• Card Clinton is playing is unworthy

    From the beginning, Hillary Clinton has campaigned as if the Democratic nomination were hers by divine right. That’s why she is falling short — and that’s why she should be persuaded to quit now, rather than later, before her majestic sense of entitlement splits the party along racial lines.

  • Avoiding cause won't find a solution

    When you know that the high cost of oil is due directly to the weak dollar and Wall Street speculators, I don’t know how anybody expects to solve the energy problem without dealing with the weak dollar and Wall Street speculators.

  • Did one key event 'snuffle' the imagination?

    Many have observed that children no longer need a good imagination. Toys now walk and talk by themselves, children play in a virtual world rather than their backyards and extracurricular activities keep them so busy they don’t have time to explore their own world of make-believe.

    Is there one key event that can be traced to the death of the imagination?

    Some may say the invention of the television or video games. Others may credit its demise to children becoming old before their time.

  • Deconstructing the high prices of today's living

    Dang, just getting by is expensive these days. Filling up my compact car has gotten up to almost $50. That’s just too much. I remember when gas was in the $1range, now, not so. Gasoline for nearly $4 a gallon does seem shocking yet, it still seems like people are willing to pay. I believe everybody will be happy to grumble about it first of course, but likely most people will not be happy to alter day-to-day driving habits because of the increase. I know I still drive to Louisville about once a week.

  • 'Deadliest Catch' caught this viewer's attention

    I haven’t been fishing in probably 20 years and I have no desire to go.

    I’m uneasy around any body of water that isn’t contained in a concrete basin.

    I’ll eat shellfish, but I’m not wild about it.

    For these reasons and many others, it makes no sense that I’m glued to the television when “Deadliest Catch” comes on Discovery Channel.

  • New pavilion taking shape at village

    If you have taken a good look at the Old Bardstown Village lately, you must have noticed what is happening there. What used to be a grassy village common is rapidly turning into a new village addition. Yes, our village is gaining a new structure. Once this project is finished, it will be used as a village pavilion and demonstration area. We have been planning on such an addition for some time, and it will serve well to keep visitors and event demonstrators out of inclement weather as well as a welcome break from the sun.

  • A change of heart spiritually and literally

    The headline caught my attention: ‘I was given a young man’s heart — and started craving beer and Kentucky Fried Chicken.’

    Claire Sylvia, a 47-year-old woman who lives somewhere in the UK had a heart and lung transplant in 1988, receiving the organs from an 18-year-old boy who had been killed in a motorcycle accident.

    Shortly after the surgery she noticed she had acquired the characteristics and cravings of the donor. She wanted a beer, she told a reporter who had come to the hospital to interview her. (She didn’t like beer before the surgery.)

  • Vengeance says bad things about us, society

    I recently heard someone note that these days, no one younger than 40 reads newspapers anymore.

    That I carefully scan 30 of them a week either says something about my age or my willingness to help make restitution for all the apparent opportunities missed by our younger people.

    Lest anyone be too impressed, I do all this newspaper scanning as part of my service with Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Louisville, among 45 of our parishes in 17 Kentucky counties. This newspaper checking helps me appreciate the contexts in which they live and serve.

  • Can telling the truth ever be a bad idea?

    Ever find yourself in a contradictory position? Here is mine:

    a) A true dislike of most political advertising, in general, and detesting, in particular, negative advertising.

    b) Approval of Greg Fischer’s television commercials and his Web site which points to the baggage that Bruce Lunsford carries.

  • Take a look around, the enemy is us

    I suppose the one saving grace of the human race is that virtually all of our problems are self-inflicted. Theoretically at least, if we are the cause of the problems, we should be able to provide the cure or correction.

    Hopefully, the Democratic Party will learn from this experience that it is not a good idea to award delegates on a proportional basis. If the primaries had been winner-take-all, the party would have had its nominee long ago and could be chopping on the Republican tree.