• Legislation will help curb heroin epidemic

    Attorney Jack Conway, along with Sen. Katie Stine and Rep. John Tilley, announced Thursday that a bipartisan piece of legislation aimed to address the growing problems of heroin abuse and trafficking will be presented in the upcoming 2015 regular session.

    The three worked to craft a bill that will help get the heroin craze sweeping Kentucky under control by saving lives through prevention, treatment and stiffer punishment.

  • Party registration deadline favors pols over voters

    If you want to vote in one of the primary elections in next year’s statewide executive branch races, including governor and attorney general, then you have only a few more days to decide which party’s election you can vote in.

    Not sure yet? Would you rather wait to see who is on the ballot?

    Too bad, because this state’s system isn’t set up to serve the voters’ interests. It’s about the political parties and politicians.

  • Touch-screen computers a worthwhile investment

    These days, it’s difficult to ignore technology. And while it may be frustrating to try to hold a conversation with someone holding a smartphone, the things new technology helps us accomplish are fascinating.

    Computers have long been used in schools. Smartphones and tablets have graduated from being simply tech gadgets or toys to filling roles as educational tools.

    The range of activities available on computers is endless. They can aid in communication, facilitate lessons, or function as a platform for math or word games, just to name a few.

  • This Christmas, give the special gift of time

    Giving a great gift or donating money to a great cause is part of the holiday season, but dropping a ton of cash may not really make you feel better.

    Giving the gift of time can actually be more rewarding, not only for you, but the recipient as well.

    Sometimes the best gift you can give a friend, neighbor, loved one or great cause close to your heart is something much less tangible — your time.

  • Body cameras will help, but understanding is the solution

    In light of several high-profile cases calling into question the use of force by police officers, new technology in the form of body cameras could serve as part of a solution.

    Body cams worn by police could offer many advantages, both to officers and the public.

    They would provide a valuable check and balance deserved by citizens who are involved in law enforcement interactions, as well as help with officer safety, court prosecutions and defense from spurious accusations from the public.

  • Beef up controls on telemarketing

    You’re sitting down at dinner, very excited about a meal you or your spouse prepared, and as you begin to eat, the phone rings. You rise to answer it, and guess who is on the other line? A telemarketer.

    It is a common occurrence across this country that many Americans abhor. 

    The majority of these calls are not only annoying, they are intrusive.

    That is why more must be done to strengthen the Telemarketer Sales Rule.

  • Gas tax is a necessary price bump at the pump

    No one likes paying taxes, and all of us are tired of high prices at the gas pumps.

    But we also hate potholes and getting stuck behind a slow driver we can’t pass on narrow, winding roads.

    Sorry folks, we can’t have it both ways.

    The state gas tax is set to drop 4.3 cents per gallon Jan. 1. That means motorists will be paying 27.6 cents per gallon, down from the current 31.9 cents. That rate is set by a formula tied to the wholesale cost of fuel, and we are entering the fifth quarter of falling gas tax revenue.

  • This season take a lesson from the Grinch

    Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is, for most of us, the Christmas season.

    While we all acknowledge it at different times – some barely waiting for the dishes to be cleared from Thanksgiving dinner, if they even make it that long, and others not putting up a tree or singing carols until Christmas Eve — it’s coming.

  • Start a new tradition with your holiday shopping

    Small Business Saturday has become another American shopping holiday during one of the busiest times of the year.

    Tomorrow is the big day when everyone is encouraged to

    shop small, independently owned businesses in your community.

    The initiative was launched by American Express in 2010 to help the nation’s 23 million small businesses recover from the recession and has become a movement of sorts.

  • Tomorrow, take a minute to be thankful


    Nestled between Halloween and Christmas, it’s bundled with Christmas as the first — shortest — chapter of “the holiday season.”

    It is one day that quickly gives way into weeks of the others.

    It doesn’t require a costume, stocking up on candy, decorating your entire house with tiny lights or shopping for gifts.

    It doesn’t have its own carols that are played months too early.