  • Grants for tourism help our economy

    Grants recently awarded by the Bardstown-Nelson County Tourist and Convention Commission show a dedication to a wide range of tourism opportunities in Nelson County.

    Eleven organizations received money for projects ranging from Web site development to an outdoor electrical supply. Sports groups, museums and musicals are among the lucky recipients. We are fortunate to have such a wide range of entertainment options in our county, where a short drive can take us to top-notch cultural, historical and community-oriented venues.