• Slow down and enjoy the holidays

    I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas Season and a happy New Year.

    For the second year in a row, the hustle of Christmas parties, parades, church services and family get-togethers seems more intense with a shorter period between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Don’t let the stress and hectic schedule ruin your holiday. I hope I take my own advice when I say, “Slow down and enjoy the holidays.”

  • No matter your religion, we’re not here to squabble

    Merry Christmas, everyone, and I sincerely hope a great New Year.

    Humanity has struggled since man first inhabited the earth, both before and after Jesus came to visit us as a human. His message is loud and clear: Love one another. It is a simple commandment, but hard as the dickens to follow.

  • Christmas is a season to count our blessings

    I’m dreaming of a white Christmas …

    Here in Kentucky, Christmas is more likely to be wet than white, but the meteorologists are predicting a big storm the morning of Dec.25, so one can only hope.

    There’s something magical about snow — the crispness of the air, the way it carries scents like cedar and bourbon, the beauty of sunlight on a field of white.

    Today is the first day of winter, and I don’t mind. I like all the seasons.

  • A win for Cuba’s people

    President Obama’s historic opening to Cuba is long overdue — and has a chance of hastening the Castro dictatorship’s demise. Critics of the accord should explain why they believe a policy that has failed miserably for half a century could work.

  • READER'S VIEW: Cheap gas comes at what cost?

    I cannot help but wonder what price are we going to pay for the now cheap gasoline. Will it be measured in dollars, in bodies or ecology? Maybe it’s an auction of our children’s future, to be paid after the current terms expires. It may also be a consequence of the stand-down in occupied territories.

  • More reasons why ‘tort reform’ is hooey

    Chad McCoy

    Community Columnist


    As promised, more proof that the tort reform advocates are making up lies and attempting to scare us and our legislature into giving them an unfair advantage over people who have been injured.

    The tort reformers say that in order to avoid all the “frivolous lawsuits,” we should have a panel of experts review each case before it is filed. This is complete hogwash designed to do nothing but put a stamp of approval on the defense of a case.

    How can I say this?

  • Black lives matter


    Community Columnist


    I Can’t Breathe.

    Over the past few months we’ve seen these adages ubiquitously posted on Facebook and Instagram and tweeted on Twitter and many other places in response to the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of law enforcement officers.

  • Monitor your propane use and know your options

    By Attorney General Jack Conway

    Last winter, many Kentuckians who rely on propane to heat their homes and businesses exhausted their propane supply amid a nationwide shortage, soaring propane prices and frigid weather conditions.

    Despite shortages, the majority of propane companies worked with their customers to make partial deliveries or provide them waivers to receive propane from another supplier, which Kentucky law requires. However, this wasn’t the case for all Kentucky propane users.

  • A simple way to get ready for Christmas

    By David Whitlock

    The Bluegrass country around Lexington, not far from where I live in Lebanon, is home to some of the finest racehorses. It’s exciting to watch the horses bolt from the starting gate, and the sound of their hooves thunders across the track.

    That’s the picture I have of so many people at the start of Christmas season. Facing a flurry of activities on the way to what appears to be the finish line on Dec. 25, they race until they practically fall flat, exhausted from trying to live up to the demands of the season.

  • Court favors company profits over workers’ time

    Workers suffered a serious setback Monday then the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that an employer could require an action by an employee but does not have to compensate that worker for his or her time.

    The unanimous decision in the case, Integrity Staffing Solutions Inc. v. Busk, illustrates that the interpretation of law is not always what most people would consider fair.