• Opinion: The new age of machines

    By Michael Quigley

    Have you ever noticed that once in a while a new machine arrives that heralds a new era of technology? If you are old enough to remember, perhaps it was the arrival of the jet engine that gave us high speed commercial aviation. Perhaps it was the arrival of the internet that has changed the way in which we communicate around the world.

  • Opinion: Bills beginning to pass through chambers

    Words cannot begin to express the shock and sadness felt throughout the state and around the country on Jan. 23 when an active shooter opened fire at Marshall County High School in Benton, taking two innocent students’ lives and injuring 18 others. It was a senseless act of violence committed by another student that we cannot even begin to understand.

  • Guardians of homeownership?
  • OPINION: The new and improved Bible for evangelical Trump fans



    The Washington Post

    Recently, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, talked to Politico’s Edward-Isaac Dovere to explain why evangelical Christians such as he were still supporting President Trump. He had a lot to say! For instance, he observed that evangelicals “were tired of being kicked around by Barack Obama and his leftists. And I think they are finally glad that there’s somebody on the playground that is willing to punch the bully.”

  • OPINION: Trump evangelicals have lost their gag reflex




    Billy Graham has been one of the most visible, respected and influential Christians in the world since the 1950s. But he often had a blind spot when it came to politics. Graham was Richard Nixon’s golfing buddy and spiritual adviser. He was there to pray with Nixon after every victory and loss. And Nixon consulted him on everything from his vice presidential pick to the conduct of the Vietnam War.

  • OPINION: ‘Thirteen Tears’ — Rachel Scott’s story

    Rachel Scott was having lunch with a friend outside Columbine High School on April 20, 1999 when classmates Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris approached and fired several gunshots, wounding them. As Rachel tried to crawl away, Harris lifted her by her hair and asked, “Do you believe in God?”

    “You know I do,” she answered.

    “Then go be with him,” he said, and shot her in the head.

    She was the first to die in the horror that was only beginning.

  • Opinion: Snow day learning really is different now

    By Rebecca Clark Brothers

    Forty years ago this month, Nelson and surrounding counties were blanketed under 20 inches of snow.

    That year, schools missed close to 30 days. This was before bank days and long-distance learning days, so students went for a month without any instruction. When they returned to school, the teachers may have had a quick review and then continued with their regular instruction. School may have ended in early June, but the instruction time was the same.

  • Opinion: On the presidency and the attention it attracts

    By Lee H. Hamilton

    Because we live in such tumultuous political times, it’s easy to believe that today’s intense public focus on the Trump presidency is something new — an obsession like none we’ve ever seen before. Yet to one degree or another, the president has always been at the center of the public’s attention.

  • Autonomy, inclusion and the abortion debate

    By Michael Gerson

    Forty-five years after Roe v. Wade was decided, the right to abortion that the Supreme Court discerned remains controversial and disputed.

  • Opinion: Ladies, let’s be reasonable or nothing will ever be sexy again

    By Aleandra Petri

    Ladies, please.

    (Puts up feet on table in a sage fashion.)