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  • School bus collides with SUV

    No children were seriously injured, but the driver of an SUV that was rear-ended by a school bus on East Stephen Foster Avenue Tuesday afternoon was taken by ambulance to Flaget Memorial Hospital.

    Sgt. Andrew Riley of the Bardstown Police would only give her last name as Payton, and said she was from Bardstown. The last name of the driver of the Bardstown Independent Schools bus was Brock.

    Riley said Payton had stopped for a traffic light when the bus hit her from behind.

  • COMMUNITY NOTES-Nov. 10-15, 2017


    The next public Anatok meeting is 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 15, at the Old Courthouse.

    Lincoln Trail Board

    The Lincoln Trail Area Development District Board of Directors will meet at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 15, at the Lincoln Trail ADD office in Elizabethtown.

    Street closing

  • Family, friends remember women killed in crash

    She squinted as she watched the pink balloon float to the heavens, the string brushing by her tiny hand. A simple message disappeared into the sun. “I love you mommy.”

    Little Bailie Rose was among the youngest of mourners, joining the dozens of family and friends who gathered at Dean Watts Park Saturday afternoon to remember Billie Rose Watts and Amber Tingle, two young women killed in a crash in August that left its impact on the community — an impact felt as the colorful balloons drifted from the hands that held them.

  • Family adds to museum’s Hal Moore exhibit

    As Steve Moore stood in a packed room at the First Presbyterian Church Saturday afternoon, he gestured out the window and across the street to the Hal Moore Military Museum on the corner of Second and East Broadway. Inside the building, a new exhibit was unveiled honoring his late father, Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, a Bardstown native and hero of Vietnam.

  • New Haven hosts Veterans Day ceremony

    “America the Beautiful” rang out around City Hall Saturday morning as dozens gathered for the annual Veterans Day ceremony in New Haven. It’s a tradition that has been held in the city for years, and is considered a welcoming experience for many.

    As she has for many years, Tessie Cecil, who is serving again as mayor of the city, spoke with the audience about the importance of helping, remembering and celebrating veterans.

  • NELSON SCENE: Nov. 15, 2017
  • Opinion: The limits of the ‘both sides are bad’ argument

    By David Shams

    For the last 18 years, I’ve studied conflict. The types of conflagrations most Americans know little about, but nonetheless are familiar with — the Balkans, Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine, Syria, etc.

    Within the context of conflict, I’ve tried to parse out the definition of objectivity.

  • Opinion: Lost in the fog of materialism

    By Michael Quigley

  • Editorial: Preparation needed as bourbon boom rolls

    Last week’s announcement by the Stoli Group to build its new Kentucky Owl Park facility on the 420 acres that now hosts the Cedar Creek Quarry represents something of a gauntlet being thrown down for the city of Bardstown and its growing bourbon tourism industry.

    It’s fantastic news, but the question is, are we ready to handle it?

  • Cecil joins Guthrie for ceremony in Washington