• Free lunches for all students improve learning environment
  • This summer, educational opportunities abound

    Summer is officially upon us.

    While some see it as a time for vacations and relaxing, others keep right on working.

    While some students see it as a prime time to sit on the couch, catch up on television, beat a few video games or spend more time than usual surfing the Internet, others haven’t checked out or stopped learning.

  • Jefferson Davis monument should be moved from Capitol Rotunda

    Symbols are important.

    Following the racially motivated murder of nine African Americans during a church service in Charleston, South Carolina, that state’s inclusion of the Confederate Battle Flag on the state capitol’s grounds has once again come to the forefront of a national debate.

    The state’s governor ordered it removed Wednesday. Presidential candidates in the Republican and Democratic parties called for its removal. Governors of Virginia and North Carolina have announced they would remove the flag from state license plates.

  • Agreement will harm Bardstown Schools but kept focus on students

    The Bardstown City Schools and Nelson County Schools formalized an agreement this month limiting the number of county residents who can attend the city schools.

    The move was necessary, mostly because state law requires a written agreement. For many years, the two districts have allowed students who live in one area to attend the other. That informal arrangement has provided parents and children with the power to determine for themselves which district best fits a student’s needs.

  • Take time to appreciate your father


    Regardless of your level of closeness, scientific fact is that we all have one.

    They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are biological, some are adoptive, some are family friends who took on a great responsibility out of love.

    Scientifically speaking, it doesn’t take anything special to father a child. Any man — barring genetic defect or medical issue — can do it. It does, however, take something special to be a good dad. It takes time. It takes commitment. It takes patience. And it takes love.

  • Curfew law protects children from their own actions

    Raising teenagers can be hard work. It’s a nonstop job keeping up with who teenager are with, where they are going and what time they’ll be home.

  • Cemeteries deserve to be cared for by others

    It’s a common sight along most rural roads in Kentucky. Alone and forgotten amongst a clump of trees, oftentimes in the middle of a cow pasture or meadow, stand the final monuments to the men and women who carved a living from this landscape.

    It could be a family plot whose descendants have long since scattered. Others were once maintained by churches that no longer exist.

    There are hundreds of cemeteries across the state that are, in effect, orphans, with no one or any entity preserving them.

  • Payroll taxes shouldn’t fund fire department

    Does Bardstown need a full-time fire department?

    That’s a fair question to ask.

    Ideally, it would have been asked before Bardstown Mayor John Royalty pushed ahead with the separation of the county volunteer department and the city.

  • Not too late for both sides in fire dept. debate to come together

    “It’s over.”

    Those were Mayor John Royalty’s words that rang out in the chambers of the Bardstown City Council more than a week ago.

    The Mayor proclaimed that the city’s Bardstown Fire Department and the nonprofit Bardstown-Nelson County Volunteer Fire Department had reached an impasse and therefore the current fire service contract that had been in place for nearly five decades will end on June 30.

  • Spay or neuter your pets for their own good

    According to the Humane Society of the United States, about 2.4 million healthy, adoptable dogs and cats — one every 13 seconds — are put down in U.S. shelters each year.

    Park in a grocery store parking lot at dusk, sit on your porch and watch the landscaping in your neighborhood, linger too long around a trash can at a gas station. Chances are, you’ll spot a stray cat or two — or more. Chances are they spray your cars or around your house or get into your trash looking for food.