• Baltimore, a Great Society failure

    President Barack Obama responded to the Baltimore riots with a heartfelt bout of self-righteous hectoring.

    Supposedly, we all know what’s wrong with Baltimore and how to fix it, but don’t care enough. Not only is this attitude highhanded, it rests on a flagrantly erroneous premise.

  • Tear down abandoned buildings and rebuild Baltimore

    BALTIMORE. This city needs to be built up again, but first a lot of it ought to be torn down.

    There has been much talk, following Monday’s night of rage, about the social maladies that afflict this city. One of the most visible should also be one of the most straightforward to address: Baltimore’s enormous stock of derelict, abandoned housing. Federal, state and local officials should work together — now — to eliminate this blight.

  • Sanders, last socialist, runs for the roses

    If you ask the odds makers, they’ll tell you the Democratic presidential nomination contest is still a one-horse race, with Hillary Clinton sure to get the garland of roses.

    But Bernie Sanders, who announced Thursday he’s in the running, reminds me of Mine That Bird, the 50-1 upstart that crashed the blue bloods’ party and made Bob Baffert choke on his mint julep by winning the Kentucky Derby in 2009.

  • The Doomsday Clock moves forward

    By Nelda Moore

    Late last month, there was a small, out-of-the-way, news item about the Doomsday Clock: Its hands were moved to three minutes before midnight. Midnight is when the annihilation of our species, along with a lot of others, takes place. The clock had been at 11:55 until this update.

  • Following pipeline issue as it unfolds

    Recently, it was announced that the Federal Environmental Regulatory Commission will study a proposed conversion of a natural gas pipeline that crosses Kentucky. As you know, this gas line, most of which is underground, was completed in 1944 as a part of a wartime effort to supply natural gas to the Northeast.

    A proposal to repurpose the 70-year-old line calls for burying the segment that currently crosses over the Dix River and Harrington Lake, and switching it to liquid gas instead of the natural gas it carries now. 

  • Relay for Life also shares stories of hope

    “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

    This quote has stuck with me for years and I constantly meet people who prove it.

    Last year, I wrote a column to promote Nelson County’s Relay for Life that explained why I hate cancer. Cancer is vile and unbiased. It took my husband’s mother from him in 2012. Just this morning, before I settled in to write this, I read a story about a young man, a friend of a friend, who lost his life to the disease Sunday evening.

  • Do we still think drones are a good idea?

    Drone strikes, by their nature, are bound to kill innocent civilians. It is all too easy to ignore this ugly fact — and the dubious morality of the whole enterprise — until the unfortunate victims happen to be Westerners.

    Only then does “collateral damage” become big news and an occasion for public sorrow. President Obama acknowledged Thursday that a January strike in Pakistan against a suspected al-Qaeda compound killed two men who were being held as hostages by the terrorist group: Warren Weinstein, an American, and Giovanni Lo Porto, an Italian.

  • President Obama: a sucker by design

    When Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks, the world should listen.

    He has a much keener sense of the direction of negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program than the president of the United States, and is evidently much more forthright about it.

    When the Iranians and the United States cut what was portrayed as a tentative deal on the Iranian nuclear program, they described it differently. The U.S. emphasized that sanctions would only be phased out gradually and that inspections would ensure complete transparency.

  • Bring on those 60 birthday candles

    By David Whitlock

    At last, here’s some good news from the wide world of news. This one comes from Stony Brook University and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

    Researchers there have concluded that age measurements that have traditionally categorized people as “elderly” or “old” at a certain age (usually 65) are no longer valid and must adjust accordingly.

  • GOP ‘traveling caravan of ignorance’

    By Al Cross

    The four Republican candidates for governor are all smart people, but they are saying many dumb things as they try to appeal to the GOP base in the May 19 primary election.

    This column isn’t about global warming, which all of them denied during a debate on the cn|2 cable channel last week. Denying the science of it seems to have become an almost tribal article of faith for Republican activists, but when comes to being governor, that doesn’t matter much.