• COLUMN: Election reform is about more than fraud

    A dozen years ago, the preface to a report on federal election reform began with these words: “Polls indicate that many Americans lack confidence in the electoral system, but the political parties are so divided that serious electoral reform is unlikely without a strong bipartisan voice.”

  • COLUMN: Thoughts on fall, All Hallows Eve and Advent

    The calendar says Sept. 22 was the beginning of fall, but the mercury says otherwise.

    The first few days of autumn were hot, and the air so humid you could almost drink it. This past week, it was in the 80s almost every day. If we don’t get cooler days and rain soon, we won’t see those beautiful fall colors.

  • COLUMN: Time to pay the tab on pensions

    A lot has been written and said about Kentucky’s pension crisis and I have followed it closely as I am a pensioner myself. But I’ve yet to see an honest, straightforward explanation as to how we got in this shape. In fact, all I’ve seen has been so carefully worded — some might even say so euphemistically worded — that I fear those of you not intimately involved with KERS (Kentucky Employees Retirement System) are missing the 800-pound gorilla in the room.

  • Opinion: Much work to be done during interim session

    Autumn is already upon us as we celebrate the return of fall colors and cooler weather. In advance of the special session, members of the Kentucky General Assembly have been busy during the interim period. Although we are not in session currently, there are many issues that face our commonwealth that can be addressed outside of the convened legislative body including hearing from citizens across the state about issues that directly affect them.

  • Opinion: Rest and relaxation, right?

    Have you ever had a couple of days where you have absolutely nothing to do and just kick back and relax? Yeah, me neither. It is always something going on, always something to do. In just this past month we have had a refrigerator go out, an A/C unit quit, two cars in the shop and I am pretty sure this old computer I am working on today is nearing its last breath.

  • OPINION: God has sent us a Judge, hallelujah



    The Washington Post


  • OPINION: Wielding ignorance, malice Trump further divides




    It is often difficult to determine if Donald Trump’s offenses against national unity and presidential dignity are motivated by ignorance or malice. His current crusade against sideline activism at professional football games features both.

  • OPINION:Real newspapers, real news


    Guest Columnist

    “Real Newspapers, Real News” is the theme of this year’s National Newspaper Week (Oct. 1-7.) Indeed, there’s always been lots of “real” at newspapers. Real stories, real journalism, real work, real deadlines, real honesty, real facts, real changes and, now, real threats.

  • OPINION: Conservative cartoon conundrums

    As an editor I field more than a few complaints. That’s just how it goes in this job and many others. You hear more from the people who are unhappy than the people who are happy. It can be hard to remember when you have someone call you up and complain about something in the paper, that is one reader out of 7,000.

    But I try to listen to our readers’ concerns and engage them. Sometimes we can work out an issue. Other times people just need to vent.

  • Opinion: Just asking

    By David Whitlock

    I left my house by 5 a.m., drove to Louisville to pray with a parishioner who was undergoing a complicated and major surgical procedure, drove back to Lebanon, and walked into the church office by about 10 a.m. Hearing someone speaking loudly to me from the other end of the hallway, I turned around to make sure he was addressing me.

    He was.

    “Well, it must be nice not to have to come to work until 10 o’clock,” he hollered.