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  • EDITORIAL: Too many Kentuckians are locked up

    Kentucky’s prisons and jails are bulging, not with brutal fiends and diabolical criminal minds, but with non-violent drug abusers who stole something to support their habit, then failed a drug test or missed an appointment with their probation officer.

    The number of Kentuckians committing serious felonies is in decline. And, yet, prison admissions jumped 32 percent in five years, driven by the least serious felonies (Class D) and revocations of probation or parole for technical violations, not for committing new crimes.

  • Woman dies from injuries sustained in fire

    Judy Richardson-Jett, 71, who was critically burned in a fire in a garage or shed at her home on Louisville Road March 3, has succumbed to her injuries.

    She died Thursday night at University of Louisville Hospital, where she had been airlifted after her accident last Saturday afternoon.

    Richardson-Jett was a former member of the Nelson County Board of Education and the sister of Commonwealth’s Attorney Terry Geoghegan.

  • Sizemore honored by Boy Scouts

    Jamie Sizemore remembered how her sons went from being Boy Scouts to Scout leaders.

    Grayson started the family’s involvement when he became a Tiger Scout in first grade, and years later, when he became a leader, the other boys “looked up to him” not only for his abilities but because he was more than six feet tall.

    And it was hard for Jamie to keep a straight face when her youngest, Corbin, who was put in charge of the young Scouts who had just crossed over from Cubs to Boy Scouts, grumped about how “immature” they were.

  • GO Center’s new CEO part of founding family

    The Guthrie Opportunity Center Foundation’s newest member finds himself working with an organization his mother helped start years ago. Rick McKay is in his first month as CEO for the GO Center, which serves a special segment of the local community.

  • Craig visits McCoy in Frankfort

    Gracyn Craig was photographed with Rep. Chad McCoy in Frankfort during the legislative session. Craig is a sixth-grader at Bardstown Middle School.

  • Bardstown City Council briefs from March 6

    Copeland makes pitch for women legislators

    Bardstown Councilwoman Kecia Copeland wants her city to join the National Foundation for Women Legislators.

    March is Women’s History Month, and what better way to celebrate the role of women in leadership than to join the NFWL, she asked at Tuesday’s meeting.

    She wants the city to join by the official proclamation day of March 19.

  • COMMUNITY NOTES: Published March 11, 2018


    Bardstown City Council

    Bardstown City Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 13.

    Thomas Nelson High SBDM Council

    The Thomas Nelson High SBDM Council will meet at 4 p.m. Tuesday, March 13, in the front office. All are welcome to attend.


    The next public Anatok meeting will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 14, at the Old Courthouse.


    Optimist Club

  • IN THE KITCHEN: Which olive oil is the right one for you?

    Not a week goes by without someone extolling the virtues of Mediterranean cuisine and its central ingredient, olive oil. But considering that there are approximately 2,000 varieties on the market, making a choice among the rows of bottles on grocery store shelves can be daunting. Here are a few pointers about olive oil so you can get the best value for price.

    First, a lesson: The olive is

    a fruit, of which there are more than 500 varieties around the world. Almost all the olives we eat and use are produced by six countries in the Mediterranean basin.

  • IN THE KITCHEN: You can give the nod to red wine and dark chocolate

    Foodies love giving in to the temptations of fine red wine and the best dark chocolate. And more and more studies are giving them a good reason to do so, particularly because of their health benefits for the heart. Of course, the key word here is moderation, meaning a glass of red wine and just a few pieces of dark chocolate per day.

  • >>Good Citizen Award

    Bardstown High School student Lauren Roby and Bethlehem High School student Emily Faith were named DAR Good Citizens recently. Connor Foster was also the Good Citizen Essay Contest Winner.