• A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

    In what world can 62=3.6 billion? The short answer: In the world of deregulated, laissez-faire capitalism! While some of the richest billionaires sipped champagne at their yearly gathering at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland — Oxfam released their latest report on global wealth inequality. The stunning conclusion of the Oxfam report was this: “In 2015, just 62 individuals had the same amount of wealth as 3.6 billion people — the bottom half of humanity.” This is the shameful result of unregulated capitalism.

  • Watch your step when tracking time

    By David Whitlock

    “I walked 48 steps today,” she proudly announced in response to my question, “How are you doing?”

    She was in a long-term care facility, determined to get better and back to her home.

    “Of course, I’m sure 48 steps doesn’t sound like much to you, but it’s a big improvement for me.”

    She was right in saying 48 steps didn’t seem like much for me. But my situation is totally different than hers. For her, walking 48 steps was an amazing accomplishment.

  • Fifth week was historic in several ways

    The fifth week of the 2016 legislative session in Frankfort was historic in a number of ways. Gov. Matt Bevin signed his first piece of legislation, Senate Bill 4. We also said goodbye to a former state senator and civil rights activist, Georgia Davis Powers.

    A memorial service was held to honor the late Sen. Powers, who was the first African-American and first woman elected to the Kentucky Senate. Her visitation attracted Kentuckians from all corners of the state to pay respects to her and her family.

  • House majority stubbornly avoids debate

    Last week, Matt Bevin signed his first bill as governor.

    Senate Bill 4 is known as the “Informed Consent Bill,” because it requires a face-to-face interview with a woman who is considering terminating the life of the child that she carries. This commonsense law, for the first time in almost two decades, will bring abortion services into conformity with law that governs every other surgery performed in Kentucky.

  • Republicans feel the burn — from each other

     Heading into New Hampshire, the race for the nomination of the once-genteel Republican Party seems to have entered a kind of “Mad Max” phase.

    It is no surprise that Donald Trump is doing his best to create political mayhem. Trump was uncharacteristically subdued Monday night when he underperformed in Iowa, getting beaten by Ted Cruz and barely holding on to second place. But within 24 hours he was back in form, slashing and burning with abandon.

  • Don’t discount Donald Trump

     Donald Trump’s loss in Iowa wasn’t just a victory for conservatives, but a loss for the mogul’s routinely low and dishonest style of campaigning.

  • How to tell if Congress is working again
  • VIEWPOINTS: Room in the Inn could alleviate homelessness

     Last October,  I found hidden in the woods near Bardstown’s oldest neighborhood a little tent amidst some underbrush, perched on the edge of a high cliff. Days before, it had been the shelter of a homeless couple who had since been taken in by a local resident.

    “On the Edge.” That was the title of a series on homelessness and poverty I worked on throughout last year.

  • Plant shows that defiance can be a virtue

    “I see you’ve got a cabbage plant that’s still hanging in there,” my son, Dave noticed.

    That was during Christmas break. How that plant had managed to make it through most of December, I don’t know.

    Then it was late January, and there it was, still alive. It seemed impossible.

    “Did you know there’s one green plant left in your garden?” Lori was looking through her binoculars, watching the snow falling when she eyed the lone survivor in my very dormant vegetable garden.

  • Art is not subject to any kind of quota

    There are turbulent times ahead. As I write this, the Iowa caucus is still a couple of days away, the New Hampshire primary over a week in the future, and the Academy Awards not until the end of the month. All seem to take up an extraordinary amount of Facebook posts, leaving little space for cats in boxes or clever dog cartoons. I, for one, am so glad we have these remarkable phones that are actually powerful computers and can access such life-altering news 24/7.