• Another victory for the rule of the law

    It shouldn’t be necessary for the Supreme Court to tell the president that he can’t have people taken into custody, spirited to a remote prison camp and held indefinitely, with no legal right to argue that they’ve been unjustly imprisoned — not even on grounds of mistaken identity. But the president in question is, sigh, George W. Bush, who has taken a chainsaw to the rule of law with the same manic gusto he displays while clearing brush at his Texas ranch.

  • It takes strength to find honor in corrupt system

    This year marks the 125th anniversary of the passage of the Pendleton Act, which set into motion the civil service system we know today — jobs being awarded on the basis of merit and candidates to be selected through competitive examinations. It also made it unlawful to demote or terminate employment for political reasons. Today, it’s estimated that more than 90 percent of about 2.7 million federal employees are covered under the system.

  • Machiavelli was right — arm the people

    Niccol Machiavelli, who was a sort of Karl Rove of his day, though with more integrity, said of the Swiss that they were “the most free and most armed people” of Europe. Get it? The connection between arms and freedom?

  • War, famine, inflation — Will we survive them?

    Any attempt at watching, listening or searching for recent news undoubtedly results in something that resembles the lead up to an apocalyptic film. War, severe weather ravaging nations around the world, the price of natural resources raising astronomically and food shortages beginning to seem like a plausible possibility in the near future top the newscasts. Times are tough and things are starting to look a little scary not only for third world countries but developed nations like our own as well.

  • Hotter than usual summer causes distractions

    Perhaps my brain has been scorched by the hotter-than-usual June we’ve been enduring. Or maybe I just need a few days off. Whatever the reason, I’m having trouble focusing on one topic, so here’s a hodgepodge of thoughts flitting through my mind.

  • Watching history be made and not made

    Last week, I watched as Barack Obama became the first black presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party on Tuesday.

    On Saturday, I watched as “Stephen Foster—The Musical” opened its 50th anniversary season.

  • Church: Why do we bother going each week?

    As of May 30 I have been a Christian for 30 years, and for the first 28 or 29 of those years I’ve rarely missed church. But in the past year or two I think I’ve stayed home more often than I’ve gone. Maybe not — I don’t keep track — but it feels that way.

    Lately I’ve been thinking about how odd it is that people go to church. Some go not just once, but twice on Sunday and then again mid-week.

  • Summer is coming...this is your only warning

    ’Tis the season when the masses throng to pools, parks and playgrounds, soaking up the summer sun and dreading the return of cooler days. I am not one of the masses. Hot, humid weather sends me indoors faster than you can say sunburn — which is what I get if I stay outside for more than 30 minutes without first bathing in SPF 45 sunscreen. Lobster cheeks and peeling skin aren’t the only reasons summer is my least favorite season. As soon as the weather starts heating up, I start sneezing, and I don’t stop until around Halloween.

  • Weekend in Bardstown, a little bit of everything

    Although I’ve lived in Bardstown for a year now there haven’t been many weekends that I have spent time participating in social activities here. Admittedly, I visit Louisville quite often but that’s not what has kept me from seeing the sights in my free time. It’s not like I haven’t experienced anything here though. Working for the paper allows me the opportunity to visit many places and attend many events throughout the county. The root of it really has more to do with my desire to stay put once I am home. Once I get home, I almost never go out.

  • A girl just needs to do some things by herself

    I did something this weekend that I have never done before....and in broad daylight, no doubt. I don’t know if it was hormones or a desire for the unknown or the unequivocal high you feel following a huge accomplishment.