• May your Christmas be filled with magic of Santa

    “Merry Christmas boys and girls. Now, I want you to all go home, mind your parents and go to bed early tonight.”

    We listened to every word he said, nodding our heads in agreement. There were no arguments on those nights about brushing our teeth, putting on our pajamas and hitting the sack. Though it was hard to sleep, we were actually in bed — which had been what we promised that jolly old man.

  • Trees can be good teachers regarding humanity

    Nazareth Campus is in its third year as an acknowledged Tree City U.S.A. The care the Sisters of Charity give the thousands of trees is a gift to all of us.

    I get to walk on campus a good bit and so pass about 100 or more on any given errand. It seems to me trees can teach us a number of things. Among their lessons:

  • Some brief reflections on Christmas past, present

    I suppose it’s really almost here. The sales at stores are in full swing. You can’t swing a bough of holly without hitting a “Santa” around town. I’m sure most of you know the reasons behind Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza, so this won’t be a column to bring those things up again.

    I’d like to look back on my memories as a kid and the new ones my wonderful wife, Donna, and I are making with our children, Keegan and Addison. Don’t worry, it’s not all sappy.

  • Beginning of a new era begins with high hopes

    “A frontier of imaginative solutions;

    “A frontier of new technology and new industries;

    “A frontier that protects the environment while creating opportunities;

    “A frontier that attracts entrepreneurs, tourists, retirees;

    “A frontier that keeps our own graduates right here at home.”

    In a visionary speech on a truly inspirational day in Frankfort, Gov. Steve Beshear outlined his hopes for making Kentucky America’s next great frontier.

  • A dog may not have died, but my sister graduated

    My first day of college was a whirlwind of activity. Freshmen had to arrive at school a few days before classes began for Freshmen Orientation. Activities were planned for nearly the entire time of those extra days. But first thing was first — I had to move into my dorm room.

  • Rediscovering joy, competitiveness of ping-pong

    It may not be the most popular sport on earth, but it’s as addictive as gourmet peanut butter. (Trust me on this one — once you try it, you can’t go back.)

    I am talking about the highly competitive world of table tennis, or, as some know it, ping-pong.

    My history with the game goes back to my early years, when my father bought a table and proudly placed it in our basement. He, his friends and my relatives would play often, as did I, and I would have to say I reached my peek sometime in my late teens.

  • 2008 General Assembly shows promise

    The holiday season is here and many days are filled with shopping and family visits. As a member of the Kentucky General Assembly, my days are filled with spending time with family and preparing for the rapidly approaching 2008 Regular Session. With less than a month before my colleagues and I convene in Frankfort, I’d like to update you on some of the 108 bills that have been prefiled for this session.

  • 'Hop-along Walker' is back in the saddle again

    For those who wondered, and even people who didn’t, my regular Wednesday columns and other assorted stories haven’t appeared the past six weeks due to my being injured. It wasn’t life-threatening, more humorous than anything really.

    To make a six-week story fit into this column, I’ll shorten the details to the essentials needed to relay what happened and the aftermath.

  • Election turning into just more of the same

    To borrow a wisecrack from an old friend, I don’t know who is going to win the presidency, but I know who is going to lose — the American people.

    Only Rep. Ron Paul recognizes the Constitution and the rule of law, and he has no chance at all. He has no chance because the majority of the American people have never read the Constitution and pay no attention to it.

  • Experience the glowing warmth of love this season

    ’Tis the season for dinners and parties and formal and informal get-togethers abound in December, when friends, old and new, family, neighbors, and co-workers share merriment in the way of fun, food and fellowship. It is a special time of year, the most wonderful time — when there seems to be more optimism, more harmony, and more love expressed.