• OPINION: Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful to God

    Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday.

    It’s sort of like Christmas without the hassle, tension, tackiness and greed.

    There are no greeting cards to mail, gifts to buy and return, rude crowds, inane jingles on the radio or loud commercials with car salesmen in ridiculous red suits.

    Thanksgiving is about appreciating what we’ve already got, not a brief interlude before Black Friday. It’s also about being with and enjoying one’s family.

  • A trip to New York

    By Garrison Keillor

    Slight panic in the airport out in Texas. Waiting to check a bag, pull out my billfold, no driver’s license. Check pockets, briefcase. Credit cards, no license. The brain flutters. Hotel? Taxi? Pickpocket? A teen terrorist from Izvestistan perhaps, trying to persuade TSA he is 75 and from Anoka, Minnesota?

    How about dementia? Loss of license today, tomorrow can’t conjugate “lay” and “say,” next day my wife’s name is missing along with the three branches of government.

  • Opinion: Investigation includes spectacular level of lies

    By Michael Gerson

    I spent part of my convalescence from a recent illness reading some of the comprehensive timelines of the Russia investigation (which indicates, I suppose, a sickness of another sort). One, compiled by Politico, runs to nearly 12,000 words — an almost book-length account of stupidity, cynicism, hubris and corruption at the highest levels of American politics.

  • Opinion: McConnell has tough choices with Moore and GOP

    By Al Cross

    On Nov. 8, things didn’t look good for the Republican Party and the leader of its Senate majority, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Elections in Virginia and elsewhere the day before showed a revolt against President Trump, and the party’s nominee for a special Senate election in Alabama was a twice-defrocked judge who was running mainly against McConnell and the Republican establishment.

  • Opinion: ’Twas the night before Thanksgiving

    By David Whitlock

    I’ll take the night before Thanksgiving over Christmas Eve any year. Christmas Eve is a tired ol’day, worn out by the flurry of activity preceding it, and by the time it arrives, usually too soon, it’s all out of breath as it plops its burden of stress and strain — last minute shopping, checklists, nagging questions (Did I get her the right gift? Will it fit him? Should I have just given the kids money and been done with it?) — at your doorstep.

  • Editorial: County needs a new jail, and we don’t need to wait

    The Nelson County Jail is 30 years old and grossly overcrowded.

    Built in 1987 at 810 W. Stephen Foster Ave. to replace a 19th century jail in the downtown area, the “new” jail was constructed to house about 100 people and serve a county with a smaller population than we now have. The jail now, as a matter of routine, has a population that exceeds 150 and overcrowding is a way of life. This is particularly true for the facilities for women.

  • Ethics is about being equally fair to all

    By Terry Welshans

    My father-in-law was a huge basketball fan. If a game was on, he would be glued to the radio, his preferred method of following the game. The squeal of the sneakers and the reverberation of the hoop as the ball ricochets off would make him lean in for a few seconds, then applaud if his team did well, or just sit back if not. He liked the University of Kentucky best, but he had a son at the University of Louisville. He was an equal opportunity fan, I guess.

    He passed away more than 20 years ago, and we miss him to this day.

  • Opinion: Remember soldiers, others during holidays

    The leaves fell and the weather grew cooler as we transitioned into this blustery November. As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, the legislature continues to hold Interim Joint Committee meetings throughout the commonwealth and in Frankfort.

  • Opinion: The limits of the ‘both sides are bad’ argument

    By David Shams

    For the last 18 years, I’ve studied conflict. The types of conflagrations most Americans know little about, but nonetheless are familiar with — the Balkans, Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine, Syria, etc.

    Within the context of conflict, I’ve tried to parse out the definition of objectivity.

  • Opinion: Lost in the fog of materialism

    By Michael Quigley