Today's News

  • NCS to hold special-called meeting Dec. 7

    Nelson County Schools will hold a special-called meeting at 2 p.m. Dec. 7 at the Central Office (this is a new location from what was originally scheduled).

    The agenda for this meeting includes:

    I. Call to Order

    Board Chair

  • Deputies recover stolen car

    Two people are in jail in Nelson County after sheriff’s deputies recovered a stolen vehicle from Alabama Saturday.

    According to a report from the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office, deputies received a message from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama that they were tracking a stolen vehicle going east on the Bluegrass Parkway and provided information about it. They told local law enforcement officers the vehicle had exited onto U.S. 31E and that it was in the parking lot at the FiveStar on New Haven Road.

  • OPINION: The beauty of being politically correct

    My friend Pastor B.D. Christensen said something so good Sunday morning that I woke up and wrote it down: “[something something] ... about making peace with the mistakes of the past [blah blah blah] and learning from them. It’s slippery ground, in general, to judge past actions by present standards and with a benefit of hindsight that is, morally, highly questionable.”

  • OPINION: Don’t let Trump gut AIDS program

    I am not in the “ignore President Trump’s tweets because they are a distraction from important things” camp. His most recent micro-harangues — accusing (without evidence) a news executive of wrongdoing, hinting that a television host may have been involved in murder and embracing the debunked anti-Muslim rantings of Britain’s alt-right — indicate some type of degeneration. The president seems to be in a downward spiral of anger, compulsion, conspiracy thinking and prejudice that is alternately offensive and frightening.

  • OPINION: Famous people I have known

    Let me begin with an apology to Ed McClanahan for stealing the title of his book.

    McClanahan wrote “Famous People I Have Known,” which recalls his experiences with Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters and other 1960s luminaries.

    I’m embarrassed to say I never read the book, but I’m familiar with the story from having read Tom Wolfe’s “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” as a teenager.

  • EDITORIAL: Dreamers deserve citizenship, voters want it, Washington leaders need to act

    Tuesday marks the halfway mark of the six-month deadline Congress has to ensure the future of many of our neighbors and friends who are Americans in all but name.

    On Sept. 5, President Donald Trump canceled the Obama-era program of Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals that shielded undocumented immigrants from deportation. The program offered temporary protection for “Dreamers,” those undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, many of whom know of no other life or country than America.

  • Community weighs in on search for new superintendent

    Nelson County Schools’ new superintendent should be a leader who is invested in the community, has a vision and mission to grow and unite the district, will support teachers and get to know students, and will serve as a true official and representative of the county. Those were just a few of the qualities community members desired during a public forum Thursday night at Nelson County High School.

  • Christmas Tour of Homes celebrates décor, heritage

    Bilbo Baggins doesn’t live there, but a visitor might get that impression from the round windows in the front room downstairs and a large bedroom above that bathe those rooms in sunlight.

  • Pups on parade

    Christmas in Bardstown is going to the dogs — in a good way.

    Children’s author Leigh Anne Florence’s famous Kentucky wiener dogs, Woody and Chloe, will be leading this year’s holiday parade downtown Dec. 7.

    They are the stars of her books, and thus represent this year’s parade theme, “A Storybook Christmas.”

  • Man charged with assault in October bar attack

    A Bardstown man was arraigned Tuesday on a charge of second-degree assault stemming from an incident in a bar in October which resulted in a victim receiving a serious head injury.

    While at 62 South bar in Bardstown on Oct. 14, Anthony R. Broaddus is accused of striking a man in the face with a pool stick. According to an arrest warrant, the victim suffered a skull fracture, small brain bleed and required stitches as a result of the assault, which a witness told police appeared to be unprovoked.