• Trust — It doesn’t just happen

    Association Executive
    Old Ky Home  Board of Realtors

  • Opinion: Hunger doesn’t follow a calendar

    By Gary Miles

    There’s just something about the calendar turning over from November to December that makes us feel a bit more charitable. Nonprofit organizations all across the area see a surge in generosity during this time, even from those who have already opened their hearts to those in need. Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland and our partner agencies are no exception to this.

  • Opinion: President’s personal grudges embarrass public

    By Nelda Moore

    I listened to Patton Oswalt being interviewed by Terry Gross this past Monday and discovered that comedians are just as dismayed as the rest of us by the constant bombardment of jaw-dropping things our commander in chief does and says.

    The problem for professional comedians is that they are all drawn to the same material because it is so outlandish that it overshadows everything else. It must be hard to come up with jokes that are different from one’s colleagues.

  • Opinion: The buck stops here

    By Dr. Harry Spalding

    “The BUCK STOPS here!” was a small sign on President Harry Truman’s desk that guided all of his actions. But it really should apply to all levels of government, down to the individual citizen. The buck stops with each one of us. We are responsible for the people we send to Congress, and they are responsible to us. If they aren’t, we need to let them know, and let them know vigorously. Our congressmen need to be deluged with mail from informed voters about issues which affect us all, and with which we disagree.

  • OPINION: It’s Thanksgiving. Be happy.



    The Washington Post

    For evolution, the Constitution,

    And the ATMs of banks,

    The Times and Post and the whole West Coast,

    I want to give sincerest thanks.

    A Mozart sonata, my inamorata,

    And a first-rate BLT.

    For Silverman (Sarah) and the Obama era,

    I give thanks most thankfully.

    I’m a fraud, a fake, a big mistake, a creep.

    I’m over a barrel but I care a lot for Meryl Streep.

  • OPINION: A reminder of America’s capacity for moral renewal




    Even in a political season of routine marvels, few developments are more spectacularly incongruous than this: America has seen a swift, dramatic shift in attitudes toward sexual harassment with Donald Trump as president.

  • OPINION:Balancing out the lobbyists

    Lee H. Hamilton

    Director of the Center on Congress

    Indiana University

    One of the quirks of life in Washington, D.C., is that pretty much the only people who don’t refer to lobbyists by that name are, well, lobbyists. They’re “policy advisers,” or “strategic counsel,” or “public relations advisors,” or lawyers, or even just “consultants.” Whatever they’re called, though, they play a huge role in making policy.

  • OPINION: Tax reform proposals should concern homeowners


    President, Kentucky Realtors

    Tax reform proposals from both the House and Senate make sweeping changes to the tax benefits that homeowners have enjoyed for years. Unfortunately, if the current federal tax proposals stay as they are, this is likely to change. Here’s why:

  • Opinion: History serves as a teacher

    By Margie Bradford

    My e-mail friend Jerry Barton sometimes adds to my store of knowledge by providing me facts that I might not otherwise have considered, such as correctly stating that America is not a democracy, but is a “constitutionally limited representative democratic republic.” Ah, yes. That would also be one that elects a president without a majority of the popular vote. But we’ll save that topic for another day.

  • OPINION: Separate occasions show goodness still exists

    In today’s society, we sometimes forget that there are still good people in the world. On three recent separate occasions, I have been fortunate enough to experience the goodness that still exists.