• OPINION: ‘Stephen Foster’ is a Kentucky tradition

    On June 10, I had the distinct pleasure to attend the opening night of “The Stephen Foster Story” in historic Bardstown. The talented cast was so entertaining, and the night flew by. The musical is truly a great Kentucky story about the life and music of the talented Stephen Foster, one of the first genuinely American composers.

  • OPINION: Mexico, borders and trade among nations

    Mexico has always been the “big problem” for the U.S. A neighbor whom we have regarded as perpetually impoverished; who seeks to steal our jobs; and whose violent gangs seek to engage our youth in violence and drugs. But, is it a problem because of the fear we have of their violence? Or, isn’t it fear of hordes of Mexico’s poor flooding our cities and overwhelming our systems?

  • OPINION: Trump ignores Obama’s progress with Iran


    Guest Columnist

    The Iranian Revolution and its aftermath, including the hostage crisis, form the basis for the antipathy many Americans feel for Iran. It was the Iranians who held U.S. diplomats hostage for 444 days, parading them, for maximum effect, across American television screens virtually every night.

  • OPINION: Good people, bad people and those in between

    Good and bad are very subjective terms. We all think we know the difference, and in many ways we do, but when it comes to people, the lines get somewhat blurry.

    Just a few weeks ago, we had an incident in this area where someone was killed after committing an alleged crime and taking a few shots at the police in the process. Seems pretty cut and dried. This was a bad guy and killing him was a good thing.

  • Taking a break from the news

    The sign by my seat said, “Fasten seatbelt whilst seated,” so clearly it was a British airline. My daughter and wife were alongside me and we were off to Europe for a break from the news. Our mad king had essentially been indicted in sworn testimony and he claimed vindication and offered to testify under oath, forgetting the one he’d taken in January. Crazy times: it’s good to go away.

  • When will we get off this carousel of hate?

    Tragedies such as the attack on a congressional baseball team cry out for interpretation, and resist it.

  • Map the Meal Gap shows the real picture

    While we may not like to admit it, hunger is everywhere, in every single community, including Nelson County.

    While the economy has been improving, food insecurity and poverty remain higher than before the Great Recession of 2008 began. And while food insecurity rates have declined, the millions of people still facing hunger could be falling further behind.

  • A father’s love takes many forms

    A father is the best teacher there is to be a father.

    There’s no handbook that I have found. There are plenty of books and websites willing to dispense advice. But as I near the one-decade mark of being a father to two little boys, what I find most valuable are the lessons my father taught me.

    He was not perfect, but he did more right than he got wrong. I’m sure I am making my own mistakes, and will make more in the future, but I hope that in the end I can live up to providing my boys with as good a father as I had.

  • Just say ‘thanks’ this Father’s Day

    By David Whitlock

    “I’ve got this,” my son, David, told me as me as he reached for the check.

    “What are you talking about?” I asked.

    And my wife, Lori, chimed in, “You don’t need to pay for our dinner.”

    We were visiting David in his new home. His girlfriend had driven down to meet us for dinner at a favorite dinning spot of his.

  • Community — that’s what it’s all about

    Association Executive
    Old Ky Home  Board of Realtors

    Beginning in 2015, (our 50th year as a Chartered Real Estate board), the Old KY Home Board of REALTORS® held its first community cookout. The idea behind this event was to show our organization’s commitment to serving the public, by literally “serving the public”! Almost all of our members took part in creating this event and have continued the effort since then.