• Judge recommends no changes to property tax rates

    Nelson County Judge Executive Dean Watts proposed to keep property taxes at the same rate as last year’s at a Nelson Fiscal Court meeting Tuesday.

    “It’s always enticing to take more but these are tough economic times,” Watts said.

    Fiscal court voted to table the proposal until its next meeting Aug. 23.

  • Occupational tax passes 4-2 in second reading

    After several weeks of sometimes-heated dialogue, Bardstown City Council members voted 4-2 to pass an occupational tax ordinance in its second reading at a special meeting 5 p.m. Tuesday.

    Council members Francis Lydian and Bobby Simpson voted against the second reading. Roland Williams, Fred Hagan, Joe Buckman and Tommy Reed voted in favor.

    “Councilmen, thank you very much for your long and tedious discussion and compromise on this issue,” Mayor Bill Sheckles said. "I thank you very much for you patience."

  • Bardstown City Council will vote on occupational tax earlier than expected

    Bardstown City Council members and Mayor Bill Sheckles scheduled a vote on the second reading of the occupational tax ordinance earlier than expected.

    City Council members were expected to vote on the occupational tax ordinance at a regular meeting Aug. 9, but will now hold the vote 5 p.m. Aug. 2 during a special meeting at City Hall Annex at 116 N. Fifth Street.

    The City of Bardstown announced the special meeting Friday for the purpose of voting on the second reading of the occupational tax ordinance.

  • Newest version of occupational tax rejected

    Once again, Bardstown City Council members voted against the second reading of a proposed occupational tax ordinance and in favor of a different proposal. As of Tuesday’s meeting, city council members have voted eight times on different occupational tax proposals in recent months.

  • Bardstown to be sprayed for mosquitoes next week

    The City of Bardstown will face off with one of its peskiest enemies next week. 

    The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife plans to spray the city for mosquitoes 10 p.m. Monday.

    The department is working with the city to spray in areas where residents have complained of mosquito problems.

  • District lines get redrawn to accommodate growth

    A three-member reapportionment committee agreed last week to redraw the boundary lines for magisterial districts in several places throughout Nelson County in order to make the population of each district more equitable.

  • Bardstown City Council members vote 4-2 against second reading of occupational tax ordinance

    City Council members once again voted against the second reading of an occupational tax ordinance, in favor of a different proposal.


  • Bloomfield residents may see increases in wastewater fees

    A public meeting at Bloomfield City Hall Monday addressed the city’s proposed Bloomfield Wastewater Conveyance Line Project.

    Ashley Willoughby, Community Development Specialist from Lincoln Trail Area Development District, addressed Bloomfield Mayor Rhonda Hagan and Jessica Shields, bookkeeper for water and sewer. No one from the public attended the meeting.

  • Council to vote on second reading of occupational tax Tuesday

    When Bardstown City Council initiated its first occupational tax ordinance in 2003, the council took into account the county’s occupational tax.

    The county tax rate, which was passed about a decade earlier, was set at 0.5 percent for the first $15,000 of income.

    Former Bardstown Mayor Dixie Hibbs said some council members in 2003 felt it was fair not to tax the first $15,000 of income for the city’s occupational tax.

  • Railway Museum under fire by citizens

    A New Haven resident believes the Kentucky Railway Museum’s maintenance building’s proximity to First Street obstructed his view and caused him to have an accident at the corner of Depot and First streets.

    Charlie Jackson, who said an accident report from police attested to the cause, brought his concerns and the concerns of a group of citizens to New Haven City Commissioners Thursday night at the council’s regular meeting.