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  • Highlights from June 16ths News13

    State Police investigate a rape that occurred in broad daylight at Bernheim.

    Path Coalition, United Way and Lions Club meet.

    New Haven youth football program holds camp and winners of this past weekends Bluegrass Speedway races.

  • Where there's smoke, doesn't always mean fire

    When smoke started streaming underneath the hood of my car, my heart skipped a beat.

    Thoughts raced through my head as I watched the smoke waft past my passenger side window as I waited at the traffic light at the intersection of Stephen Foster Avenue and Second Street. “Is my car about to blow up?” “Is that smoke really coming from my car?” “Will I make it to work or should I stop now?” “Will it even go when I hit the gas pedal?”

  • Another victory for the rule of the law

    It shouldn’t be necessary for the Supreme Court to tell the president that he can’t have people taken into custody, spirited to a remote prison camp and held indefinitely, with no legal right to argue that they’ve been unjustly imprisoned — not even on grounds of mistaken identity. But the president in question is, sigh, George W. Bush, who has taken a chainsaw to the rule of law with the same manic gusto he displays while clearing brush at his Texas ranch.

  • Nelson Circuit Court Sentencings

    The following people were sentenced recently in Nelson Circuit Court. All had previously entered a plea of guilty or had been found guilty during a criminal trial.

    • Matthew T. Wiseman, 19, third-degree burglary, theft by unlawful taking more than $300. Defendant was sentenced to seven years for third-degree burglary and five years for theft by unlawful taking more than $300. Defendant was credited 163 days in jail time. The last eight years were probated to a period of five years following set terms and conditions.

  • New KFC gets Review Board nod of approval

    Revised plans for a new Kentucky Fried Chicken location on KY 245 was recommended for approval, with conditions, by the Development Review Board Tuesday.

    KFC’s plan will be passed to Bardstown City Council for review.

    JRN Inc., a KFC franchise operator based in Columbia, Tenn., submitted revised building elevations, site, landscaping and lighting plans based on Development Review Board


  • It takes strength to find honor in corrupt system

    This year marks the 125th anniversary of the passage of the Pendleton Act, which set into motion the civil service system we know today — jobs being awarded on the basis of merit and candidates to be selected through competitive examinations. It also made it unlawful to demote or terminate employment for political reasons. Today, it’s estimated that more than 90 percent of about 2.7 million federal employees are covered under the system.

  • Nelson County Library addition opening soon

    Although the summer sun may be hot, there’s a place in Nelson County to stay cool, participate in educational activities, entertainment, fun and community — the public library.

  • BG Parkway reduced to one lane Monday

    ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. – The Blue Grass Parkway in Nelson County will be reduced to one lane in each direction at the 21.48 mile point beginning Monday. Closure is necessary for bridge repairs and an overlay. Work is expected to last 6 – 10 weeks, weather permitting.

    The prime contractor is Intech Contracting, Lexington, Kentucky. Message boards will be installed advising the public of change in traffic flow.

  • Local teen seeks donations not presents for birthday

    For many, turning sweet 16 is a significant time. One local teen is taking that opportunity to do something significant for others.

    Jessica Rausch who had a sweet 16 birthday Saturday, asked those attending her party to bring canned goods to her birthday as opposed to gifts to her 1950s-inspired birthday party.

    Rausch said Oprah’s Big Give, a television show that has people competing to give, rather than to gain, inspired her a lot. She said she has also participated in other charity events with her church.

  • Machiavelli was right — arm the people

    Niccol Machiavelli, who was a sort of Karl Rove of his day, though with more integrity, said of the Swiss that they were “the most free and most armed people” of Europe. Get it? The connection between arms and freedom?