• Royalty’s lawyer: Two weeks not enough time

    Mayor John Royalty’s attorney, Jason Floyd, said he had concerns about the time frame involved in preparing a defense after the Bardstown City Council voted Tuesday night to hold a hearing April 12 on the mayor’s alleged misconduct.

  • Mayor used city workers to conspire against council members

    Bardstown Mayor John Royalty enlisted city workers, some of whom were reluctant or unknowing of his full intentions, in a conspiracy to abuse his power and invade City Council members’ emails, according to the findings of an investigation presented Tuesday night.

  • Events leading up to the release of Copeland’s private emails

    Oct. 17 – Bardstown Mayor John Royalty approaches IT Supervisor Brandon Brewer and tells him to lie by sending an email to City Council members saying all their iPads were needed for a security update.

    Oct. 17 – Brewer sends the email with the subject line “iPad Updates.” He blind copies the mayor so that Royalty knows his order has been carried out.

    Oct. 18 – Brewer sends a follow-up email seeking the iPads to be turned in.

  • Mayor mum as investigation report released

    Bardstown Mayor John Royalty was absent when a 44-page report that largely reads as an indictment of abuse of power during his tenure as mayor was released Tuesday night, and has been mostly silent since.

    He informed PLG-TV News 13 prior to Tuesday night’s meeting he would not be attending. He said there was a family member who had an emergency at a Louisville hospital, and he needed to be there.

    “Would not be back till the meeting well underway and really could not listen to the mules. It’s just personal and racism,” he texted.

  • Nelson County Fiscal Court briefs from March 28

    E-911 budget gets approval

    The Nelson County Fiscal Court during a special called meeting Tuesday approved the city-county E-911 Central Dispatch budget for fiscal year 2018, which begins July 1.

  • Council expected to hear report on possible misconduct

    The Bardstown City Council expects to hear the final report Tuesday night on a three-month investigation targeting Mayor John Royalty for possible misconduct.

    The agenda for the 7 p.m. meeting included a closed session on “discussions which might lead to the discipline or dismissal of an individual employee, namely Mayor John Royalty, without restricting that employee’s right to a public hearing if requested pursuant to the council’s investigation.”

    That report is expected tonight.

  • Kid Congress teaches how a bill becomes a law

    Foster Heights Elementary School fifth-graders spent the day Wednesday in a congressional session, but they didn’t have to travel outside of Nelson County.

    As part of a new social studies project, the students were asked to introduce a bill with the goal of having the president sign it into law by the end of the day.

    “It was to make that real-world connection with what they are learning in class and to make them experience that instead of just sitting and hearing about it,” said Instructional Coach Jessica Scheerhorn.

  • New Haven City Commission briefs from March 16

    Development Group planning for bicentennial

    The City of New Haven will not celebrate its bicentennial until 2020, but a local community group wants the event to be on the minds of residents and tourists long before then.

    Jane Masse told her fellow city commissioners that the Community Development Group has earmarked funds from the Bardstown-Nelson County Tourism Commission to purchase banners publicizing the event.

    “We want to start planning for this event with the banners,” she said.

  • Bloomfield City Council briefs from March 13

    Glisson hopes to attract grocery store

    Since its only grocery store closed in 2009, Bloomfield residents have been forced to travel to surrounding towns to shop for their daily essentials.

    That’s not an ideal situation for a community that has 25 percent of its population at or near retirement age.

    Bloomfield City Councilman Jim Glisson is hoping that will change.

  • Nelson County Fiscal Court meeting briefs from March 7

    Metcalf returns to Ethics Board

    Brad Metcalf will serve another three-year term on the city and county Ethics Board as a representative of the county government.

    Metcalf, from New Haven, is the chief of staff of the House Republican Caucus in Frankfort.

    He was appointed to the Ethics Board in 2011 to fill the remainder of another member’s term, and was reappointed in 2014. He is currently vice chairman.

    Governor’s field rep meets court