• ‘I never thought I’d do hospice’

    This is the second in a series about Hospice of Nelson County, a look at those who are dying and the individuals who care for them in those final moments.


    For many who go into the medical field, work is about saving lives. But for those who work in hospice care, it’s about improving them to the very last moment.

  • ‘Adding life to their days’

    This is the first in a series about Hospice of Nelson County, a look at those who are dying and the individuals who care for them in those final moments.

    Though their call sometimes means a person is approaching his final moments, hospice care is about living as much as it is about dying. That is what staff at Hospice of Nelson County have learned over the years as they work to help terminally ill patients find closure in a terminal diagnosis.

  • New year, new reach

    Low-income residents have been able to receive prescription assistance from the Nelson County Community Clinic for the past few years, but now they will have access to free over-the-counter medications and other supplies as well.

    In November, the clinic partnered with Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland to receive a monthly delivery of various health-related items.

    “They do this with their Elizabethtown clinic,” said NCCC director Paula Travis. “They suggested us.”

  • Anterior hip replacement offers faster recovery

    By Dr. Mark Duber

    Whether you have osteoporosis or an injury of the hip joint, you may be dealing with pain that makes even the simple task of walking difficult. Each year in the United States, more than 300,000 people have hip replacement surgery to ease their hip pain. In most cases, patients feel better almost immediately.

    While there are a variety of treatment options for patients to choose from when it comes to having surgery, anterior hip replacement may offer some advantages.

  • Tips to avoid the flu

    By Carol Marak

    The flu season is here, and family caregivers are susceptible to the nasty viral infection because they don’t prepare as they should to keep aging loved ones and themselves flu-free.

  • NARFE officials dicuss changes to 2017 health care
  • Bardstown approves syringe exchange

    Nelson County’s syringe exchange for heroin addicts and other intravenous drug users should be operational by this summer, public health officials said after the Bardstown City Council passed a resolution supporting it.

  • Try these ideas if you’re struggling with what to get Grandma

    By Amy Walls

    So it’s that time of the year when we struggle to find the perfect gift for our loved ones.

    The quest of buying for the elderly can be even more difficult. This Christmas, why not skip the fruitcake and focus on function instead. Get Grandma or Grandpa a gift that they can use throughout the year to keep them independent and getting the most out of life.

  • Nelson County authorizes needle exchange program

    The Lincoln Trail District Health Department’s proposed needle exchange program cleared the second of three legislative hurdles this week when the Nelson County Fiscal Court gave its approval.

    The magistrates unanimously passed a resolution authorizing the local department to give drug addicts clean needles in exchange for their used ones as part of an effort to reduce the spread of diseases such as Hepatitis C and HIV.

  • Fiscal Court to consider needle exchange support

    When the southern Indiana town of Austin experienced an outbreak of HIV last year as a result of epidemic intravenous drug use, Gov. Mike Pence declared a public health emergency, allowing addicts to exchange their dirty needles for clean ones.

    Alarmed by what happened across the Ohio River, Kentucky’s legislature last year enacted a bill to allow health departments here to follow suit.