• Opinion: The consequences of Trump’s rhetorical schizophrenia

    By Michael Gerson

    And so, on one day, we had an unhinged and divisive rant by Donald Trump in Phoenix. Then, the next day in Reno, a call for national unity and reconciliation. Multiple political personality disorder. Rhetorical schizophrenia.

  • Opinion: Never been here before

    By Garrison Keillor

    Anxious times in America. There was a news story a few weeks back, “Interrupted Sleep May Lead To Alzheimer’s,” and next to it, a wine review with the line “Vivacious and well balanced, with chewy tannins and flavors of fresh red fruits.” You know and I know that a vivacious beverage will not compensate for losing your marbles. And now, driving to California, I find that I must enter a password in order to change the time zone on my laptop clock. Evidently, someone is out to mess up my schedule and my clock must be secured.

  • OPINION: Nine presidents

    One reason I consider myself fortunate to have led a life in politics is that, over time, I’ve had a chance to work with nine presidents. From Lyndon Johnson through Barack Obama, I’ve talked policy, politics and, sometimes, the trivial details of daily life with them. I met JFK twice for brief conversations. I don’t know our current president, but I’ve gained valuable perspective from his predecessors.

  • OPINION: A farce to be reckoned with

    “A farce to be reckoned with ” is the title of a two page editorial in the Summer 2017 issue of Vanity Fair, by editor Graydon Carter.

  • Buying a house in a tight market

    Association Executive
    Old Ky Home Board of Realtors

    Most people today don’t pick the timing of buying a house. They are either prompted by job-related issues, financial issues, or family issues. Once it has been identified that now is the best time to buy a home, you have to look at your finances and the market. Without a doubt, right now in the local area, within the Multiple Listing service (MLS), area the market remains very low in inventory, but with a good job market, thus higher demand for housing.

  • Opinion: The search for John Lawson’s missing bugle

    By Rebecca Clark Brothers

  • Opinion: Interim joint committees are hard at work

    Summer is winding down and kids are heading back to school, but the members of the Kentucky General Assembly are still working on your behalf in Frankfort attending Interim Joint Committees. These committees bring together members of the Kentucky House and Senate to collaborate on policy ideas and discuss bills for future sessions. The interim is also a time for us, the members of the General Assembly, to hear from different offices and branches of government to keep them accountable to you, the taxpayers.

  • OPINION: Don’t take lunacy too seriously

    Riding on a bus in the middle of the night through Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, it’s impressive, the sheer volume of traffic, hour after hour. Tanker trucks and semis and auto carriers, thousands of tons of goods moving to market, like a train of ants carrying leaves to their anthill. Out here, you don’t see the “American carnage” referred to in the inaugural address back in January. Evidently the speaker who portrayed the country as a beached whale and a victim of international conspiracies has now fixed the problems and we’re booming again. Good.

  • OPINION: How can you stand by a president with no heart?

    “O mother
    What shall I cry?
    We demand a committee, a representative
    committee, a committee of investigation
    — T.S. Eliot, Difficulties of a Statesman”

    Many have asked with rising hope in their voices: Will Steve Bannon be fired?

  • OPINION: Victories for Kentucky families

    This Republican Congress is making important strides on issues that have a direct impact on Kentucky. We’ve listened to you and the concerns you’ve raised. As your senior Senator, I am proud of these accomplishments, and we’re just getting started.