Today's News

  • Police announce arrest of suspect in string of bank robberies

    Police say they have arrested a Bardstown man responsible for three bank holdups in six weeks after he allegedly hit Wilson & Muir Bank Thursday morning around 10:30.

    David W. Smith, 51, of Bardstown, was arrested and charged with first-degree robbery after Bardstown Police located his vehicle on McGowan Avenue around noon Thursday, about 90 minutes after the robbery was reported.

  • Kentucky Bourbon Festival names new director

    The Kentucky Bourbon Festival announced today it has hired a new director.

    Jill Hawkins, who has ties to the festival as well as to the alcohol beverage industry, was announced as the new director.

    “We are very excited to have Jill join the Bourbon Festival,” Tiger Huston, KBF president, said in a press release announcing Hawkins’ hiring. “Her experience in the industry and her close association with our festival makes her a great choice.”

  • Pickup driver injured on Loretto

    The driver of a silver Ford pickup, Keith Wimpsett, was injured Friday afternoon when his truck ran out of the road into the ditch line and hit some large rocks, then went across the road and hit a guardrail.

    The driver told sheriff’s deputies a gray car coming from the other direction crowded him off the road, causing him to veer into the ditch.

    Witnesses said Wimpsett was conscious and talking when EMTs put him in the ambulance to take him to Flaget Memorial Hospital.

  • EARTH DAY: Year of soils

    The community had a common goal Wednesday: protect Earth.

    Earth Day was celebrated numerous ways throughout Bardstown and by individuals of all ages.

    At Nazareth, an Earth Day celebration at St. Vincent Church blessed soil taken from a garden on campus — reflecting the year’s theme of International Year of Soils.

    “This isn’t something just Kentucky is doing or the United States is doing, but that the entire world is doing,” coordinator Rosemarie Kirwan, SCN, said.

  • Officials want to change look of stoplight poles

    The new traffic signal posts at the corner of Fifth and West Stephen Foster are nearly finished and ready to be activated, but some local officials already want to replace or at least paint them.

    “I hope something can be done,” Bardstown City Councilman Bill Buckman said Thursday. “Coming from the West, it blocks the courthouse, and coming from the East, it blocks the church.”

    “They’re gaudy,” he added.

  • Museum open house to mark anniversary of end of Civil War

    If a visitor to Bardstown from out of state were to ask about the Civil War Museum, she might do better to ask another tourist than a resident.

    Robert J. Llewellyn, director and curator of the museum at 310 E. Broadway, finds it frustrating when people from Bardstown say they don’t know it’s there, or haven’t been inside since they were children.

    “I’m not just beating the drum here, but that’s one of the best collections in the United States,” he said.

  • Novelist discusses escape of slaves through Bardstown and Kentucky



    Marse Williams stepped away from the carriage, held up an official-looking paper with facing markings on it. “All this talk about the Emancipation Proclamation.” He wadded up the paper as if it were garbage and threw it on the ground. “This is the first day of 1863, but it’s still Kentucky. It doesn’t free any of you.”

    “It doesn’t free you,” he pointed toward Joe while he ground the paper beneath his boot heel. “Or you.” He pointed toward Rachel.

  • Sunday celebration to honor survivors

    On Sunday, cancer survivors and their families are invited to take part in a Hope Celebration in conjunction with Relay for Life.

    Anita Westrup, an organizer of the event, said the celebration is held prior to Relay for Life as a way to include survivors and celebrate their strength and courage.

    “Some survivors may be going through treatment or are elderly and can’t maneuver the crowds at Relay,” Westrup said. “So we have this a little before to honor those survivors that can’t make it out,” though some are able to go to both.

  • Nelson County JROTC students to join worldwide event April 25

    Junior ROTC members at Nelson County High School will be joining a worldwide effort to celebrate the 99th JROTC anniversary by hosting a 5K run on Saturday.

    According to Senior Master Sgt. James Pfost, aerospace science instructor at NCHS, units around the world will run simultaneously to commemorate the anniversary, and the event is expected to break the Guinness World Record for most participants in a 5K run, multi-location.

  • Bardstown city school briefs



    Graduation date

    The graduation date for Bardstown High School seniors has been set for June 6 at 11 a.m. The ceremony will take place at Garnis Martin Field at the school. If inclement weather occurs, the ceremony will be moved inside to the gym.

    Summer meal