• A message to this year’s graduates

    As our 2016 graduates walk across the stage, I want to take a moment to congratulate them for their hard work and accomplishments.

    This year’s class is entering a world much different than the one I entered as I graduated high school. Technology has vastly changed the makeup of our workforce, and an uncertain economy often makes job hunting a difficult task.

  • Opinion: Primary postmortem: Who really won?

    By Al Cross

    Last week’s primary dealt the cards for the Nov. 8 general election. Who holds the good hands in Kentucky?

    Not Hillary Clinton. With a huge effort, she avoided embarrassment, but her 0.43-percentage-point win over Bernie Sanders was less a victory than an avoidance of setback.

  • Opinion: Sanders’s scorched-earth campaign is a gift to Trump

    Bernie Sanders is playing a dangerous game. If he and his campaign continue their scorched-earth attacks against the Democratic Party, they will succeed in only one thing: electing Donald Trump as president.

  • Opinion: The Donald Trump-Bernie Sanders two-step

    The upshot of the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump phenomena is that both parties are moving to the left.

    Sanders’ and Trump’s styles and affects are very different — the rumpled, oddball lecturer in Socialism 101 vs. the boastful, power-tie-wearing business mogul — but they have worked in tandem to ensure that the center of gravity in this fall’s presidential election will be further to the left than it has been in decades.

  • Opinion: So, you asked, ‘What about Hillary?’

    The letter writer’s name, address, phone number, salutation, signature, and a terse message: 

    “Dear Mr. Patrick, I have read your columns on Mr. Trump. I have been waiting on your column on Hillary ... Sincerely, H.H.”

    I’m not going to disclose the gentleman’s name, but I’m going to do my best to answer his question.

  • Opinion: Well-rounded graduates find success
  • Opinion: Bikes, pumps, brain surgery and Parkinson’s, pt. 2

    By John Swarts

    April was Parkinson’s Disease Awareness month.

    Part two of this two-part series of articles will be of interest to all in the community who have a connection to PD.

    PD, the ‘quiet disease’

  • Opinion: Long may you run — a boy and his horsepower

    The Culvers came and took my car away Wednesday. I thought I was going to cry.

    The guy gave me a little money for it, but it was less than I had spent on parts, labor and towing when it broke down in the rain on my way to a party last December, and I had to replace the timing belt.

    That was a joke between Dad and I; that I shouldn’t buy a new car because soon I would have replaced so many parts that my old Camry would mostly be new.

  • Opinion: Dr. Sonne more than a surgeon

    By Dr. Harry Spalding

    Over the years I have written a number of articles to the Standard entitled “Heroes Among Us.”

    This will be the last one. It is dedicated to Dr. John Sonne, who just died. John served the community as its first surgeon, and in other civic positions, such as the City School Board. He had served in the Army in World War ll, part of the time in a Battalion Aid Station, right behind the front lines in the Army’s march across France and Germany.

  • Opinion: Two wings of the same bird kills the GOP

    Part of our party went missing a few years back, and it took some time to figure out where they went and why. Turn back the clocks to the mid-1970s and we can see that we had a lot more Democrats in our fold than we do today. I was raised by the philosophy that Democrats were for the working middle class and poor, and the Republicans mainly represented big business and the wealthy. For many years that held true. A simple research of legislation and campaign supporters demonstrated that divide.

    Not anymore.