• New heroin legislation offers overdue assistance

    State lawmakers reached a last minute compromise last week to address Kentucky’s growing heroin epidemic after three years of tough negotiations between Democrats and Republicans.

    While the two parties had varying philosophies on how to tackle the problem, a bipartisan bill containing key components was passed and has already been signed into law by Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear.

  • Rules of the road: Share and be mindful of others

    Most people know it is important to wear a helmet when they ride a bike. That’s good advice to minimize the risk of injury in case of an accident, but it is better to avoid crashing altogether.

    In recent weeks, as we have had a few warm days of weather, more people are out on their bikes. And at least two of those bicyclists have been hit and sent to the hospital.

  • Don’t keep from taking care of yourself because of embarrassment

    You’ve heard of your colon, but what is it and what does it do?

    How would you know if something were wrong?

    Talking about some bodily functions and organs is just uncomfortable. Some things should be kept private and some things are just plain hard to discuss, even with a doctor. However, when it comes to protecting your health, sometimes you have to get over the awkwardness.

    March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. So, let’s put aside our embarrassment and become a bit more aware.

  • Plans for new Bloomfield park will enhance existing space

    Walkers can soon enjoy another trail if Bloomfield officials can secure a Recreational Trails grant through Lincoln Trail Area Development District. The Bloomfield Memorial Park already has one walking trail that is .377 miles long, but the newly proposed trail would encompass the lake and continue the city’s improvements to the existing park.

  • Basketball is king and March Madness has taken over

    March Madness has exploded and brackets all across the state are filled with UK championship dreams, U of L Final Four appearances and maybe some other bracket-busting teams winning the big dance. There may even be one or two Duke fans lurking in the state, hoping to see the Blue Devils outlast all other No. 1 seeds in the tournament.

  • Area should prepare now for the silver tsunami

    March is Severe Weather Awareness Month in Kentucky. In the midst of that, however, Nelson County residents are also preparing for another kind of storm — a “silver tsunami.”

  • Sunshine laws protect public’s right to know

    This is national Sunshine Week across the nation. Not the type of warm sunlight that we’ve all been hoping for, but rather a more important sunshine that focuses on an open government and true transparency. This simple yet profound democratic concept is that people should have a right to know what public agencies are up to. The government belongs to us, the people. But way too often public agencies shut off public access to information and hide behind secrecy.

  • Ackley, sport deserve notice and support

    When Nelson County’s Andrew Ackley set his goals for this year’s wrestling season, he was determined to improve upon last year’s third-place finish at the KHSAA State Wrestling Championships.

    The junior climbed another rung on the ladder toward his ultimate goal Wednesday by notching a runner-up finish in the 152-pound division — coming just short of a state title — and notching a best-ever state result for his school.

  • Economic winds at Kentucky’s back going into the next year

    Nelson County and Kentucky were each the recipients of some good economic news this month that bode well for our future.

    At the local level, we learned this week that a new employer is coming to town in the form of Itsuwa KY LLC, a Japanese automotive company that intends to bring about 45 jobs to Wilson Industrial Park.

  • When it comes to poisoning deaths, know the numbers

    Most responsible people know if there is a gun in the home, it should be stowed in a safe place to reduce the risk of injury or death.

    Same goes for erecting fences around backyard swimming pools to safeguard small children from drowning.

    We buckle our seat belts and mind traffic when driving on the roadways.

    And just about every parent knows to monitor children when they are close to busy streets.

    These, among others, are the dangers topmost in many people’s minds.