• Decision on N. Third diet should center on safety

    Change can be hard.

    Bardstown is witnessing that firsthand with the outcry by many in the community over the lane changes on North Third Street, which has been commonly referred to as the road diet.

    A public meeting Tuesday of the Bardstown Active Neighborhoods Delegation saw a large turnout of residents who wanted to express their opinions on the change. By a show of hands, opponents to the change outnumbered supporters by about two to one.

  • McConnell and Grimes — Whac-A-Mole Politics

    This game that U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes are playing is getting old.

    Both U.S. Senate candidates appear so afraid of the “Whac-A-Mole” game that Mr. McConnell bragged about playing during a surreptitiously-recorded staff meeting last year that both refuse to stick their heads out of the ground often or for very long.

    And when they do, they either refuse to take questions — or they refuse to answer them once queries are tossed their way.

  • Heatstroke can happen in a matter of minutes

    What’s the first thing you do if you’re driving on a hot July day?

    Most of us turn on the air conditioning. What if you turn the knob and there’s no relief?

    Roll down the windows? What if nothing happens when you push the button?

    What happens when the sweat becomes overwhelming and your skin begins stinging? What if you get so hot you get dizzy or you become disoriented? What if you have to fight to keep your eyes open and you become so hot that you feel your body shutting down?

  • Teen traffic law can help cut down on fatalities
  • Banning shooting in neighborhoods not infringing on right to bear arms

    The right to bear arms is enshrined in our Constitution.

    However, the right to own and bear arms is not the same as the right to fire off rounds wherever one wants.

    Nelson County Fiscal Court is looking at placing some restrictions on where people can fire weapons in the county. In light of growing urbanization in some areas of the unincorporated areas, this is a prudent step in the interest of public safety and neighbors’ feeling of safety and security in their own homes.

  • Brown left his mark on Bethlehem athletics

    Bethlehem High School Athletics Director Tom Brown stepped down from his position at the end of June, leaving behind a strong athletics program across the board.

    That wasn’t the case when Brown — who began his career in the Nelson County Schools System — returned to the area after several years away, landing at Bethlehem High School six years ago. Then, the small private school was really only known for its soccer achievements and wasn’t considered a big threat in district or regional play in any other sports.

  • New distillery bringing more than bourbon to town

    The bourbon demand is an all-time high and the state of Kentucky is reaping the benefits. In less than a month, two new distilleries have announced plans to locate in the heart of Kentucky.

  • Habitat for Humanity gifts keep giving

    Reliable and decent shelter is an undeniable basic need.

    Sadly, it’s one that some people, even in Nelson County, have to adjust to living without. It might be difficult to comprehend, but there are, in fact, people living and working in our midst who have no home to relax in at night, no warm room to sit in and watch television, no kitchen to prepare breakfast for their children.

  • Select Preps honors those who balance sports, school

    Thursday, The Kentucky Standard and PLG-TV hosted the 2014 Select Preps ceremony, honoring 68 local high school student-athletes in 25 sports categories.

  • Making a child makes you financially responsible

    It takes two people to reproduce.

    Because of this, even if you don’t subscribe to the belief that it takes a village to raise a child, at the very least, two people are responsible when a life is created. Raising a child and the inherent responsibility that comes with children are completely different things. While a parent can escape raising a child in various ways, he or she should not try to avoid fiscal responsibility.