• Helpful hints for a variety of inconveniences

    Since I have been a wife and mother, I have learned a lot of things about how to make a dollar last longer, shop on a budget and make a meal go further. I received an e-mail from an unknown source recently that listed several everyday household items used as home remedies to get stains out of clothes, soothe a tongue burn or even sunburn. Of course, you can try these at your own risk. I can’t really endorse any of these except for the ones I tried, but what harm could it do? Feel free to minimize these and keep them on your refrigerator for quick reference.

  • Put a song in your heart in your own backyard

    “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow. You’re always a day away.”

    Those lyrics flooded my head as I left the J. Dan Talbott Amphitheatre one recent Saturday after watching the musical production “Annie.”

  • Time that guides us, binds us, no time at all

    I can hardly believe that time has lapsed so quickly bringing forth what is nearly the end of summer. Although I no longer measure my summers by the days remaining before school begins, I still feel as though time is running out when I hear people talk about how the first day of school is just around the corner.

  • Mom donated hair to Locks of Love — again

    My mom got a haircut Friday and donated her hair to Locks of Love for the second time in two and a half years.

    Earlier that day, my mom took me to lunch. At the time, she had her long straight black hair pulled back in a ponytail like she normally does during the summer months. She always says she stays cooler that way. We talked about a lot of different things, but she failed to mention anything about a hair appointment.

  • Dropping the television habit with a thud

    I’ve done it. I have kicked my television habit and reduced my cable package to channels 1 through 12. No sense having all those other channels around to tempt me.

    OK, I haven’t actually done it yet, but I’m going to — just as soon as I catch the season finale of “Deadliest Catch.”

  • Trust me, toe injuries can be annoying

    More than a week ago, I slammed my foot into a door resulting in a broken toenail.

    It was a normal Saturday night of bringing my 3-year-old boxer, Lexie, in from outside. I opened the front door and as I proceeded to shuffle Lexie through the door, I felt the door slam into my left foot.

  • As a nation, we need to think things through

    A dear Sister of Mercy friend recently joined the crowd in the next phase of eternal life. Sister Mary Julius Voelz had lived and served a good while in Milwaukee. A delightful, visionary and positive energy person indeed!

    One of our Sisters sent me her memorial card. The front had an interesting prayer, “A Teacher’s Prayer,” author not listed. It read, “One day I would like to teach just a few people many and beautiful things that would help them when they will one day teach a few people.”

  • Combined effort leads to delicious payoff

    I’m positive none of us could have come up with the idea on our own.

    No, it took the brain power of four different women, in different age categories, with different life experiences and different solutions to figure out how to get the cherries out of the branches too high to reach.

    It all started with the family’s annual trip to West Virginia. Part of my dad’s family still lives there and his sisters, who live in North Carolina, usually make the trip as well so we can all gather for a weeklong reunion around the Fourth of July.

  • Celebrate a special brand of patriotism

    Anyone who took U.S. history in high school ought to know that one of the five men killed in the Boston Massacre, the atrocity that helped ignite the American Revolution, was a runaway slave named Crispus Attucks. The question the history books rarely consider is: Why?

  • Roosting chickens can't solve gas issues

    Once again, I suspect we are stuck with $4-a-gallon gasoline for the foreseeable future. That’s $4 and more, I should say. I see nothing on the horizon that would lower the price. Certainly the political rhetoric coming from Democrats and Republicans will not do it.