• Room in the Inn offers blueprint to help issue of homelessness

     Are the churches of Bardstown willing to accept the challenge of developing and sustaining a Room in the Inn program?

    A task force is being formed to find out. Late last month, the founder of the program, Father Charles Strobel, a Nashville priest, shared his story with about 40 people gathered at Flaget Hospital SCN Office Center. 

  • Hall’s training helps police and residents

    In December, Bardstown Police Officer Shannon Hall took a big step in helping her department achieve its goal of becoming self-sufficient.

    Hall took part in a week of training in Las Vegas and is now certified in hostage negotiations. And she will continue to train monthly with the Louisville Metro Police Department’s hostage team.

    In the event of a barricaded subject or hostage situation, Hall will work with the BPD flex team to resolve the situation.

    Her certification is one part of a plan to achieve the BPD’s goal of self-sufficiency.

  • No one should grieve alone

    In 2015, Kentucky Health News and The Paducah Sun reported that Kentucky’s suicide rate was higher than the national average at 15.5 suicides per 100,000 people. Nationally, the average is 12.5.

    According to the report, and the Centers for Disease Control, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the state and the second-leading cause of death in people ages 15 to 34.

    In Nelson County, the rate is 14.98 suicides per 100,000 people.

  • Mentally ill need our support, not marginalization

    It’s easy to take that which we do not understand and try to come up with a nice, tidy little box in which to toss those mysterious things. The human brain’s natural desire is to find and establish order, to create a comfortable situation in which to cope with disorder.

    However, normality — however you might define it — is not a natural state for all. For some 43.8 million American adults, mental disorder is everyday life, and some of these disorders are so extreme those adults’ brains don’t know how to get from chaos to order.

  • General Assembly should act quickly on these three bills

    The General Assembly has been in session for three weeks already, and several important bills are starting to gain traction in both the House and Senate.

    We are particularly interested in three such bills — HB 80, SB 56 and HB 229 — that all have one thing in common in that they make practical sense.

  • Oakley Building purchase adds lodging, brings legacy full-circle

    It is impossible to overestimate the importance of hotel-motel-bed and breakfast rooms to the economic health of a tourist destination community such as Bardstown. That is why the purchase of the building on the southwest side of the courthouse square by the owners of the Talbott Tavern is important beyond the economic impact of the renovation of a significant downtown building.

  • St. Vincent de Paul expansion a winning proposition

    Nelson County is incredibly lucky to have such dedicated volunteers, such helpful nonprofit agencies, and such devoted people who manage them.

    Recently, Bardstown City Council unanimously agreed to spend up to $20,000 so the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry and Mission Store, currently operating out of a space on North Second Street, can renovate a 4,000 square-foot space in the City of Bardstown Educational Complex (COBEC) building on East Muir Avenue, so it can move its food pantry operation.

  • Do what you can to prevent birth defects

    We’ve come a long way as a society in terms of how we care for our people, and the quality of care those people receive in our health care system. People are living longer, and more people are taking advantage of the preventative care methods available, thanks to improvements in technology in the medical field.

  • In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

    On Aug. 28, 1963, Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech, in which he called for an end to racism in the United States. 

    More than 50 years later, the sheer impact of the speech makes it one of the most acclaimed in U.S. history. 

    To honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who dedicated his life to achieving equality and justice for all, below are 15 iconic quotes from his famous speech. 

  • Dispatch issues require city, county to be on the same page

    As more and more people are cutting their landline telephone cords, the Nelson County Dispatch Center is losing more and more revenue.

    The center is funded by telephone fees that are tacked onto phone bills. The landline fee is $1.71 a month, set by local government, and all of that revenue is kept for local use. There is also a 70-cent per month fee added to cell phone bills, but that rate is set by the state. Those funds are pooled statewide and divided among other centers based on a number of factors, including a center’s ability to handle cell phone 911 calls.