• Catfight breaks out when two cat worlds meet

    I looked up from my comfy, warm spot on the love seat at just the right time to see a cat paw sticking out from one of the slats in my blinds at my living room window.

    The sound that made me glance away from the television program was a hard thud on my window. Two thuds — one from the inside and one from the outside — came simultaneously concealing themselves in one loud noise.

    It was enough to make me pay attention and enough to wake my dog from his evening slumber as he dozed by my feet beside the love seat.

  • Think locally - we can make a difference

    One Supreme Court justice, 1,500 lawyers and a disgraced former prime minister out of a population of nearly 150 million people hardly constitute great opposition to President Pervez Musharraf, who had declared a state of emergency in Pakistan.

    For Americans to prattle about a “return” to democracy is silly and hypocritical. Musharraf was a dictator when we asked for his help after 9/11, has been a dictator ever since, and very likely will remain a dictator unless some assassin gets lucky.

  • Holiday season should not be so materialistic

    The Christmas holiday season is still weeks away, more than a month even. Although there are still many weeks in which I might have the opportunity to discuss this topic I feel that as the holidays have already been pushed out into the open for the earliest possible public consumption, its prompt address is unavoidable.

  • Sometimes you want to shave your legs, not wait

    My soul was in anguish. I knew exactly how King David felt when he wrote his laments, wondering how long he had to wait for God to answer his prayers.

    I was 11 years old and I had been waiting my entire life to shave my legs. However, my mom said I needed to wait, but what do moms know? I had a forest growing on my lower limbs that needed razing — right then.

  • So much is connected we must learn to live together

    Pax Christi is a group that has long worked very hard for peaceful resolution of conflicts. It is a global organization that has a strong U.S. section.

    I have long pondered over their writings. Recently I was given a copy of Pax Christi USA’s “Prayer for World Peace” by Benedictine Sister Joan D Chittister.

    The musings below build on some of the insights from this prayer.

    “Save us from our desire to hurt as we have been hurteeto punisheeto terrorizeee.”

  • Veterans deserve our thanks for time they served

    It would be difficult to ever forget their faces ... faces I watched that day from behind the safe impersonality of my camera’s lens.

    They were the faces of the families of our local Kentucky National Guard members who were leaving for Operation Enduring Freedom three years ago this month ... parents and grandparents ... children and spouses.

    The soldiers’ faces were solemn and stoic. They were leaving to do their jobs. Their duty. But it was their families’ faces that I remember best.

  • Veterans Day is cause for reflection on service

    This Veterans Day Sunday is cause for reflection but also steadfast support for the men and women who wear or have worn the uniform in defense of America, in defense of our freedom.

  • November is Native American Month

    November is officially Native American month. In 1997, the 105th CONGRESS – 1st SESSION – S.RES. 145 designated the month of November as “National Indian Heritage Month.” The actual resolution reads as follows:

    “Whereas Indians and Alaska Natives were the original inhabitants of the land that now constitutes the United States;

    “Whereas American Indian tribal governments developed the fundamental principles of freedom of speech and separation of powers that form the foundation of the United States Government;

  • Kehl 1, curtains 0 in struggle to be wrinkle-free

    I recently have reentered a world I gleefully thought I left far behind, because of new curtains. As in the curtains you put on your window, not theater curtains or the phrase “it’s curtains for you” as an archaic gangster or Bugs Bunny aficionado might say, mind you. But some simple, khaki eight-loops-on-the-top, two-tabs-per-window curtains I bought last week.

  • Bardstown service offers a 'teachable moment'

    There are many compelling reasons for attending this year’s Interfaith Service in Bardstown, but perhaps none more compelling than the fact that the Service offers what educators call a “ teachable moment” for young people about how the ideas of peace and justice are viewed by the world’s great religions.