• Weekend in Bardstown, a little bit of everything

    Although I’ve lived in Bardstown for a year now there haven’t been many weekends that I have spent time participating in social activities here. Admittedly, I visit Louisville quite often but that’s not what has kept me from seeing the sights in my free time. It’s not like I haven’t experienced anything here though. Working for the paper allows me the opportunity to visit many places and attend many events throughout the county. The root of it really has more to do with my desire to stay put once I am home. Once I get home, I almost never go out.

  • A girl just needs to do some things by herself

    I did something this weekend that I have never done before....and in broad daylight, no doubt. I don’t know if it was hormones or a desire for the unknown or the unequivocal high you feel following a huge accomplishment.

  • We might learn a thing or two from our pets

    What is it about animals that is so relaxing, you instantly feel better when one comes around? That’s what they do to me, at least — especially Henry Chase Reynolds Miller, my new brother.

  • Despite an injury, tennis is back on the agenda

    Courage, Cooperation, Perseverance.

    Those are the three words inscribed on a giveaway bracelet, from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and freedomcenter.org. The bracelet is black and made of rubber. If you can guess where it was made you can line up for the $64,000 grand prize. I had picked it up some time ago, at a Kentucky Child Now convention and from time to time wear it. After all, who doesn’t need to be reminded of the importance of such characteristics as courage, cooperation and perseverance?

  • The urge to be first is only natural to people

    As church let out the other day, we got caught in the back. With only two doors leading to the outside and a church full of people ready to leave, a bottleneck situation occurs every Sunday and those at the front of the church tend to have to wait.

    That week, we were at the front. Usually when that happens, we’ll wait in the pew until the crowd tends to thin out. It doesn’t take long, most are itching to leave and go about their day. But this particular week, we jumped out into the crowd and, as expected, had to wait.

  • Finally a chance to get my hands in the dirt

    After much hemming and hawing, iffy weather and an unforgiving schedule, I finally got my hands into some dirt this weekend.

    In February and March I began to think about what types of plants I would like to grow and thought about ordering seeds. Time passed and those seeds were still in my mind with no action taken to actually buy them. When it started to get warm I started to get nervous, was I too late? Luckily I was safe when it got cold again. Once the weather seemed to be holding, the rains intermittently filled the days keeping any sort of tilling at bay.

  • The choice: Change your weight or your age

    I commented to a friend Tuesday that I wished I could figure out a way to turn back the clock for some of my favorite people — one of whom is my 91-year-old grandmother — who are getting advanced in years.

    Later that day, while researching something completely unrelated, I found a way to do just that. The only catch is they’ll need to move to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.

    At http://www.exploratorium.edu/ronh/

  • May our heroes inspire us to be better people

    It might surprise our fire department and emergency medical service personnel to know that often enough they move me to tears.

    The tears are of admiration and a fervent prayer that God will take into account their generous courage and our cooperation with them as we scramble to clear a driving path for them as they race to yet another emergency. None of us moving out of the way is an extraordinarily good person all the time, but at this moment all of us are putting ourselves out for the benefit of others in grave need.

  • Diary of a terrible friendship is eye-opening

    Last year my granddaughter’s best friend was 4-year-old Braden because he lived next door and had a trampoline. Braden liked Caroline because, at 5, she was someone other than his baby brother.

    Except for the occasional meltdown because one or both of them were tired, the friendship worked well. Then Braden moved away, Connor moved in, and Caroline has a new best friend.

    Why can’t adult friendships be that easy?

  • My mother once resembled a giant hamburger

    My mother once asked me if she looked like giant hamburger.

    There was no hint of laughter in her voice. She simply stated the question and stared back at me for my response.

    I actually took a moment to look, survey the situation if you will, and finally gave her my honest opinion.

    “Nope,” I simply said after I looked her up and down.

    I didn’t ask her what brought about such an odd question. I was probably too busy with something else. I was in high school and friends, homework and worrying about myself took all my time.