• Involving public in police hiring will strengthen trust, relationship

    The tools of police work the public often thinks of — patrolling, arresting suspects and interrogating suspects — can only do so much in aiding officers in protecting the community’s residents.

    Perhaps the greatest tool in an investigator’s kit bag is public trust. But that trust must be earned. And one avenue to earning that trust is listening to the public and valuing its input.

    That is why the recent idea floated by the Bardstown Police Department to include citizens on its selection board is a worthy idea.

  • Statewide smoking ban could overhaul health statistics

    Could 2015 finally be the year that Kentucky’s General Assembly passes a statewide smoking ban?

  • Teach and practice equality beyond Black History Month

    If you’ve seen the movie “Selma,” or if you watched Sunday evening’s Oscars, you’ve heard the song “Glory,” performed by John Legend and Common. Written for the film, the meanings behind the lyrics are the same whether you watched “Selma” in a theater or the Oscars on your couch.

    “Hands to the Heavens, no man, no weapon

    Formed against, yes glory is destined

    Everyday women and men become legends

    Sins that go against our skin become blessings

    The movement is a rhythm to us

  • Be prepared when winter weather strikes

    We don’t need Punxsutawney Phil to tell us Old Man Winter is sticking around longer than invited. And if the old man is going to linger, it’s a good idea to keep safety in mind.

    Much of Kentucky was smothered in up to a foot of snow before Arctic winds carried in record-low temperatures.

    If the bare shelves at the local groceries are any indication, people prepared for the obvious. If you were looking for a gallon of milk Tuesday, you know what we mean.

  • EPOs for dating couples will save lives, state money

    Kentucky is one of only four states in the U.S. that don’t allow victims of dating violence to seek protective orders unless they have been married to or lived with their abuser, or they have a child together. Our current law leaves very little to no protection for many young adults, including teens and widowed senior citizens, who may be in dating relationships that have gone bad.

  • Women in tech fields develop their skills and our economy

    Glass ceilings are made to be shattered. And for many women it’s a struggle to get to that ceiling in many male-dominated fields of work. For women who have helped push through those glass ceilings, it’s especially refreshing to read about someone as young as Clara Pozgay, who is making her way to the top.

  • Support group offers hope for families of addicts

    In life, we always hear that our actions impact people other than ourselves. Drug use and addiction is no different.

    Addicts are not the only people who suffer. Family members and friends have their own sets of issues related to loving someone who is addicted to drugs.

  • Trust packs a hard punch

    Trust is an intangible that’s tough to define. For most modern humans, we are called upon to trust — and want to be trusted. When one loses the trust of others, or it’s tarnished, it may take years to restore. And sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

    Trust is what is at the heart of the news gathering business and it’s taken a hit this week with Brian Williams’ recollection of what he thinks he recollected about the helicopter on which he was riding in Iraq in 2003 that came under fire.

  • Abolish the death penalty, or debate its merit at the very least

    A bill in Frankfort sponsored by state Rep. David Floyd is a commonsense answer to the death penalty in Kentucky — abolish it.

    Or at least, debate its merits.

  • Program offers role models missing in too many lives

    Too many children are growing up without a positive male role model in the home.

    According to the 2010 Census, of the 75 million children under age 18, almost 20 million of them are in single-family homes.

    Children learn much of what they know by watching others. Role models are important for that very reason. And when there is not one at home, there is a child who is missing out on important developmental lessons.