• What Wendell Ford’s life meant

    By Al Cross

    When a person of importance dies, at least two big questions must be asked: What did this life mean, and how might it continue to guide us?

    Soon after Wendell H. Ford died Thursday morning, his lasting nemesis, Mitch McConnell, was on the Senate floor with a stout assessment: “Ford shaped the history of the commonwealth in ways few others had before him.”

    Stout, but not glowing.

  • It’s not about the knots

    By David Whitlock

    Two days after Christmas I surprised my wife with a post-Christmas present. It had been something of a blue Christmas for her, and I thought my gift would help.

    So I gave her a rope.

    “A what?” you incredulously ask. “A rope? Really?”

    Maybe you’re thinking my gift ranks right up there with Barney Fife (Don Knotts, “The Andy Griffith Show”) giving his mom and dad a septic tank for their anniversary.

  • READERS’ VIEWS: Jan. 28, 2015

    I meet a lot of people who skip church, not realizing its benefits. The church stands between you and starvation because only Christians and Israelis can produce enough food to feed themselves and have some left over. When non-church people get in control, starvation and killing are usual, as in the case of Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

    Everyone I know who graduated from college, except one, grew up in church. Some other benefits are:

    • more preaching, less crime

    • better father/child relationships

  • Authority figures are not always meant to be friends

    By Rebecca Clark Brothers

    During Anti-Bullying Month of October 2014, I wrote an editorial about cyber bullying. Now that a 12-year-old child has died, perhaps our community finally realizes that bullying exists in a different way than it did when most of us were in school. During the last 20-30 years, parents, teachers, and principals now think they are supposed to be friends with young people and not the adults or the authority figure.

  • I’m proud of my job, and we’re proud of you
  • Gout: What should you know about it?

    Dr. Mark Abramovich, M.D.

    Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice

    We have all heard about the disease gout, some mysterious disorder that is very painful in the toes/fingers or other small joints. It seems to be associated with people who consume alcohol or eat rich foods and the diagnosis can be confusing as well.

    In this article, I will try to clear up some of the misinformation about this common disease.

  • What’s the GOP thinking?

    There they go again. Given control of Congress and the chance to frame an economic agenda for the middle class, the first thing Republicans do is tie themselves in knots over . . . abortion and rape.

  • Obama’s foolish Gitmo fixation

    President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address was an advertisement for his ideological fixity, and so he reiterated his unbending determination to close down the prison facility at Guantanamo Bay.

    Gitmo is to him what Carthage was to Cato the Elder. It is an obsession, and it must not stand.

    One of his first acts as president was to sign an executive order to close it down (having no idea what that would entail), and if he has to, he will send Marine One to evacuate the last of the detainees as he leaves office in January 2017.

  • It’ll never be time for term limits on Congress

    Lee H Hamilton

    Director of the Center on Congress

    Indiana University

    It didn’t get much attention at the time, but the elections last November did more than give Republicans a majority in the U.S. Senate. Voters also added to the ranks of people on both sides of Capitol Hill who believe members of Congress should serve a limited number of terms.

  • Parents, teachers, students must end bullying

    As a reporter for more than 30 years, I have covered the funerals of three police officers who were murdered. I have interviewed parents and grandparents of soldiers who died in battle and the young daughter of a firefighter who gave his life trying to save the lives of others at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.