• Political potpourri to warm a dreary day

    Looking out from the second-floor window to a wet and chilly W. Stephen Foster Avenue below, how about a plate of federal and state political potpourri?

  • It's time for Hillary to admit it's over

    Humor me while we conduct a little thought experiment. Imagine that Barack Obama had lost 10 contests in a row. Imagine that he now trailed Hillary Clinton substantially in the number of Democratic primaries and caucuses won, in total votes cast, in pledged convention delegates, in the overall delegate count, in fundraising and in the ineffable attribute called mojo. Imagine that Obama was struggling, at this late hour, to come up with the right message. What would the conventional wisdom say?

  • City's help cleaning up storm debris appreciated

    A few weeks back the wind whipped through Nelson County causing damage throughout the area.

    It wasn’t the week the tornadoes touched down in several county spots, but rather the week before when wind and rain came into our county with a fury.

  • Sometimes solace can be found in unlikely places

    Growing up, a little “mom and pop” restaurant was a favorite among locals in my hometown.

    The greasy spoon — Tom Pig’s — attracted construction workers on lunch breaks, families on a budget and local government officials wanting to rub elbows with Average Joes while getting a good bite of food in a down-home atmosphere.

    Located off the main drag downtown, the restaurant was my mother’s favorite place for breakfast — a place she dragged me to often as a kid.

  • Museums bring the world's gems close to home

    There is this picture of me when I was younger near or on top of (or both) a giant bear. It was a bronze sculpture. I had white pants with colorful stripes running down them and a brightly colored shirt (blue or yellow). I can’t remember where the picture was taken, and that’s not really the important part. The important part is that it reminds me of some of my first excursions to museums.

  • Just six degrees can change the world climate

    In Tom Dorsey’s TV News and Reviews in Saturday’s Courier- Journal there was a review that was shocking, even to me. It was about a National Geographic Channel documentary — “Six Degrees.” I repeat most of it here because it needs repeating and emphasizing.

  • Someone special is having a birthday Saturday

    On Saturday a very special person is celebrating a birthday. He is a father, grandfather, Christian, well liked and pretty handy around the house, too. Just who is this really swell guy?

  • New lifestyle choices a marathon, not a sprint

    Six-week update on the fresh and raw: enjoying the ever-expanding world of choices, still reading, still defining a direction. Bottom line: it’s been a good mental exercise; am feeling better, or at least have convinced myself of such; and for the first time, am not in a hurry — not trying to run a sprint but instead see it as a life change, thus the venture is much like attempting to maintain a decent pace for the mega-marathon that lies ahead.

  • The Clintons' beef with the media persists

    Are the news media being beastly to Hillary Clinton? Are political reporters and commentators — as Bill Clinton suggested but didn’t quite come out and say in a radio interview Tuesday — basically in the tank for Barack Obama?

  • 'Lesser of two evils' excuse is not valid

    To state the obvious, voting is the process by which we choose our leaders. What may not be so obvious is that the only alternative to ballots is to choose leaders with bullets. None of us wants that.

    Therefore, we all have to put aside our particular complaints about the current system of political campaigning and vote anyway. I have friends who say they are no longer going to vote for the lesser of two evils and will stay home. That’s a choice, but in my opinion it isn’t a good one.