• Map the Meal Gap shows the real picture

    While we may not like to admit it, hunger is everywhere, in every single community, including Nelson County.

    While the economy has been improving, food insecurity and poverty remain higher than before the Great Recession of 2008 began. And while food insecurity rates have declined, the millions of people still facing hunger could be falling further behind.

  • A father’s love takes many forms

    A father is the best teacher there is to be a father.

    There’s no handbook that I have found. There are plenty of books and websites willing to dispense advice. But as I near the one-decade mark of being a father to two little boys, what I find most valuable are the lessons my father taught me.

    He was not perfect, but he did more right than he got wrong. I’m sure I am making my own mistakes, and will make more in the future, but I hope that in the end I can live up to providing my boys with as good a father as I had.

  • Just say ‘thanks’ this Father’s Day

    By David Whitlock

    “I’ve got this,” my son, David, told me as me as he reached for the check.

    “What are you talking about?” I asked.

    And my wife, Lori, chimed in, “You don’t need to pay for our dinner.”

    We were visiting David in his new home. His girlfriend had driven down to meet us for dinner at a favorite dinning spot of his.

  • Community — that’s what it’s all about

    Association Executive
    Old Ky Home  Board of Realtors

    Beginning in 2015, (our 50th year as a Chartered Real Estate board), the Old KY Home Board of REALTORS® held its first community cookout. The idea behind this event was to show our organization’s commitment to serving the public, by literally “serving the public”! Almost all of our members took part in creating this event and have continued the effort since then.

  • Opinon: Tradition, regulations and laws decide flag displays

    The Stars and Stripes have long represented the values and history of the United States, but oftentimes we do not know or fully understand how to respect “Old Glory’s” presence. Today, we celebrate the annual Flag Day to honor our nation’s emblem. In light of that holiday, Memorial Day, and the quickly-approaching Fourth of July, I thought it relevant to share some of the United States’ tradition, regulations, and laws pertaining to the American flag, all of which can be found in various government publications.

  • Opinion: Will voters remember casting ballots for Trump?

    By Terry Welshans

    I must be nearly the only person who voted for Richard Nixon in 1968 or in 1972, as I have spoken with only a few who recall voting for him. I find that surprising as he carried almost every state in both elections, with only one state voting for George McGovern in 1972, thereby losing the 14 Electoral College votes in Massachusetts and one lone vote in Virginia.

  • You can’t govern by id

    By Charles Krauthammer

    Having coined Bush Derangement Syndrome more than a decade ago, I feel authorized to weigh in on its most recent offshoot. What distinguishes Trump Derangement Syndrome is not just general hysteria about the subject, but additionally the inability to distinguish between legitimate policy differences on the one hand and signs of psychic pathology on the other.

  • Opinion: What’s the big deal about Paris?

    By Garrison Keillor

  • Opinion: Congress needs to reassert itself on use of force

    By Lee H. Hamilton

    The Trump Administration, like its predecessors, has shown an apparent appetite for the use of force overseas. The “mother of all bombs” dropped on Syrian troops, saber-rattling toward North Korea, deployments of U.S. forces in 10 or more countries — all of this suggests a growing comfort with the idea of putting our troops in dangerous places.

  • Opinion: SPJ to Bevin: Don’t mess with the press

    Two things Gov. Matt Bevin should understand:

    First, the press is not his enemy.

    Second, he doesn’t want to make an enemy of the press. That would not turn out well for him or us.

    This week, the Society of Professional Journalists scolded the governor for his statements ridiculing one of the best in the business: Tom Loftus of The Courier-Journal, who has covered state government in Kentucky longer than I’ve worked for newspapers and is scrupulously independent and nonpartisan.